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TentacleTM: The Best Telemarketing Software!


Looking to buy a software for telemarketing? Confused by different descriptions and terms? Trying to identify a telemarketing calling software that is a highly efficient? One that also lets your telecallers assign meetings to your Field Agents? And enables you to monitor and track your Field Agents while they go on those meetings?

Are you looking for a telemarketing software for small business? A product that is easy to use, needs no formal qualifications or training for your staff that will use it. And also ensures that business continuity is maintained.

Or, are you in the market for a large call center telemarketing software that best fits into your business process? 

Do you receive leads from many sources? Pay Just Dial, AskMe for leads? Buy data? Not being able to track which data sources are generating enough RoI? Do you lose track of your leads? Do you see too many “follow-up next week” comments against leads for months? Feel that if your telemarketing outbound software also performed as an expert telemarketing lead management software you would have much better control and better RoI? Tentacle does both. And also gives you LIVE reports and analysis on how the leads are moving through your pipeline to closure

Your search ends here! Tentacle is easy-to-use, contains all the features that you need and is easily integrated into your business process!
Get Tentacle Telemarketing Software Demo immediately!

Still using Excel to follow leads? But, cannot track calls-made and call-results?

Still using PRI lines? But, paying high telephony-costs & charges?

Get Tentacle, the best Telemarketing Software!


Tentacle is a cloud based telemarketing software that does not need any hardware or software to be purchased or installed. It does not take any time to setup and you can start using it immediately.

It is time you moved on from your traditional call center setup and made your calls using a telemarketing phone software! Tentacle is also available as a Mobile App for calling through a mobile phone. Your agents can use it from anywhere while you monitor agent performance through LIVE Call Recordings and Call Reports. This reduces Company Operating Cost significantly, enables companies’ access to many more Agents including those that can only work from home, part-time or when travel times make it infeasible.

Tentacle telemarketing software system is also easily integrated with your current systems (e.g. with an onsite dialer or CRM via API).

Unique Innovation: Feet-on-street feature lets you monitor your Field Agents on their meetings: LIVE! From anywhere!
(See next Tab titled “Feet-On-Street”)

Feet On Street


With Tentacle’s unique Feet-on-Street (FoS) feature you can monitor your Field Agents on their meetings: LIVE! From anywhere!

Once the telecaller assigns an appointment to your Field Agent, he checks in to the Tentacle FOS app using his cell phone.

As a Manager, you see his list of appointments for the day and his location as he travels to each of his appointments.

Your Field Agent checks-in & checks-out at his meeting location using the App, updates the meeting outcome using convenient drop-down buttons, uploads images (e.g. of cheques and documents) and adds remarks and notes.

Once completed, he marks the meeting as “completed” and goes on the next one.

You get LIVE updates of the meeting outcomes in real-time! It’s really as simple as that!

Key features of our software

Mr. Patil in Ahmedabad: runs a 300 seat call center with many clients and various processes. In the past, he used Excel sheet printouts and PRI landlines. With so many telecallers, clients and different metrics for success, not only did he feel that he did not have enough reports to stay on top of things but also that his telecallers’ performance can be much better. That’s when he received a promotional SMS from us.

Benefits of using Tentacle: Live call recording, Live call reports to monitor telecaller performance, using call recordings to train telecallers, easy drop down dispositions for telecallers to capture call outcomes.

Mr. Sharma in Delhi is a DSA for banks and financial institutions for selling various financial and insurance products. He has 170 telecalling agents that use hand written notes, printouts, mobile phones and PRI landlines to make calls. Upon making a sale on the phone, they inform one of the 110 Area Sales Agents (via phone, SMS, Whatsapp) to go for the meeting onsite (collect a payment, complete paperwork etc.)

Problem: Mr. Sharma is clueless whether his telecallers are making the number of calls every day that they should, if their sales pitch is accurate, or whether they make the necessary remarks/notes during a call or whether they are calling back those prospects that have asked for a callback at a later point. That’s when he searched online for “the best telecalling software in India”

Benefits of using Tentacle: telemarketing, assigning appointments real-time to available Field Agents, monitoring Field Agent on their daily beat with no over-scheduling or under-scheduling for Field Agents


Mr. Srivastav in Indore
is an aggregator for a number of companies that manufacture various farm and farming related products such as seeds, manure etc. He sells these to farmers and land owners in various parts of Madhya Pradesh. His team of eleven telecallers are constantly selling, booking and executing orders and scheduling deliveries on the phone. His team of 20 Delivery Agents that work in the field receive the order details via phone from these agents and make the deliveries. They also collect payments, either on the day itself or at a later date.

Problem: As his business grew, Mr. Srivastav realized that his operations were raggedly organized and many clients were poorly serviced resulting in loss of sales. Payment collection was also inefficient causing delayed payments and bad debts. As he wondered how to improve matters, he saw an email titled “Tentacle Telemarketing Software with Field Agent monitoring” in his inbox.

Benefits of using Tentacle: telecalling, superb co-ordination between telecallers and 20 Delivery Agents, well serviced and happy clients.

Increase Sales

Make more Calls
Manage Leads better.

Reduce Cost

No upfront cost.

No Office Needed

Agents work from anywhere.
Monitor from your location.

24*7 Online Support

LIVE Training & Support.

Create your Call-Center in minutes with just a cell phone!

Features & Benefits

Happy Clients!

Tentacle’s inbuilt auto dialer increases calls made. It masks the number so there is complete data security. All this is via the cloud and a cellphone with no AMC or hardware needed. I get LIVE Call Analytics and can track daily performance easily

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