Top 33 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Call Center Business

Using the best call center software can certainly promote efficiency and productivity at your call center. On the other hand, you are going to need more than just an application if you want to increase the revenue.

A call center is supposed to help out the customers of an organization. It can also help out the organization in discovering more customers to cater to by reaching out to them. These are the primary aims of call centers.

So, what defines the profitability of the contact center? Generally, the success of a call center will be measured in the form of the improvements made to the operational efficiencies, customer experience and cost reduction among other metrics.

The thing is that measures such as these have become more or less the standard benchmarks of the performance of a call center.

All call centers now primarily focused on these things. On the other hand, they are unable to effectively define their profitability.

The problem lies in the fact that call centers are considered to be cost centers instead of profit centers.

A successful organization understands that the primary purpose of the call center would be to retain the customers and prevent them from defecting to the competition.

To achieve this aim, call centers provide the necessary support and marketing services. They resolve the issues faced by the customers. At the same time, they will sell and market to new and existing customers.

However, successful companies find it rather difficult to generate revenue in an effective manner from the call center.

This is simply because of the fact that the companies consider the call centers to be service providers or, in other words, a cost center.

On the other hand, companies can certainly optimize the call center for revenue and transform it into a profit center.

In fact, doing so can provide the companies with opportunities to increase the profits by a significant margin apart from other benefits.

However, the question remains how you can do so. Well, that is what we are here for. We researched a bit and discovered that there are actually quite a number of ways by which you can increase the revenue at call center.

Those methods have been outlined in the following points.

1. Optimization of the process and system is necessary in order to bring about an improvement in the revenue. The calls must be managed in an effective and efficient manner. For that to happen, you can make the use of call center software.

2. The customer experience must be improved significantly. It should be good enough to ensure the satisfaction of the customers and keep them engaged.

This should occur from the moment the customers enter the queue. If the customer gets frustrated with the complications of the process, you will end up losing a prospective sale.

3. It is possible that you will have to make investments before the call center can become good enough to earn revenue.

You may need to get hold of software that can simplify the process. Alternatively, you may have to hire additional staff for reducing the call volumes and on hold times.

4. There will be opportunities where you can educate your callers and motivate them towards a sale. You need to actively seek out these opportunities.

For that, you should use call center management software which can help you manage recordings and messages. These messages should be informative enough so as to encourage the callers.

5. Do not forget about the on-hold time. This can actually be an excellent opportunity for a sale. After all, you already have the attention of the customer.

Instead of frustrating them with some music or beeps, you can provide them with information with new products or promotions. You can make them curious at the very least.

6. You should already be familiar with the principles of upselling and cross selling. You should also know that they are possibly the best opportunities for you to make sales at the call center.

When your customers call you up, offer them additional products that are relevant to the needs of those customers.

7. Interestingly, you can also indulge in such sales activities after the call has been resolved. You will be following up on the resolutions provided.

During such calls, you have the opportunity to recommended related products and services and make the sale.

8. Your customers, like all people, love to feel appreciated. The great thing is that you can easily express your appreciation for their business.

All you need to do is ensure that the agents follow the basic courtesies such as thank you and please. That is enough for a positive feeling on the part of the customer.

It becomes a lot easier to ask them to consider buying something after ensuring this level of service.

9. The fact is the revenue generated by a call center is directly affected by the number of calls handled in a day. Now, it will ultimately be your agents that determine the volume of calls that the call center processes in a day.

As such, a good idea would be to hire agents who are capable of handling a higher call volume. In fact, they should actually be interested and enthusiastic about doing so.

10. However, your agents need more than just enthusiasm for handling a lot of calls. Therefore, you should go ahead and get the best call center software solutions.

This way, your agents can maximize their productivity and get more calls taken care of.

11. One of the most effective ways to get the customers to buy is through personalized selling. In fact, this should already be the process followed at the call center.

In this kind of selling, you will be forging a connection with the customer to increase the possibility of sale.

12. Incentives for the sales staff can be an excellent way for motivating them. Incentives are simply the rewards that you give to the best performing members of the team.

As the sales staff is motivated, they will be more likely to go the extra mile and make the sale. A good tip would be to offer fixed incentives and compensation so that all agents enjoy the same motivation.

13. Your call center will already be placing a lot of importance on training. It is not just important for delivering an excellent customer experience but also for improving the revenue.

Your agents should be trained to recognize all sale opportunities. They also need to know how a customer interaction can be transformed into a sale interaction.

These and other similar techniques need to be learned by the agents during training.

14. When you start selling via the call center, it becomes important to start considering the right metrics. After all, you need to be able to make the correct measurement of the performance.

In fact, you should start concentrating on metrics based on performance. This way, you can motivate your agents to meet their business goals.

15. Speaking of goals, you need to ensure that the goals that you have placed for the agents are realistic. It is not only about the revenue.

You should also be realistic about the other goals such as the number of calls handled each day, the conversions made and so on.

16. Of course, the primary aim will be to generate returns on your investment. The basic aim here should be to increase the number of calls as that means more conversions.

In turn, that will keep the pipeline full of leads you can sell to. Keep this in mind as you make improvements to the call center processes. It can even affect your call center solutions comparison to get the best one.

17. Consider adding relevant complementary services to your existing offerings. This may be of help in gaining new clients while retaining the ones you already have.

You can even review the services your competitors offer to gain ideas about the new offerings you should be launching.

18. How can you explain why a customer should buy something when you do not understand the thing yourself?

Consider training your sales agents in the domain specific knowledge of the products or services that they will be selling.

They should become experts in them so that they can realistically convince the customers.

19. Apart from knowledge of the products, you also need to gain knowledge about the customers. A good understanding of the customers can make it easier to sell the product by modifying the approach among other things.

As such, consider getting cloud call center software solutions that can show all the details about the customer while your agent is on the call.

20. To improve your understanding of the customer, you should consider applying categories. Place your customers into categories so that the agents can modify their approach quickly.

21. Customers tend to have their own communication preferences. Therefore, your agents must be able to adapt to the preferred communication style.

When such an approach is taken, it is easier to build a relationship with the customer and make a sale more likely.

22. In fact, building a rapport or relationship with the customer can make it easier to sell products. Train your agents to do more than just sell the offerings.

They should sell a good relationship. They need to be able to develop amazing relationships with the customers quickly.

23. Your agents should be capable of understanding the needs of the customer and communicate their empathy. This can make it easier to solve the issues being faced by the customer and even make a sell.

Empathy can also improve the success rates of upselling approaches.

24. To make a successful sale, the sales agent should take control over the conversation as soon possible and maintain that control.

They should use the knowledge you have about the customers to steer the conversation towards a sale. They must be confident and trained well to make this a possibility.

25. The agents should be capable of adaptation. They need to modify their behaviors and approach based on the characteristics of the customers and the situation they are in.

To do this effectively, the agents need to be trained to recognize the changes in the tone and the content of speech among other things.

26. It is important for the agents to remain ahead of the customers in the sales conversation. They should be proactive about upselling and make use of any opportunity that arises do so.

In other words, they should realize and answer the question of the customer even before it is asked.

27. To be able to steer the conversation towards a sale, the agent requires a lot of details at his or her fingertips. For example, they will need all the relevant details about all the offerings.

Using good software will ensure that your agents can easily access the information.

28. The needs of the customers must be accurately and quickly identified to increase the chances of the sale. However, there are many customers who do not actually end up verbalizing their needs directly.

The agents should be capable of understanding what the customer actually wants. To do so, they need training and access to detailed information about the customers.

29. To make it easier to make a sell, it is a good idea to classify the various sales situations and train your agents accordingly.

However, the agents must be able to identify the exact situation during the call. You can provide them with recordings of previous calls that define the sales situation.

Monitoring the calls will also enable you to identify the best situations for training purposes. Check the call center software pricing and features before getting one to help you out.

30. Train your agents so that they become capable of choosing the most appropriate approach during the call. They should be able to do so based on the information that they got from the customer such as the excitement and interest levels.

Do not forget to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the agents on this matter so that they can keep improving.

31. Most people in business know that selling to existing customers is easier than finding and selling to a new one. As such, you should take steps to forge relationships with your existing customers.

Call them up and check out their experiences with your previous offerings. You may discover several selling opportunities this way.

32. Providing bonuses to your agents can be an excellent way to motivate them towards making sales. Give them a fixed commission on every sale that they make.

If you do want to create a hierarchy, make sure that the ones who make the most sales get the most commission.

33. Your scripts certainly play an important role in the sales process. Therefore, you should be working on them to ensure that it can keep the attention of the customer on the call.

The most important part will be the opening line in the case of cold calls. You will have to put in some work before you end up with the best possible script.

Case Studies

The above mentioned points will be of immense help when you are trying to increase the revenue generated by your call center business. You will, of course, already have thought of a few ideas by which they can be implemented.

However, having a few hard facts can give you the impetus required to actually get things moving. The following case studies illustrate the use of various techniques by which call centers were able to enhance their revenue generation.

Go through the case studies and discover how other call centers managed to increase their revenue. These case studies can provide invaluable help and inspiration for you to do the same with your own contact center.

Quantum Electronics

When it comes to providing electronics at affordable costs, Quantum Electronics has is considered to be one of the best stores in its market area. It took a few years but this company has managed to expand its services across multiple cities.

A few years back, the company felt the need to diversify and began offering electronic repair services in addition to exchange programs.

To keep up with the large volume of calls the programs attracted, the company invested in a call center.

The Problem

While the call center did manage to handle all incoming calls, it proved to be a drain on the company resources. As such, the top management considered it necessary to transform the call center into a profitable arm of the business.

The Challenge

To do so, they implemented sales programs and techniques such as cold calling. However, the end results were far from satisfactory. The revenue generated from these programs was not enough to justify the investments made.

The Solution

To deal with the challenge, a strategy to optimize the call center operations from the bottom to the top was developed.

The first change to be made was in the processes followed. The processes were streamlined and redundancies cut down to a more effective level.

A good call center software was sought and integrated. The software was chosen particularly for the features which could be used in outgoing calls. Steps were implemented by which the customer experience could be improved.

The training of the agents was one of the priorities. A new team was defined and trained exclusively for handling the sales through cold calling, upselling and cross selling among other things.

They were also trained on the offerings of the company so as to provide the correct information to customers.

The Result

The call center operations were monitored for six months to see the results. At the end of the period, the company noticed a considerable improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations.

Outgoing call volume tripled during this period. Lead generation also witnessed a sharp rise. A significant rise in the number of incoming calls about purchases was also seen with the improvement of the customer experience.

Upselling and cross selling made a major impact on the bottom line of the company, contributing to around 30% of the sales made during this period.

Overall, the revenue growth was estimated to be around 45% with forecasts of an increase in the near future.

Dash Enterprise

The call center is the backbone of the operations for Dash Enterprise which conducts most of its business through it.

The company specializes in selling a wide range of consumer products. The company has made it possible for its customers to place orders through phone calls.

The Problem

While customers called the company for buying products, the company still suffered from a lack of sizeable growth in the number of sales.

The lack of sales growth made it harder for the company to expand their operations.

The Challenge

An internal study revealed the cause of the problem to be ineffectual sales teams. The agents, while capable of handling sales calls, were unable to make effective progress with the customers in increasing the sales volume.

The Solution

A complete overhaul of the sales team seemed the best way forward for the company. They started by replacing the teams with the least performance with enthusiastic agents who were motivated about making sales.

Training became the top priority of the company and special attention was given to the development of the skills of the agents.

The agents were trained to recognize sales opportunities and make the most of them. Agents were also provided with incentives and bonuses to keep them motivated towards sales.

The Result

Within a period of nine months, the total call volume handled increased significantly. More sales began to take place through cross selling and upselling. An increase in the number of repeat customers was also noticed.

You have already seen how you can increase the revenue at your call center. As such, it is time you start working to get them incorporated in your operations.