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TentacleTM: The Best Outbound Call Centre Software!

Tentacle Outbound Call Center Software Solution is a multi-purpose solution for all your Outbound Calling!

It works as:

Outbound Call Center Lead Generation Software: manage your leads, improve lead conversion and ROI on leads.

Cloud Based Outbound Call Center Software: discard your old call center setup! Shift to a modern cloud based outbound software for call centers since it provides many functional and practical benefits over traditional installed dialers.

Outbound Call Center monitoring software: monitor Telecaller performance! Use Tentacle’s features such as LIVE Call Recordings, LIVE Call Reports to analyze, improve and train your team!

Still using Excel to follow leads? But, cannot track calls-made and call-results?

Still using PRI lines? But, paying high telephony-costs & charges?

Get Tentacle, the best Outbound Call Center Software!

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Outbound Call Center Workforce Management Software: most efficient way to monitor your Telecallers. Use Tentacle’s LIVE Call Reports and LIVE Recording feature to supervise, train and improve performances.

Outbound Call Center Scheduling Software: Tentacle’s unique “Feet-On-Street” feature lets Telecallers schedule appointments for your Field Force directly (e.g. Sales Force, Recovery Agents). Managers can monitor their daily beat through your Scheduler View! (see “Feet-On-Street” tab)

Many companies offer an outbound call center application software but Tentacle is the most complete offering. It provides coverage of your entire outbound calling and business process, and makes it a convenient End-2-End Solution as an outbound call center technology software!

So, the moment you realize that an outbound call center software is needed to improve the efficiency of your process we suggest that you immediately go ahead and conduct a comparison of all the outbound call center software pricing and outbound call center software rates that are available. You will see how Tentacle Outbound Call Center Software in India is the most cost-effective and efficient!

Outbound Call Center Database Software

Feet On StreetWhat happens after your telecaller sets up an appointment for your Field Agents?
Are you completely dependent on your Field Agent’s feedback about the result of that appointment?
Unhappy with your Field Agent efficiency? Feel that you have no control over them on their daily visits?

Not anymore! Now monitor your Field Agents on their meetings in real-time with Tentacle’s unique Feet-on-Street (FoS) feature!

After the Telecaller has assigned an appointment to your Field Agent, he can view it through the Tentacle FoS app on his cell phone.

As a Manager, you can monitor his daily appointments and his locations as he completes his daily schedule.

The Tentacle Mobile App using geo-tagging to automatically tag your Field Agent at all his meeting locations. On his part, the Field Agent can record the meeting outcome, upload images (e.g. of Purchase Orders, documents), add notes and follow-ups.

After he has updated the completed meeting, he marks it as “completed” and travels to his next appointment.

The Manager views all the Field Agent activities on his daily meeting schedule in real-time! It’s as easy as that!

Mr. Cheda has been running a Call Center in Rajkot since 2013. During this time his business has grown rapidly and he runs multiple processes for multiple clients as part of different business processes (including sales, customer service, debt recovery, new customer introduction and demos). He uses a team of 50 Telecallers and 35 Field Agents to manage his workload.

Problem: with his speedy business growth, Mr. Cheda found that he had lost track of whether his operations were efficient enough.

  • He found it difficult to monitor his agents, benchmark their performance and measure the productivity & ROI on his outbound calling.
  • He knew that his results i.e. sales conversions on sales calls, amounts recovered against total debts outstanding, customer training success (etc.) were not nearly as high as they needed to be.
  • And while he now had the opportunity of opening similar call centers and processes in two more cities he realized that unless he streamlined his operations and measured it against the correct metrics, his losses would start mounting.
That is when he went online and searched for “outbound call center software”.


after viewing the results and speaking to many available options, Mr. Cheda was sure that Tentacle was the most suited option for him.

  • It was a cloud software that was also available as a mobile app and did not need purchase or installation of any software or hardware.
  • Features such as LIVE Call Recording, Call Reports and a convenient pay-as-you-go rental model fit in with his business processes perfectly.
  • There was no heavy upfront investment, no need to employ an IT person to maintain the software since the Tentacle’s Technical team maintained it for him and all new features were available through automatic upgrades.
  • The “Feet-On-Street” feature made it easy and convenient for him to monitor his Field Force after they had received their daily appointments from the Telecallers.

Result: using Tentacle has resulted in Mr. Cheda’s business process becoming completely transparent.

  • Earlier ambiguities, inefficiencies and some malpractices (such as Field Agents fabricating appointments completed, Telecallers not completing daily call targets etc.) were now eliminated and streamlined.
  • On the flipside, each department was acutely aware of other parts of the larger business process and, as a result, everybody felt secure and comfortable in meeting their responsibilities.
  • Productivity has improved manifold and scaling up is highly convenient for Mr. Cheda since every time he needs a new agent(s) he need buy only one additional Tentacle license without any upfront investments.

Increase Sales

Make more Calls
Manage Leads better.

Reduce Cost

No upfront cost.

No Office Needed

Agents work from anywhere.
Monitor from your location.

24*7 Online Support

LIVE Training & Support.

Create your Call-Center in minutes with just a cell phone!

Features & Benefits

Happy Clients!

Tentacle’s inbuilt auto dialer increases calls made. It masks the number so there is complete data security. All this is via the cloud and a cellphone with no AMC or hardware needed. I get LIVE Call Analytics and can track daily performance easily

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