Top 5 Tips to Achieve Workplace Excellence using an Outbound Call Center Solution


Outbound call center software solutions are equipped with various tools, benefits and features to help organizations achieve their desired objectives from the calling process as well as its related business results.

Optimizes Processes and Workflow Metrics

• Call centers today use a number of tools like historical reporting, predicting consumer behavior, forecasting and identifying the trends, employee training in order to be effective

• With customized reporting and real-time regulating, management is able to monitor employee performance, provide training and help them improve.

Live Call Results, Call Recording

• The result of the call (i.e. call time, call recording, comparisons with company averages, etc.) is available in real-time. This allows Quality Checks, report generations and corrections as often as needed, which is extremely useful in developing and maintaining strict procedures and efficiencies.

Detailed Reports

• Comprehensive call center reporting gives the organization the liberty to keep a check on each worker and allows them to review his metrics. Call metrics are critical insights for the company to know how the workforce is performing.

• Using this information, the call center can analyze the efficiency of the personnel and also measure his productivity.

• The information is broken down and transformed into simple reports in the form of a pie-chart or a bar graph. This gives them at-a-glance view of all the telemarketers and helps them to choose the well-organized tele-caller from the lot.

Here are few tips on how the features (above) help in improving the performance of the staff in an organization.

1. Tracking the movement

• By using the live record option, exchanges between the workers and buyers can be reviewed. This information can be used to check customer satisfaction, test agent skills and his pitch.

• Useful to train employees. They can be used to demonstrate examples of, both, bad and good calls. With effectual training, the representatives will accomplish the objective within the specified timeline.

2. Brings in Transparency

• The software covers the work flows from beginning to end, shows the daily activity of the agent and provides a clear picture of their true performance. They can thus be held accountable for their performance, trained for improvement where needed and rewarded for good results, too.

3. Motivates the callers

• The workers know that their work is being supervised by the management. This motivates them to work harder and to achieve objectives set for them.

• Example: Zenda Call center has a staff strength of 50 callers. The exchange between the client and the tele-callers is recorded on a daily basis. Not only this, the top management also provides them personal feedback at the end of the day and rewards are also arranged for the star performer. Thus, the average number of calls made each day by the telecalling team, the type of campaign undertaken, the difference between the desired result and the actual result is known by the admin. This lucidity prompts the callers to work in a more efficient manner. This in-turn brings in more customer satisfaction and chances of leads being closed as sales also increase.

4. Interpreting Customer Conversations and Interactions

• The buyers often have extended conversations with the callers and ask several questions, give ideas and outline their expectations. It is important that the team knows what is transpiring between the tele-caller and the client. The conversation are captured and are a source of valuable feedback for the call center.

• This helps in understanding the purchaser and his needs better.

5. Actionable Insights

• Customized reporting provides insight within real-time. This also helps in analyzing the trends, maps the consumer pattern and makes the tele-callers more aware about the conditions in the market.

• All the necessary information is fed into convenient charts. This makes it easier for the agents to retrieve any kind of information in a matter of seconds and concentrate better on the buyer.

Therefore, by selecting the best telemarketing software integrated with custom-made reports and recordings, organizations provide themselves the necessary tools to achieve desired business objectives.