How to Use Your Call Center Agents as Marketing Agents in 20 Ways

Sometimes, when we have an awesome marketing team, full of creative writers, with plenty of marketing-tech wizards and strategic thinkers, along with the best call center software, but we often turn a blind eye to one of the most important aspects of a company: the call center.

What we must understand before delving any deeper is that the call center agents are the voice of a brand that our companies want to be represented by, brands and services that often only the direct contact customers have with it, and it is important to remember that those interactions can make or break a customer’s opinion of the company and the loyalty of the customer to the company.

In order to create a cordial brand from customer acquisition through customer experience, leaders of the company should make efforts to teach their call center agents certain things that call center software cannot teach, that is, the type of messaging that they want to get across, alongside a few of the marketing tenets to help them deliver the best service there is.

As more and more companies nowadays rely pretty heavily on a sales force of their call center agents, and since more and more of our customers are informing themselves and becoming adept customers of our products, the call center agents who regularly engage themselves in adaptive selling are important and helpful in maintaining the company’s success.

Therefore, with these points in mind, I provide you with top tips to use your call center agents as your Marketing Agents for better call center service:

1. To be successful at marketing, it is often seen that the marketers are sending increasingly targeted ad messages that are personalized to their customers.

Taking this as an example, call centers agents need to do the same with the help of call center management software, and making sure that the process isn’t complicated or time-consuming.

Simple and proactive acknowledgment of their past purchases is shown to go a long way towards making their customers feel increasingly valued.

2. Engagement marketing is a particular form of marketing that is all about connecting with the customers, which is exactly what is required by call center agents to do every day at work.

Beyond the traditional and personalization techniques, call center agents should also be taught the understanding and the shifting of certain communication styles that would meet the needs of the customer in a satisfying manner.

3. Marketers are often known to use the journey maps and call center software solutions that they use to understand how customers move from gaining awareness of their company to the eventual purchase from them.

Therefore, our call center agents must also be able to understand the journey that their customers take from the onset of a problem or inquiry till it’s resolution.

4. Companies need to implement technology and cloud call center software solutions that will transform all of the raw call data that is present into insight in order to help them fully understand and in turn help them improve the effectiveness of their call centers where customer service is concerned.

5. Call center agents should also acquire useful expertise and develop specific knowledge that are about the product or service that they are selling to the customers.

They should behave like a powerhouse of information and have skills to effectively answer any question that can be addressed by the customers.

6. In order to gain the maximum out of them, we need to spend time and employ effort into training our call center agents in order to thoroughly understand the product and the service and to help them feel competent and confident in selling it.

They should be able to understand the complicated technical aspects of the product and the service, and all or any of the potential issues that can come with these features, and how they can effectively use these products and services.

7. It is our duty to ensure that our team is completely prepared with any of the call center software provided to them that displays the entire history of the customer with the company when a call is placed or received.

For this to successfully happen, a call center software comparison is needed.

8. Call center agents who can quickly and even accurately categorize the customer type are needed to for adaptation of their sales approach in order to fit to the specific need of the customer.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that our agents are really well trained on the different types of customer styles and then train them in how to completely adapt to their sales approach that is based on the type of customer on the other side of the call.

9. It is important to train them on how to handle human emotions, as adapting to the customer’s social position and their communication style will go a long way in facilitating trust and help in the building up of a relationship.

10. They should quickly be able to build trust and establish a rapport or a relationship with the customer.

Call center agents should be able to build up an alliance with the customer and convince them that they will be working with them to solve their problems or find out the best product for them.

11. It is important to hire call center agents who would like to do well at adaptive selling by offering their name, and build a personalized relationship with the customer and direct their conversation to the sole needs of the customer.

This in turn will help increase the comfort level with the customer and will generate trust. They should also use the information they have gathered about the certain customer in order to tailor the interaction and sell the product that is most appropriate for the customer.

12. Training call center agents to make them able enough to think about the situation from the perspective of the customer is a necessity that most of us ignore.

Training them will actually help the agents in understanding their feelings, and take a note of the needs and desires of the customer.

In this situation, the more information that the call center agents have about the customer, the easier this particular process will turn out to be.

13. Effective call center agents should be able to take complete control of the sales process and therefore in turn feel confident in their abilities for leading their customers towards a successful sales transaction. They mean profit for the company.

14. Training our agents to use the software generated acquired knowledge about the customer on call to anticipate their needs and lead the talk with them in the most favorable direction is a useful trick for more sales.

Call center agents should always appear to be more confident and more competent and never let the customer take charge of the conversation.

15. Call center agents should also be able to adapt their sales behaviors to the suit the characteristics of the customer and specific situation surrounding the customer.

For instance, if they find that the customer is in a rush, the call center agent should notice this at once and then change their sales pitch to be more condense and highly effective, taking very little time.

16. We must train our agents to make them become intensely aware of the changes in their tone, their speech content or their attitude and immediately adjust their behavior accordingly.

They should be trained enough to know when it is okay to rely on the sales script provided by the company and when they are required to change the course in order to adapt to the customer.

17. Call center agents should identify the customer’s fear, needs and desires; even if the customer doesn’t directly verbalize them. This is an extremely important skill and can be a distinguishing factor between good and excellent call center agents.

18. Training our sales team for identification of the spoken and several unspoken needs of a customer and ensuring that they have a comprehensive and detailed information about the customer in question in order for them to accurately take in the situation is an important trick for better sales turn up.

19. Call center agents should always be one step ahead of the customer. They should be proactive and they should be able to capitalize on opportunities to up sell the company’s products.

20. It is also helpful if we ensure that our call center agent team has proper and immediate access to certain relevant information about all the products they are selling in order to sound more knowledgeable.

They should be able to use this information while on call, as well as know about the information that the customer required in order to anticipate the customer’s needs before they express it fully.

The Case Study

We believe that knowing about the tips alone is not enough to implement it in a real world situation. However, taking note of real life examples surrounding life is understandable enough to be of important use to provide concrete proof that the tips given above do work if applied in the correct situation.

It is very important that case studies are to be observed in order to know what works well and what can be improved to suit the needs and benefit your company.

The electrical company we will be studying is anonymously named BHD, and was established in 1984. It was created with the aim of providing electricity in schools, colleges and other major institution.

In this case study, we will talk about the problem scenario, the challenges that the electrical company BHD faced, the solutions that the company leaders came up with and the overall results which took place as a result of these solutions.

The Problem Scenario

The electrical company faced several problems with the advent of technology. With the increase in the use of internet, and the changing times, the company had to overhaul the entire process to keep providing electricity to the institution.

However, with the help of a software solutions, they found that several of their call center agents were clueless about a lot of the new features and therefore unable to answer properly to the customer queries.

The Challenges

The challenges that they faced were several that required them to make expensive cost deductions. Here are some of them:

1. The employees at BHD were confused about the new protocols, hence unsure about how to reply to the customers.

2. As they were unaware of the changing laws and patterns, they lost control of the conversation with a customer and soon lost several of their valued customers as well.

3. There was a lack of training amongst the new agents so they blindly followed the sales script instead of using their intuition.

The Solutions

Here are some of the solutions they came up with:

1. After a proper research into call center solutions pricing, they implemented new software that would teach them how to response to their customers.

2. Agents were sent out weekly notices to help them realize the company changes and protocols, thus helping them keep up with the changes in the company.

3. The newer agents were given weekly training for about six months. Interns were also hired in order to help them train before joining the workforce permanently.

The Results

The results, though slow to come, were mostly positive. The agents definitely learned through proper training and once they were allowed to access proper software, they showed a renewed interest in helping out their customers.

The customers were appreciative of the effort that the company took and showered them with praises on social media, which provided a nice boost to the call center agents.

Yes, customer care is important and expensive to maintain, but if done right with the proper usage of marketing strategies, it is one of the best assets that companies can ever have. It is important to maintain it on a regular basis for best results.