Top Tips for Selecting the Best Telemarketing Software Deals for your Company

The success of Telemarketing has increased rapidly in recent times. Due to this, the demand for telemarketing software has increased as well, resulting in software companies offering various types of telemarketing software deals to attract, retain and grow their client base.


If you are in the market, there is a lot that you will be confronted with: many different sales pitches, promotional offers and bargains. You must conduct a thorough due diligence to cut through the clutter and identify the offer that best matches your needs.

The cheapest available deal on a telemarketing software is not always the best for you, nor is it necessarily the deal currently on offer from the company that is the market leader. Neither is it the product that seems to have the most features nor is it the one that woos you with the best promotional deal at the time.

Here are a few tips on how you should analyze your needs:

Business people in headsets in office

• Get a good understanding of the product and its features through a demo.

• Get a free trial for a few days so that you get a sense of the benefits of using the product and its ease of use. You don’t want a complicated product that not only needs extensive training but is largely cumbersome and complicated. That would slow down your productivity and output.

• Importantly, you must assess how it matches up with your business process and your outbound calling objectives.

Three call centre operators

• For example, if you are a call center that runs many different processes for different clients, each with different objectives and metrics for measuring the success of the outbound calling, you need to make sure that your telecallers are making the correct pitch.

Therefore, you would need to provide your telecallers with constant feedback and training to make sure they are making the best possible sales pitch. Having a telecalling software that gives you access to live call recordings allows you to monitor and train your telecallers regularly, if not real-time. This, in turn, improves success rates and ROI for, both, the client and for yourself.


• Another example of individual requirement is when companies receive and feed leads from various sources into your telecalling system: Google searches and SEO/SEM, Website form fill-ups, databases purchased, paid subscriptions with lead-providing services such as Just Dial, Ask Me (etc.). An important requirement for you would then be a strong report feature in your telemarketing software so that you can assess the quality of each data source, manage leads from various sources properly and manage & nurture the leads that are generated through to closure.

• As seen from the two examples above, everybody has a unique set of requirements from their telemarketing software based on their set of objectives.

Other examples of individualized needs from a telemarketing software include:

Businesswoman wearing headset in office

• Monitoring your Field Agents on their daily field appointments after the telecallers have assigned them their meetings.

• Customized drop down buttons, dispositions and remarks boxes for the telecallers to easily capture the outcome of each call in real-time.

• Using the telecalling software through a Mobile phone i.e. as a Mobile App.

If you go about conducting your research diligently in matching your unique set of needs with the features and benefits that are offered, you will be able to select and use the best telemarketing software in India to generate best results on all your outbound calling.