Top Tips to Boost Agent Skills with Outbound Call Center Software


The quality of the outbound call center software technology that you use is of utmost importance since the outbound calling process is a modern tool for businesses to increase revenue, increase productivity and boost bottom-lines.

Since the telecallers are the first – and often, only – point of contact between your firm and your Customer, the “Customer Experience” you provide is completely dependent on the telecallers. Hence, it is imperative that you provide them with the necessary tools to support them in performing to high standards. Remember, that in today’s age of technological and knowledge diffusion, Customer Experience is often the only differentiating factor.

While it becomes difficult to maintain a daily tab on Agents, their competence can be developed using the application itself. Many outbound calling solutions have features that help the company in increasing efficiency as well as making the task of agents easier.

Here are few tips:

Have a well integrated and automated solution

• It is important that the application integrates well with other existing company systems and programs. This makes it easier for the company to integrate it with the rest of the business process and make the telecalling a seamless part of their operations.

• The automated process creates ease for the employees: they need not spend their time looking for information, updation is faster, searching the database and generating reports is easier and this also reduces the chances errors.

Call Recording Option

• Statistics like average call time, conversion rate, the number of calls made, log in and log out time are convenient tools for management. These help in improving the managerial process and also help the agents to learn from earlier mistakes.

• By listening to real-time call recordings of Agents, their performances can be evaluated and improved. This improves the quality of the personnel as well as helps in ensuring consumer satisfaction. With features like this, the management can identify issues such as incorrect or ineffective sales pitches and overcome them with effective training.

• This can also be coupled with rewards and incentives in order to make workers more focused on their goals. Publicizing the effort encourages the agents to work harder.

User Interface must be friendly and engaging

• The UI is the workplace of the staff. It must display all the important information and be easily navigated.

• Drop-down options, check boxes, pre-fed dispositions and remarks, convenient remark boxes where needed are some features that the software must offer so that the agents can utilize them and work productively.

Easy to use software

• A complex solution can confuse the employees as well. It is essential that the program is essentially easy to navigate and easily understood by the tele-callers.

• While you must not compromise on the features, repeatable tasks such as customer information updation, report generation and adding new prospects must be automated making it easy to use.

• Using advanced features must also be made simple and quick, so that the telecallers spend less time in “managing the system” and more time in “using the system” since more time spent using it to meet company calling objectives is what is needed.

Example: In a call center leads keep flowing in. Under such a situation if the agent has to manually enter the data, it would become tedious. Clients have to wait till the agents enter the data on their own and record their responses. The callers handle hundreds of calls each day and thus the chances of committing an error are high. Often, the calling process is a complex one with many questions and responses in addition to the product info, sale schemes, terms and conditions of the sale (etc.). Therefore, to focus on the needs of the client and complete the transaction successfully (e.g. make the sale), the agent must have an efficient software at his disposal.

Updated solution

• For it to be productive, the solution needs to be updated at all times. In a cloud-based program, the employees need not be worried about the upgrades. In such solutions, updating the software is an easy task. The host provider keeps a tab on updates, maintenance as well as security issues.

• This means the employees to concentrate better on the clients and work towards accomplishing the goals of the organization.

Agents are the lifeline of the call center and hence they must be supported by the best telemarketing software containing all the necessary features to achieve the desired results.