Top 7 Tips on using Twitter for Customer Service

The contact center software solutions aim to make it easier for the organizations to reach out to their consumers and convince them to try the products of the company. However, many individuals believe that calling is the only option available to the agents in order to facilitate the interactions. 

However, on the contrary, with the changes in technology, a lot more modes of communications have been integrated with the cloud contact center software. Some of them include text messages, voice mail as well as social networking platforms. Amongst them, communicating through social media profiles has gained much prominence.

The advent of these networking platforms has made it easier for the clients to reach out to the organizations in case of distress, problem, complaint or a compliment. Looking at the growing popularity of these mediums among their target audiences, many businesses have come forward and embraced this modern method of interacting. As a result, they have their official profiles set up on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.

While these platforms can be effective in getting in touch with the probable prospects, they can also be a great tool for enhancing the customer service. Gone are the days when the clients would email you their concern and wait endlessly for the response. Now, people are more likely to use the technology at their hand and speak out in public about what disturbs them about your organization.

While Facebook is more like a channel for promotion, LinkedIn serves as a medium to get more professional networks. While Instagram is used to share happy stories of the buyers, Twitter is the one that serves as an apt platform for consumer engagement. According to a study, more than 80 percent of all client service interactions happen via this medium. McKinsey’s research shows that more than 30 percent of people today prefer social care to phone calls or messages.

So, what exactly makes Twitter so popular? The medium allows the buyers to interact with the organization in the channel of their own choice without any hold time or IVR in the picture. The complaint emails are usually ignored by the agents. However, when an issue is brought up in a public forum like that of Twitter, it is out in the open and the agents are compelled to respond fast as otherwise it can damage the reputation of the company.

Another added advantage for the buyers is that they do not have to explain themselves in a lengthy sentence through an e-mail or long conversations on call. Instead, 140 characters are all that the client requires to put their view across. It also helps in humanizing the brand making them more comfortable when reaching out to the official handle of the organization.

However, while the consumers are known to utilize Twitter in an effective manner to voice their concerns, not many companies are able to respond to the messages in a timely manner and interact with the purchasers, and, as a result, are not able to fully tap the potential of the medium.

Here are a few tips through which the organizations can use Twitter in an effective manner to enhance the customer experience.

1. Develop the Necessary Infrastructure

• It is essential that you have a proper profile set up. The customers will start taking you seriously only when the introduction has every detail about the business and explains the operations in a brief manner. An incomplete profile will show that you do not care about the handle and are not serious about interacting with the purchasers using this.

• With the number of comments and messages that the brand receives, keeping a track of each one can be difficult. While integrating the site with the outbound calling software can help the agents in looking after the incoming tweets, it can be difficult for them to carry forward a long conversation with any purchaser over a long period of time. Tweeting back and forth to multiple consumers will make your timeline messy and at the same time can confuse the executives as well.

• A majority of the times, many representatives tend to mix up with the queries while responding to the buyers. This not only makes you look unorganized in front of your purchasers but also lets them believe that they do not hold any value for you. Many businesses thus take the help of tools like Twitter Dashboard or Twitter Analytics.

• These tools help you to learn more about your tweets and also let how you know how they are performing among your followers. This knowledge is especially helpful in brand building. The tools also allow you to setup and manage the social client support. As a result, you can track the conversations, make notes and at the same time can collect data to measure the engagement levels.

• Another idea that is common among the brands today is to have different dedicated accounts for various actions. While the main channel can continue to address the individuals which want updates on what is new in the company, thus helping in brand engagement, a Twitter help support handle can look after the consumer complaints or issues.

• This not only reduces the noise on your timelines but also helps you to concentrate on the specific activity. This is specifically helpful for companies that have a large amount of client interaction online. Make sure that the name of the handle is in sync with the nature of the account. Also, it is important that the cloud customer service software is integrated with all the different profiles so that the executives can respond to the purchasers in real-time.

• Example: Relax Spa and Salon uses call center software solutions in order to get in touch with its prospects. The company is quite active on social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook. While the organization uses its Facebook page to give health and wellness tips, it has two separate handles on Twitter. While one of them is used to inform the customers about the offers available, the other handle specifically deals with complaints, change of appointments, queries about the products etc.

2. Respond Quickly

• When it comes to handling consumer complaints or answering their queries, the clients expect the agents to be extremely responsive. Any kind of delay in handling the consumers can irk them further. This becomes even more crucial when it is posted on a public platform like Twitter. Response time is considered to be one of the most important metrics to calculate how successful the profile is.

• Develop a time frame and a response strategy. It is essential that you craft your reply such that it fits in the 140 characters and is comprehensible. Even if you do not have the right comeback for the client, at least, acknowledge and tell them the time in which you will get back to them. This shows that you are about them and are working towards solving the issue.

• Utilizing the best call center software and integrating it with the profile can make it simpler for your agents to keep a track of what is happening on your profile and thus generate faster responses. Many companies are under the impression that replying to complaints in an effective manner will get you in the good books of the purchasers.

• However, it is important that you reply to the compliments as well. That the customers have taken time off their schedule to tweet you shows that they value your organization. A mere ‘Thank-you’ or ‘Good to know that’ can help you strengthen the bond. The basic rule is to answer everyone and to do it quick.

• Example: Bunker Travels uses the outbound call center software in order to stay in touch with its consumers and inform them about the upcoming tour offers. It uses the Twitter handle in order to share their blogs, promote the brand and share the success stories of its customers. The average response time is an hour after the buyer has tweeted.

• The company had recently shared a blog on tips to have a safe solo travel. A prospect had tweeted on the link asking, “Are there any immediate single trips at the offer? Preferably in a foreign country!” The agent responded immediately saying, “Jack, solo travels are always fun. Let me get back to you in 10 minutes if there is any upcoming trip.”

3. Don’t Ignore the Flak 

• As tempting as it may seem, turning away your face from criticism is not going to help your business. While it is true that any publicity is good for the business, on networking platforms, the bad words spread faster than the positivity and can hence sway the public opinion. Therefore, it is essential that you look after negative comments and reply to them in a satisfying manner in the fastest time possible.

• Use the negative comments in order to gain more insight into your business and to correct the problems that can, in turn, help you in client acquisition. Remember to keep your language simple and tone friendly. You can add a touch of humor but make sure that it does not sound offensive to the purchasers.

• Do not act too defensive. Even if you feel that you are not at fault, remember to apologize. Expressing regret for the inconvenience caused can not only help in calming down the irked purchaser but shall also help you to earn a few brownie points among your followers as this move shows that you care about your buyers and their experiences.

• However, it is essential that you know how to keep the conversation going especially if you are the receiving end of criticism. Twitter is a real-time interaction platform and has the power to influence the decision of the buyers. Sometimes, it can get difficult to explain your side of the story in mere 140 characters. When you feel that the conversation is getting too complex, take it offline through call or email and sort it out.

• Example: A fashion boutique uses the call center software solutions for small business in order to get in touch with the consumers, tell them about the new offers and to resolve their queries. One of their consumers had tweeted them complaining about the delay in the delivery of the order. The agent responded saying, “Sorry for the delay. However, the order is in dispatch and shall reach you soon.”

• The customer, however, was not satisfied with the answer and used derogatory language complaining about how the company is not serious about its promises and fails to stick true to its words. Looking at the tone of the tweet, the caller decided to take it offline. He responded saying, “Sorry for not delivering as promised. The weather played a spoilt sport. Let us discuss the issue on call. Let me know when we can talk.”

4. Take the Private Information to DM

• It is essential to remember that Twitter is a public platform and any tweets exchanged between both the parties are out in the open for everyone to see. Usually, when interacting with the buyers on social networking sites, the security and privacy protocols that are followed during calls or emails are easily forgotten. As a result, the sensitive information of your clients can be accessed by anyone on your account.

• While many people tend to take interactions offline when discussing important information, many agents decided to communicate further through Direct Messages. This not only helps in maintaining the flow of the conversation but also limits the interaction to the medium of the buyer’s choice. Some of the things that you should ask only via D.M when using Twitter includes email ID, contact number, account number, billing information, requests for password reset etc.

• You are allowed to use around 10,000 characters when sending a DM. As a result, you can explain yourself in a much better manner when compared to a tweet of 140 characters. You can continue the conversation without changing the channel.

• Example: Seva Bank uses the outbound telemarketing software in order to inform the clients about new offers, resolve their account queries and to connect with more probable customers. One of their consumers, Ram, had tweeted them asking instructions for a password reset for mobile banking as he was not able to access his billing information for the month.

• The agent responded saying, “Ram! Please DM us your account number. We shall send you your monthly billing information via mail.” This not only solved one of his queries but also gave a message to the followers that the response from the side of the bank has been given.

• At the same time, a DM was sent to the consumer. “Hi Ram, we are sorry to hear that you are facing trouble. We shall help you out in any way possible. It is very simple to reset the password for your online banking account. Go to our main website. Click on the login button in the right-hand corner. After entering your username, click on forgot password button. You will be directed to a new page where you will be asked your customer ID and other confidential details like account number and date of birth. When you have entered all the details right, you shall be able to reset the password.”

5. Personalize the Tweets

• This is one of the newest methods employed by the organizations in order to humanize the brand. When your customer support team is managed by more agents, it is better that you initial your tweets and messages. It allows you to keep a track of who is responding to which message. For the supervisors, it can also help them create an atmosphere of accountability and makes consumer handling a more organized process.

• The cloud contact center solutions, when integrated with the social media platforms, allows the manager to keep a tab on how the interaction is faring on Twitter and who is responsible for it. At the same time, personalizing the tweets makes it easier for the buyer to understand who is handling their problem. As a result, if the issue is unresolved or crops up again, the purchaser knows who to contact and can, hence, tweet the same.

• A client tweeted saying, “Haven’t still got my reimbursement. Was promised it would be done by last week.” The representative responded saying, “Rashi this side. Sorry to know that. Please DM me your order number and I shall make sure that the refund is made at the earliest.” Hence, if the compensation is not made the customer can ask Rashi as she was responsible and the manager can also directly ask her the status of the buyer’s complaint.

6. Track the Mentions

• Not all those who approach your company are your followers. Most of the times, the customers do not know you on Twitter and are just venting their frustration in a hope that you might hear them. Thus, it is essential that you keep a track of all the mentions pertaining to your organization. Do not just stick to the notifications on your profile.

• Look at the hashtags that are most commonly associated with your business and nature of work. Look for the common misspellings of the name of your organization. Just do a twitter search with the corporation’s name. Make sure that the notification is on for both mentions as well as tweets. It should be enabled both for mobile and desktop apps.

• Integrating the platform with the outbound calling solution makes it simpler for the agents to track the mentions and tweets. The application generates an alert whenever the name of the company is mentioned or a common hashtag is used. The representatives can know about it and can respond accordingly.

7. Follow-up

• This is the last and one of the most important steps in customer service. More than often, one single tweet is not enough to resolve the queries. On an average, more than 6 interactions are exchanged between both the parties. Sometimes, the conversation can also go offline. At the end, it is important that you ask if the client is satisfied and whether his problem has finally been resolved.

• This not only makes him feel special but also helps in building a customer-centric brand image for your organization among your followers. The cloud based call center solutions can help in generating automated alerts and can remind your callers about the impending follow-up. Something as trivial as, “Ram! We hope you have got your password reset. Try not to forget the code this time. And in case you do, you know which road to take!” can also work.

Twitter offers the organizations a chance to connect with the buyer in real-time. It is fast and can be cost-effective when compared to lengthy phone calls. It is more transparent and can help you to build a positive impression among your target audience. However, it is important that you stay empathetic to the needs of the customer. Do not just wait around for them to come to you with complaints. Have a chat hall and invite the buyers to voice their opinions.

In the social media driven world of today, engaging through traditional modes of communication is not going to suffice. It is important that you embrace the digital change and make it a priority in your business operations. The way you connect with your customers on such platforms can either make or break your social image.

By employing the best telemarketing software and training your agents to effectively use the platform for customer excellence as well as brand promotion, you shall be able to create a niche for yourself in the digital world.