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Top Seven Must Read Telecalling Tips – From the Experts

Telecalling is no easy task. Experts will tell you the same – it’s difficult! So, how do we make this difficult but essential task easier?

Try using an agent scorecard
If your telecalling center is not using an agent scorecard, you are already behind the times! So, go get one as quickly as possible. Call center managers that only measure the number of “calls handled” tend to suffer in the end, because the telecalling agents then breeze through calls too quickly – losing the point of the whole exercise. Don’t measure not only simple productivity statistics, but also quality of leads generated, and the ease of closing. ‘

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Moving around the office can help
Instead of making all the telecalls, stuck at a desk, wireless headsets allow users to stand up and move around the office. This helps the telecalling agents open up and articulate themselves better! It also helps them to feel more awake when on the telecall.

Distribute incentives frequently
To make your call center more productive, provide opportunities to earn and receive rewards along with the commendation of their managers at frequent intervals. For different performance activities, it is good to increase reward distribution at a monthly, quarterly and annual level.

Reduce admin burden, so focus can be on closing sales
Many telecalling agents spend anything between 10 to 40% of their time in administration activities like managing leads or prospects data or extracting information from databases. In this scenario automating the entire sales management process and bringing in a good CRM software allows the telecalling agent to focus on the prospect.

Focus around resolving issues of your prospects
Making telecallers understand why they’re calling – before they make the call is essential to success. It’s all about resolving the issues of the prospects, NOT about your. Sitting down and working out what will provide value to your customers and offering them something useful like a free trial is the key!

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Reward the right metrics
As a sales manager you should understand that employee behavior is linked intricately to what you begin to reward. Telecalling companies should think carefully about the metrics so that they do not create unsupportive behaviors’ like telecalling agents dumping calls just to meet targets.

Provide down time after a difficult call
Call centre and telecalling work is challenging. Getting some down time is encouraged after a particularly difficult call, as it allows the operator to feel positive before their next call.

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So, these were our top telecalling tips! Do let us know how you were able to implement them!

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