Top 5 must see slideshares on telecalling

Telecalling is not for the weak of heart. The tricks of trade keep changing, hence we bring you an amazing galore of tips, pointers and what not! Do have a look at our top five recommended slideshares on telemarketing.

1. New Era of Sales – An amazing insight into how the dynamics of telemarketing have changed.

2. TeleSales Prinicples – Some principles that should not be ignored!

3. Telesales Techniques – These wonderful tips are fun and interactive. Ideal for a group exercise or motivating your sales team!

4. Telemarketing – This presentation is a freshers course in telemarketing! Informative and educative.

5. Start-up Telesales – An amazingly to the point presentation, which can be used as an effective instructive tool as well.

These were our Top five must see powerpoints on telemarketing. In case you have across a great one do share with us!
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