How to Win the Trust of your Millennial Customers

As a Small or Medium Business, you must constantly be garnering the trust of customers. For this, you need to employ suitable solutions – such as the best call center software for small business – to help you out. These ensure that you provide a high quality of service, which in turn helps the customer trust you more.

Be that as it may, the situation gets trickier when you are dealing with the millennial generation. This is the generation that was born during the period from the early 1980s to the late 1990s. They have been so termed because they entered adulthood in the new millennium, i.e. after 2000.

The millennial generation is vastly different from the generation that preceded it. After all, it was this generation that saw the internet become a part of mainstream life. They were the first adopters of social media and other incredible technological advancements.

As a result, you need to rethink your approach when you are trying to win the trust of millennial customers. Unlike the previous generations, the millennial customers will take quite a bit of time before they trust any institution.

Of course, they cannot be ignored as just another section of the populace. They are, in fact, powerful influencers who can affect the customer experience and the sales of a business. They have already begun to exert their influence and customer experience has changed greatly as a result of their values and needs.

The millennial customer is not somebody who likes to spend money on any item without thought or consideration, even if that item is a necessity. Instead, they want to have a customer experience that is not only genuine but also has a driving purpose.

In short, millennial customers need to have trust in a brand and experience its authenticity before they can rely on the brand. If you want to attract millennial customers towards your brand, it is high time that you start engaging with them and creating on ongoing dialogue with them. Amongst other tools and techniques, you can use call center software solutions to help you with this.

Only when you understand the millennial customers will you be able to take the steps necessary to increase their trust in your brand. Using cloud call center software solutions helps to interact meaningfully with them with the help of live agents. Of course, it can be difficult knowing where to start when you wish to win their trust. We understand that which is why we have done the research required. Here are the top techniques we have found out.

1. Transparency is vital to the millennial generation. They want to be assured that your brand is willing to be responsible for its actions, especially when the actions are negative. Being transparent about the issues plaguing your brand can actually build up the confidence of your customers in it.

After all, your brand is demonstrating its honesty. Acknowledge the concerns about your brand publicly and ensure that steps are taken to rectify them as soon as possible. Show the humility of your brand by accepting the criticism. This way, you should that your brand is worthy of the rust that will be placed by the customers.

2. Authenticity is one of the prime components of the customer experience required by the millennial customers. The fact is that millennial customers tend to feel more connected with brands whose values align with their own. They will respect brands that ensure consistency in their image.

As such, your brand must undertake actions that correspond with the values and the image that it represents. By being true to the core principles, you can ensure that your brand projects authenticity. This, in turn, can make it easier for your target millennial customers to trust you.

3. The millennial group leads when it comes to smartphone usage. In fact, studies have shown that 85% of the millennial group owns and uses smartphones. This is something that brands should note. They can take advantage of this by ensuring that their sale processes as well as customer service is perfectly optimized for mobile.

There are several ways by which this can be implemented. Sites can be optimized for mobile usage and specific apps can be created for shopping. Using coupons and codes that can be scanned is another way of providing a good mobile experience.

4. Customers will always value their time and you must respect it. In the case of millennial customers, this becomes all the more important. This generation has become used to quick communication. They try to be as efficient as possible and they want to take care of actions in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, you must make sure that you are responding to their needs across all contact channels. You can make use of call center management software to do so. You can also ensure timeliness by providing marketing offers at the right time. This can also bring about an increase in sales to this consumer base.

5. One of the characteristics of the millennial generation is that they never opt for a single channel. If anything, they will be the ones using all the available channels or, at least, most of them. In fact, they are able to switch between multiple channels and devices with equal ease without hampering their work.

As such, your brand should be ready to meet such demands by offering an optimized experience across all channels. Get skilled agents and use solutions to ensure proper coverage for all the channels used.

6. Loyalty for the millennial customer is different from that of others. Millennial customers will only be loyal to brands which show loyalty to them. Just because your customers from this generation have shown signs of loyalty does not mean that you can take it easy.

These customers will be loyal to brands which provide a good customer service and ensure that their needs are met. In return, they will want the brand to prove its loyalty by providing special discounts or other events.

If you want to gain their loyalty, you must also ensure consistency in the quality of your marketing efforts, products and especially, customer service since they always need to be heard. Choosing good call center software is a great way to start.

7. Social media is the best place to attract customers from the millennial generation. After all, they are more or less certain to be present and active on at least one social network. However, your brand should more than just active on social media. You must also engage these customers. Encourage conversations to take place.

8. When it comes to social media, the online behavior of the millennial generation revolves around the concept of sharing. They are certain to share content that they enjoy and that can be beneficial for you. As such, you should create experiences which are meant to be shared.

9. You must always pay attention to the reviews of your brand as shown online. The overwhelming majority of millennial customers have said that they will purchase from businesses that have positive ratings and reviews online. Check for any negative reviews and take steps to address them publicly.

10. Do not underestimate the role that can be played by influencers. Millennial customers do follow and listen to these people; and that is the reason why they are called influencers. As such, find one who reflects the values of your brand and take their help in increasing your own influence.

11. As mentioned earlier, time is valuable to the millennial. Therefore, you should keep things simple and straightforward. For example, you should make your promotions actionable so that the customer can do the needful as quickly as possible.

12. The millennial lifestyle does place importance on philanthropy. Most of these customers are more likely to purchase from brands that support the causes which are important to them. If you wish to connect with them and gain their trust, become socially responsible.

13. The millennial is quite careful with its finances. They will not spend money on something that does not give equal value in return. As a brand, it is your responsibility to ensure that the values you provide are aligned to their values. It is a lot like how you check the available call center software pricing.

14. The millennial generation is possibly the most diverse in history. They are more willing to embrace diversity not only in their relationships and experiences but also their purposes. You need to embrace diversity too or risk losing their trust.

15. When it comes to trust, a millennial is likely to trust another millennial more than a member of the preceding generation. Therefore, you should leverage the millennial customers whose trust you already have to gain the trust of others.

16. Brand perception plays a vital role in motivating members of this generation. In some cases, it might even be more important than the quality of your products. As such, you need to make sure that the perception around your brand is a positive one.

17. The Internet of Things is on the rise and the millennial generation is at the forefront of its adoption. Being surrounded by technology since their childhood, this generation is comfortable with it and, in fact, demands it. You need to adapt to these changes if you want to garner their trust.

Case Studies

So far, you have seen ways by which you can win the trust of the millennial customers. Those methods will certainly be useful to your brand. On the other hand, knowing about the actual benefits of such a process is something else.

We understand that you need hard facts. After all, they serve to show that these methods can actually work in real life. They can help you better understand why you should be bringing about changes such as updating your work processes and selecting your tools and tech such as calling software only after making call center solutions comparison.

To make sure that you have viable examples to work upon, we are providing you with case studies. In fact, we are not giving just one case study but two of them. These case studies deal with different ways to gain the trust of the millennial customer. Take a look at them below.

Case Study: Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is well-known as one of the leading pizza restaurant chains in the world. Headquarter in Michigan, USA; the company boasts restaurants in 81 countries around the world.

Domino’s Pizza is famous for its advertising campaign which states that it will deliver the ordered pizza to the customer’s location in 30 minutes or less. If the company fails to do so, it will not charge the customer for the pizza.

In 2009, Domino’s Pizza suffered a massive setback in their customer experience. Consumer feedback consistently stated that their pizzas were far from being worthy of such a company. Customers complained about the lackluster quality of the pizza and, specifically, its poor taste.

In the end of 2009, Domino’s Pizza decided to respond to this criticism with the ‘Our Pizza Sucks’ Campaign. This was a brutally honest and bold move by the company as they publicly acknowledged that their pizzas lacked the quality that their customers demanded.

The company did not try to ignore the bad brand sentiment. It did not decide to address this issue gradually and quietly. They did not undertake quality improvement initiatives behind the scenes. Instead, the company took care of the issue head-on.

The ‘Our Pizza Sucks’ Campaign was transparent about the shortcomings in their pizza. It also ensured transparency in the effort being taken to address those shortcomings. They made improvements to the recipes they used for their pizzas and they did so publicly.

Moreover, they did not limit themselves to TV ads. Mindful of their millennial customers, the company laid a heavy emphasis on videos posted on YouTube. They created a reach strategy which was aligned with the social media and digital consumption of the millennial customers.

This downright honest and transparent move proved to be an incredible decision. It completely reversed the decreasing share and credibility of the brand. By 2011, the company witnessed a growth in its stock by a massive 233%, significantly more than the competition. In fact, in the same period, its competitor, Papa John’s saw an increase of only 37%.

The success brought by this campaign also enabled the brand to invest more into its global markets. In the 4 years after the campaign, Domino’s Pizza was able to create 1800 new restaurants in 10 countries.

Case Study: Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Starwood is a hotel and leisure company that is based in Connecticut, USA. It is a major global company operating in the travel and hospitality sector. With its 11 owned brands, the brand owns, operates, manages and franchises a wide range of hospitality services including hotels, spas and residences.

Back in 2014, the brand had more than 1,200 properties under it. In 2016, Starwood was purchased by Marriott International. This resulted in the creation of what is now the biggest hotel chain in the world.

While Starwood is not the only global brand in the travel and hospitality sector, the fact is that it has managed to stand apart from the rest with the Starwood Preferred Guest program.

The brand is known for investing heavily into gaining the trust and business of the millennial customers through this loyalty program. Of course, this is something that other brands do as well. However, Starwood was one of the first brands to adopt changes to attract this section of the consumer base.

The Starwood Preferred Guest program is rather comprehensive as well and that is one of the things that make it stand apart. Through this loyalty program, customers got benefits like keyless entry that could be enabled on mobile devices.

The company also placed a lot of emphasis on the feedback they garnered on social media. Members of the program could also choose whether they would prefer gathering more points or whether they would prefer a complementary cocktail when they checked in.

Thanks to these features, the Starwood Preferred Guest program is considered to be the best in class when it comes to loyalty initiatives that target millennial customers. Of course, the customers of this group are highly satisfied with the program.

Members of the program do get free nights rewards on redeeming the collected points which is standard among such programs. At the same time, the program gives members the ability to choose from an incredible range of exclusive and unique experiences.

Members can get backstage access to various concerts. They may even get the opportunity to meet famed athletes and sport stars at various events. These are just some of the experiences possible.

There is also SPG Instant Rewards. With this, members get to choose from a range of redemption opportunities on site at lower point levels. For example, they can get a free upgrade to the rooms they booked. Other perks include luxury transportation and spa services among others.

As such, Starwood ensures that the customers receive enough value for their participation in the loyalty program. Social media usage and mobility are the other aspects of the program which are appreciated by the millennial customers.

You have now seen what benefits can be enjoyed when you take the necessary steps to attract millennial customers. Consider getting the best call center software and do what needs to be done to gain the trust of millennial customers.

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