Case Studies


Industry : Wellness & Fitness
Sub Industry: Retail Gyms

  • Client: one of India’s oldest and most reputed fitness chains
  • Dominant in Maharashtra and South India. Currently, have 175 branches and growing rapidly
  • Each branch has 4 tele-agents that make calls for new customer acquisition as well as to call existing clients for renewals and ongoing offers
Pain Points:
  • With the ongoing rapid expansion and evolving competition, the need to monitor all calls has become urgent and critical.
  • With 175 branches, a multi-city sales-force, multiple offers, various promotional dates, central as well as local marketing & sales budgets, this task had become increasingly complex and was resulting in severe inefficiencies
  • The National Head increasingly felt the need to monitor calls, check call quality, review recordings, track closures, and, importantly, track agent performance
  • A single point dashboard with complete transparency, MIS and ease of use was needed to provide a holistic view of all pan-India operations
Solution & Result:
  • Tentacle is superbly suited to simplify and streamline situations like this where an organization is faced with such problems
  • Started with 5+ branches as a pilot on annual subscription at Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad and Mumbai
  • Building on highly encouraging pilot results, it is expected that by end-2019 Tentacle will become the single-point sales and customer service software across the entire organization.
  • Ongoing work for adding client-specific product features and integrations


Industry : BFSI
Sub Industry: Personal Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards.

  • Client is a DSA (Direct Sales Agent) of several banks and sells their products – credit cards, personal loans, car loans
  • Procures databases from various sources; filters his historical databases to target customers.
  • Team comprised of 30 tele-callers and 10 field agents
  • Initial call is made to customer. If interested, a Manager calls to co-ordinate and close. Lastly, a Field Executive is dispatched to complete the paper work
  • Entire process was manual i.e. print outs, excel sheets, unorganized reporting and monitoring
Pain Points:
  • Poor/no monitoring of what the agents were actually doing
  • Many instances of false reporting were noticed
  • Several rejected/unfulfilled cases after tele-caller had said they were interested.
  • Most middle management involved in only collecting data from telecallers and creating reports instead of actually helping close sales, make upgrades, cross-sell
  • No automated reports, insight, or measurement
  • Zero monitoring of Field-Force
  • Poor ROI
Solution & Result:
  • Tentacle allowed streamlining of all dissipated work procedures into one mainstream channel with easy top-down monitoring
  •  Successfully introduced Work-From-Home teams: since Tentacle is a web app,  Manager can create campaigns, upload data points and ask agents to call and generate leads (targeted 3 leads per day with minimum 150 calls)
  • Tentacle highly efficient tool to monitor tele-calling pitch of agents.
  • Voice logs enable training and QC
  • Real time reports are easily accessible from anywhere to monitor overall business process.  No dependence on others.
  • 50% productivity increase in 3 months
  • Increased efficiencies allowed the addition of teams and additional geographies
  • Middle management now more focused on recruiting, training and process improvement rather than creating reports
  • Inbuilt Feet-On-Street (FoS) tracking tool allows close monitoring of Field Agents: track daily distance covered, results achieved


Industry : Insurance
Sub Industry: Insurance/ Insurance DSA

  • Multiple Branches across PAN India.
  • Doing calling for Renewal / Cross Sell / New Leads.
Pain Points:
  • Calling process outsourced to various Agencies. Central office supplies Agencies with data that run the sales & renewal process independently
  • Need for number masking due to lead theft/leakage
  • Only weekly reports sent by Agencies to central office - no live monitoring of the process
  • Poor/no QC.
  • Their web portal generates huge number of new leads, Manager needs to assign manually to respective agencies.
Solution & Result:
  • Now, data uploaded by HO and disseminated to outsourced agencies in respective campaigns
  • Campaign analysis is done REALtime
  • Agency reports effectively disregarded (calculating monthly commissions, bonuses etc.)
  • Web portal leads now automatically assigned to respective agencies through API’s without any human intervention.


Industry: Education.
Sub Industry: Admissions, Counseling.

  • Client does extensive calling to students to market and sell existing courses
  • ·Calling done for next year’s admission continuity process
  • ·Calling for exam slot booking (e.g. distance learning in education)
  • Multiple branches but want to do calling centrally
Pain Points:
  • “Raw” process: landline calling with excel sheets and hand-written notes
  • Cannot monitor actual calls
  • No call-recordings to improve existing performances or train new agents
  • Poor/no QC
  • Urgent need of a centralized and efficient allocation & reporting system
Solution & Result:
  • Now, different campaigns are created for different objectives e.g. existing students, new students. etc.
  • Productivity can be monitored by/at several levels e.g. by agent, by team-leader, by manager
  • New students, admission process becomes smooth since agent can easily escalate difficulties to manager for better closure
  • New student enrollment process has become seamless
  • Cross sell becomes easier: easy data export to other data lists/campaigns
  • Efficient and error-free commission and bonus calculations: for cross sell, upgrades etc , agent incentive calculation process set up by Tentacle Reports


Industry: Telecom
Sub Industry: Telco/ Telco DSA

  • Most popular sales GTM/method used by Telecom companies (via DSAs)
  • Data base is provided to DSA for MNP, selling data plans etc.
  • Leads from company portal allocated to respective DSA.
Pain Points:
  • Zero control over entire calling process since it is outsourced.
  • Business ROI must be maintained for existence: DSA cost of operation  v/s commission earned/paid
  • Temporary workforce for seasonal and campaign based biz.
  • Extremely high labour turnover. Repeated costs of training, re-training, complete loss in business continuity
  • In-premise solutions are not viable (especially in tier-cities)
Solution & Result:
  • Centralized allocation from HO to assign leads to DSAs
  • Daily monitoring of entire process i.e. sales calls, field executive tracking, closures, training needs etc.
  • KPIs like actual agent talk time, lead generation, database quality V/s conversion (and, thereby costs vs benefits) is now monitored centrally
  • Insightful REALtime reports now enable Channel Manager to monitor and under-performing DSA’s. Data from top-performing DSAs used to create training kits
  • Voice logs used to identify miss-selling, wrong commitments by the agents
  • Excellent control over agent sales pitch and training
  • Ease of calculation for Telco to justify ROI to DSAs


Industry: Retail Wellness
Sub Industry: Slimming centers, Hair loss, etc.

  • Large pan-India chain of slimming/hair loss centers with 30 locations
  • Head office in Delhi that manages all marketing, promotions
  • Each branch/center has 2-4 sales people that receive leads. Also required to generate their own leads from local budget
Pain Points:
  • Most marketing is done centrally from Head Office using SMS, digital marketing etc.
  • Leads/responses from a particular area need to be handed over to local centers closest to customer location. This is a huge task and effort in real time
  • Each center has 2-4 sales people that need to follow these leads. Once leads were handed over, there was no efficient monitoring system
  • Constant tussle between marketing and sales on quantity and quality of leads
  • Local team additionally required to call customers of the center to cross sell/ up sell/ renew packages etc. Central monitoring not possible
  • Additionally, local centers run local campaigns and promotions. No process of monitoring effectiveness of budgets
Solution & Result:
  • Central leads are automatically pushed into Tentacle using API’s. Leads generated through multiple sources including Adwords, Justdial, FB
  • Leads are easily auto allocated via pre-defined rule engines
  • Central team can monitor effectiveness of follow up at each location. Can also monitor advertising mediums that produce best results
  • Local teams don’t need send reports. Easily accessed REAtime by Central team from the system
  • Other activities of local team like local marketing, cross sell/ up sell/ renewal of packages etc. can also be monitored centrally
  • Since  Opex model with no hardware/software needed, easy to spread to other centers and cities


Client Testimonials

With Tentacle, I can easily track FOS activity and manage all field leads and calling through Tentacle. Previously, my PRI based system would go down anytime without any notice. But, Tentacle gives me SIM card based calling with speedy and efficient pace of work with no downtime

Syrex Info Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tentacle is integrated with many online portals like Just Dial, as well as my own website. I get automatic reminders and ensure that all my leads are followed properly with timely call-backs and follow-ups

I generate leads locally but track them centrally to ensure proper follow-up and closure. Other options are unviable but Tentacle lets me manage this entire process centrally…and efficiently!

Vibes Health Care Ltd.