Top 6 Tips on How Disposition Codes in a Contact Center Software Solution can help the Business

A contact center software solution is a great tool for reaching out to a number of buyers in the shortest time possible. However, it is difficult for the management to keep a tab on each interaction that takes place between the employee and the customer.

While call monitoring and recording help in monitoring agent performance, it can be tedious for the top level staff to listen to the all conversations to gauge customer feedback or patron preference. This is where disposition tags are effective.

A disposition label is a call center term that is used to describe the end-result or the conclusion of the call. This ensures that the entire team knows how the call took place. The codes are usually applied to the profile of the consumer and anyone accessing the files can know the final outcome of the conversation at a single glance.

The tags are usually created keeping the nature and the needs of the business in mind. They are available in the drop-down menu and the workers can start using it as soon as they have initiated the conversation.

The codes can depend on the following types.
• The final result of the call (example: sold, deal closed, product question)
• The purpose of the call (example: appointment setting, promotional offer)
• The type of phone number (example: DND number, invalid details)
• The quality of the call (example: bad network, busy number, answering machine) etc.

Here are few ways on how these codes can help in managing your business in a more effective manner and how it can help in increasing the productivity.

1. Keeps all the employees on the same page

• With multiple interactions at the call center each day, it is very difficult for all the employees to keep track of all calls. However, with the outbound calling solution, this problem can be solved easily.

• The telemarketing CRM software allows the agents to tag the call accordingly so that all the members can easily know the outcome of the call. They can further add notes or few extra pointers in order to explain to the others as to what actually transpired during the communication.

• This makes it simpler for the callers to know what has been done and what else can be done in the future by looking at the disposition codes. This is highly beneficial for field executives who continue the interaction and represent the company outside the contact center.

• This helps in removal of confusion among the workers, increases agent accountability and also results in better teamwork and collaboration in the organization.

• Example: In an insurance agency, a field representative who was out for debt collection but could not get the entire money cleared can easily set a tag saying ‘Partial Payment Received.’ As a result, the workers in the office can easily know the result of the call and can make a follow-up meeting without much delay.

2. Helps in Maintaining Continuity

• In a call center, it is not essential that the same employee is available for the prospect when the second call is made. Therefore, it becomes important that all the agents have a clear picture of what happened during the call, its result and whether it requires any further assistance.

• These little details about the customer are necessary before the call is made. No prospect likes to repeat details and be disturbed unnecessarily. The outbound contact center software with customized tags ensures that the workers are well prepared for the call and can continue the interaction from where it was last left.

• Example: An executive notices that the product offered by the organization was not according to the choice of the client. The client requests the caller to call him again when something that suits his needs is on offer. The worker makes a note of his requirements and mentions ‘Callback’. These little details help the next caller to become familiar with the patron and can thus contribute to a successful call.

3. Designates a Specific Action

• The call center software for sale allows the workers to assign customized codes that can help the team members, management and the employees themselves to stay alert. The codes help in understanding what the next action for the call may be.

• Example: If the tag says, ‘Follow-up Meeting,’ the client and his contact information can be moved to a list of the next day meetings. As a result, an automatic alert is generated to remind you of the upcoming tasks, in case you have forgotten.

4. Organizes and sorts the call

• It is vital that the details about the customer are well-organized. This not only helps to unclutter the database but also saves the time of the worker when scouting for the information. It labels the calls according to the outcomes or the further action that is to be made.

• This makes it simple for the employees to compile a list of the customers and keep a track of all them. The tags can be customized according to the needs of the business. Some of the codes include ‘Do not Disturb,’ ‘Not Reachable,’ ‘Deal Final’ etc.

• As a result, it is trouble-free to identify buyers to: follow up with, send thank you e-mails, call up again, mail promotional offers etc.

5. Scrubs the call list

• Often the numbers provided by the vendors can be incorrect or do not fall in the target audience group of the company. After the initial call, the agents can label each call with the type of phone number. The labels can include ‘DND number ’, ‘Incorrect Number’, ‘Fax Details’, ’ In-active number ’etc.

• Therefore, the managers can remove these numbers from the software so that they are not called up again. This saves workers time and also helps in reducing their frustration from calling invalid numbers.

6. Management is always updated

• The call labels ensure that the entire team is kept in the loop, no matter where they are or how busy they are. As a result, the management is updated about each call that is made in the office. The managers can compile a list of all the tags that are applied and all the workers who are dealing with the codes. They can thus, ensure that they are working in an efficient manner.

• The admin can use the marks to gain an overview on both the employee as well as the campaigns success level. It can include details of how many calls were taken up, the number of successful deals, the details of follow-ups etc.

The best part of having the labels is that it can be customized according to the needs of the business. Therefore, the company can have codes that suit their requirements and can help in the managerial process.

Example: A bank or an insurance agency will be better off with labels like ‘Debt cleared’ ‘Full amount paid’ instead of having codes like ‘Product question,’ ‘Sales closed’ etc.

The best telemarketing software is the one that allows the company to have individualized labels so that the managerial department can gain valuable intelligence from the outcome of the call and use this expertise to optimize the teams’ performance.