Top 5 Tips to Select Exceptional Agents that use your Outbound Calling Software


While it is true that an advanced outbound calling software for call centers does wonders for the outbound calling process of an organization, it must be reiterated that the results achieved depends on the capabilities of the Agents that use the software. Without capable and professional Agents to handle the software, the likelihood of the company not meeting its outbound calling objectives is high.

Hence, it is imperative that the organization chooses telemarketers who can do wonders to the company, especially since they represent the company in the outside world.

Here are a few tips that can help you select an exceptional executive who can work well with the outbound call center software.

1. Clear communication skills

• The representatives are the reflection of the company for the patrons. It is only through them that the objectives and goals of the organization can be communicated to the buyers.

• It is necessary that the callers have fluid language and can converse smoothly. Dialect plays an important role in influencing and the prospects often use it as cues to analyze the company.

• The agents become less effective when they interact through a memorized script. Instead, they must be taught to say it from memory, act confident and respond to the clients’ questions accordingly.

• Listening is a valuable skill for the workers. Most representatives do not wait for the client to respond. Customers do not like to be ignored, and it is only through listening to their point of view that the agents connect to them.

2. Tolerant and spontaneous

• It is difficult to handle hundreds of calls each day. There are also potential purchasers who can be difficult to deal with. However, it is expected that the caller is patient and remains calm while on call.

• Circumstances and situations can go out of control. Instead of getting angry, a caller who can patiently deal with the situation is well appreciated. It is imperative that the representative puts forth a happy persona and makes the caller comfortable and at ease.

Example: The customer might have had a bad day and hence will not show any interest towards the executive and his explanation about the product. An effective agent is the one that handles the situation with patience and does not let the foul mood affect him. He should be sensitive, slowly talk it out with the buyer and ignite interest in the mind of the buyer.

3. Ability to stay focused

Call centers can be a chaotic place. With various callers trying multiple calls at the same time, the agent must make sure to stay attentive.

• The rep can easily lose the track of the conversation because of overhearing a nearby conversation. It is imperative that the caller stays ‘in the moment’ and pays interest to every detail of the customer.

• A productive employee is the one who accomplishes sales goals and increases the revenue of the company without being distracted by the hectic environment.

Example: A telemarketer who is explaining about a life insurance policy to the purchaser should not be distracted by another agent who is explaining another policy. This leads to confusion. As a result, the client cannot find a resolution to all his queries.

4. Shows adherence

• In contact centers every second counts. A caller who values time and sticks to the schedule can be an asset to the company. No matter how personable and polite the executive is, if he does not have proper time management skills, he will not be a reliable performer.

5. Knowledgeable and motivated

• The executive must have sound technical skills and should have the capability to answer all the queries of the buyer. He should be an expert on using the call center software as well as the products and services of the company.

6. High Pressure Environment

• Contact centers are places where there is a lot of pressure, and it is necessary that the caller strives for excellence under pressure. He must be motivated to work in the challenging environment.

• They must be able to maintain their cool even in the most stressful situations.

Executives are the backbone of the company. The best telemarketing software coupled with excellent agents will help the organization achieve its goals within the necessary timeline.