How Using Call Center Management Software Can Empower Customers Through Self-Service Support

Digitization has given rise to consumerism. Customer preferences to interact with businesses are constantly evolving.

The ways for communication between business and customers have changed and developed from the traditional phones to emails, live chats on the website or those through mobile apps.

With the emerging self-service tools trending now, companies are adopting call center management software to be in sync. The modern customer looks for a product at a brick and mortar store and simultaneously compares its price on the internet.

According to a recent survey, customers talk about self help being the most convenient way to address their customer care issues. Furthermore, approximately 74% of the customers would prefer taking a self- service support from a company’s website, compared to phone or email support.

With the rising demand for self service tools, the internet has facilitated retrieving any data at a single click. However, few customers have been unable to resolve their queries and thus, had to reach out to agents.

This only shows that the importance of call centers still remains the same. They not only manage work from the scratch, but also help plan the business goals for future. Outsourcing is a way to promote your business and retain customers.

However, we cannot neglect the trends or the likes and dislikes of customers, as they are the ultimate kings. They will only consider your brand or product if they know you want to listen to them, when others ignore their issues and a call center just helps you to do it!

Listen to customers and solve their concerns. Weather it be self help tools or those ringy dingy call centers, these are only ways to stay connected to customers and nevertheless, we should keep ourselves updated to survive the competition.

So here are a few things you will need to keep in mind while you build your customer support:

– As and when customers reach out to you or your customer support team, make sure that you are able to give them the required results. You could simply do this by using call center software to categorize and monitor the search queries with keywords to enhance customer experience.

In case the customer ends up calling your support team, it will also be easier for your team to look up for details and resolve customer queries, by searching for the right keywords or search terms.

– Make it a point to have the search bar in the front and center, as customers so it becomes easier for customers to search form terms and resolve their queries.

Additionally, you may also use call center solutions to integrate your website, call support, social media, etc., at a single place.

– People always want to update their knowledge about products and services. Thus, they tend to go about searching for the same on your website or the search engines. A survey mentions that about 40% people drop off the website as it lacks information. Hence, it is vital that you keep your website updated.



Now since we’ve already looked at how self-service tools can enhance customer experience, let us look at an example to understand better.


The case in point is a leading health insurance company, based in India and operating with more than 2000 employees. The company was rapidly growing and with its expanding base of customers, it was difficult to manage and serve them efficiently.

In an era where the customers look at finding complete and real time information about their policies or claims without any mediators, being unable to manage and serve customers was a major challenge for the company’s business operations.


The company was looking at improving customer experience by empowering customers with an instant tool that could address all their queries, as the challenges were affecting customer experience as a whole.

For instance: While a customer wants to claim his policy, he had to inform the insurer by calling or writing a mail to the customer care and then submit the claim. After submission, the customer then had to follow up with the insurer on the application status.

Likewise, to get an 80D tax saving certificate, the customer had to call the insurer. Additionally, to make a small change like changing the address or even a phone number, the customer had to go through a time consuming process.


To overcome these hurdles the company wanted to adopt a technology driven platform, so that retrieving information for the customer becomes easier and further enhances their customer experience.

To simplify the process for customers and to offer a seamless experience, the company came up with a portal for customers that would enable them to get quick solutions to their concerns and detailed information without contacting the insurer.

The development of this portal took around 8 months which also involved conceptualizing and executing.

The portal allowed customers to perform various functions on their own, view information, change/edit and renew policies and review the claim status.

They could also see the list of hospitals and filter the location as per their preferences. These are a few more details they could find – FAQs, upgradation options, supplemental products, claim forms, 80D tax certificate, status of their policy issuance and many more benefits.

Amongst the other features, the portal is mobile friendly and capable of handling high traffic with a seamless experience at the same time.

Leveraging the restful web services exposed by core systems, the portal was then integrated with the same. The most popular HTML, CSS and JS frameworks were used to make the platform responsive; build on Bootstrap, the project also leveraged Riak KV – a distributed No-SQL database with a key/value design, Rest API platform and Angular JavaScript toolset.

The company made it a point to incorporate a prominent search box, to add ease to the search process. The search bar also encompasses a list of popular searches for easy navigation.

In case, a customer is unable to find the required details on the portal, the company has provided quick and easy access to call and live chat buttons using the best call center software to provide real time estimates.

Furthermore, the feature are well written and as soon as a customer clicks on the categories bar, it brings up a more detailed and specific search for customer convenience. This is not it.

The portal has a self-starter kit i.e., a step-by step guide to resolve queries or start using products. For instance: To claim a policy through the website or the portal.

The aim of the portal was to improve customer experience and after sales support, however, it also played an important role in helping the company by reducing the cost, improving the quality of service and increasing the revenue / profits with self-service tools.

The initiative not only let customers resolve simple problems, but also helped them resolve complex issues without involving a customer support representative, developing win-win situations.

The company learnt from surveys that the contemporary customer looks to resolve problems rather than waiting in a call queue. If the company has efficient, effective and user friendly tools, they customers will surely opt for them.

Thus, they landed up using call center software solutions which enabled the company to lower call traffic, call abandoning and increased customer satisfaction by empowering them to service their policy themselves at their convenience.


Over 60,000 customers have used the portal since the launch and approximately about 60% of the registered users have used it for transactions.

In a country with low rates of those that are insured, the call center management software enabled a common man to manage all the health insurance related queried with a single click.

The number of returning customers increased and the company was able to engage in cross selling activities with the increased database, due to the portal.


No doubt about self-service tools being included in the latest trends. But, what if the customer is unable to resolve his queries on his own?

The much complicated problems can be resolved only by the customer support team sometimes. Thus, no one reduces the significance of existence.

So, if you are falling short on resources due to limited infrastructure, consider outsourcing this job. But you cannot afford to skip this team.

Now, if you have known enough, what are you waiting for?! Update yourself to in line with the latest trends and you may just start by recruiting self-service tools!