Top 4 Productivity Tools of a Telemarketing Software for an Outbound Call Center

Generating leads with the help of a telemarketing software for an outbound call center is one of the easiest ways of reaching out to the consumers in person. It is also one of the most effective and efficient ways of generating sales and revenues for businesses.

Selling and communication skills are not the only criteria to sell products on the phone. You also need to have the right kind of tools like prompt access to customer information and data, ability to edit & update information, access to live call recordings, live call reports, dashboards for quick overviews (etc.)

The success of an outbound campaign is dependent on the optimization and alignment of the various factors which a reliable and experienced call center can provide.

Productivity tools that can help in bringing success to outbound campaigns

Manage a constant stream of new and fresh leads

1. Managing a constant flow of data & leads from multiple sources is an important productivity feature for any telemarketing software.

2. This allows the Client the flexibility to use multiple marketing & promotional activities (print, radio, tvc, online, outdoor etc.) to generate fresh data & leads with the confidence that his telemarketing software will put these leads through a proven standardized process and manage all of them to closure without any of them being lost due to process inefficiencies.

Workflow Matching

1. The telemarketing software should be flexible enough so that it can be customized according to the Client workflow while at the same time retain & deliver all the benefits of all its features.

2. Once the telecalling is a natural and logical part of the business process, the synergy supports the agents in generating leads and also to improve productivity.

Preview dialing

1. A Preview dialing option in the telemarketing software ensures that follow-up customers are followed up regularly, thus increasing the chances of sale generation.

2. A business with a long(er) sales cycles will be ensured of repeat calls and the available customer history & notes available for the next agent allows him to pick up the call from where the previous agent left off. Continuity is ensured which is an extremely important feature in a telemarketing software.

Email, SMS and document integration

1. An Agent can send out pre-loaded emails, SMS and other documents (like reports, data) to a prospect during the call. This ensures prompt delivery of all needed information to the prospect so that the selling process is not hindered.

The best telemarketing software in India must contain all the above features so that it can deliver the desired benefits to its Clients & Users.