Top 3 telemarketing tips that will increase sales conversions from telecalling

Cold calling or telemarketing is one of the toughest jobs – being a sales manager of a telecalling team, even tougher! Keeping a track of leads generated, follow ups and closures is really difficult! Though people using an effective telecalling software are better off than those still bumbling along with spreadsheets, is it never hurts to have a few tips handy!

As most successful sales people will tell you, to succeed in telesales you need is a plan. Follow these Top 3 telemarketing tips that will help you to increase sales conversions from telecalling.

Step 1: Make a good first impression

When doing telemarketing, any of the following clichés can actually compel your prospect to slam down the phone!

  • Hello! Could I take a few minutes of your time?
    • Is this a good time to talk to you?
    • I am from so and so company…wondering if maybe you would be interested in…

If you cut out these cliché statements from your telemarketing script it will surely increase your success rate by 20% or more! People buy from people, so before they buy from you, you have to sell yourself! Why not try out an innovative way like:

  • Startle them with familiarity “Arun? – This is Rakesh Jain…”
  • Use a new take like – “Have I caught you at a bad moment?”
  • Be considerate – “It sounds like you’re extremely busy, are you sure this isn’t a bad time?”

This would work better because people will recognize this as upfront and refreshing. No harm in trying it out, right?


Step 2: Always be honest

Once you’ve have an invitation to speak, never ever, ever, make the mistake of misleading your prospect. They are bound to catch on – and you’ll have lost a sale.

Try one of the following honest approaches and see how your luck changes!

  • Try saying – “I understand you’re busy, so I’ll be super quick – by the way, this is a sales call, so do you want to hang up now?”
  • “Arun, we haven’t met yet, but if you have two to three minutes right now, can I suggest that we discuss what a manager like you might gain from speaking with a automobile sales representative like me?”

Using humor, may or may not get you in, but since you’ve tried all the other avenues, why not give it a try!


Step 3: Build rapport with a third person story

Having broken the ice, build a rapport with a nice third party story. Steer clear of away meaningless and fake claims like:

  • Our product can help you save money
  • We’re in the business of making money for our clients
  • Are you on the lookout for ways to increase your profits?

Instead, drive home a point by sharing an experience where you’ve helped other managers in a similar situation or industry as your prospect. Why not try something like this:

“Arun, my clients in the automobile industry – managers like you – tell me that we’ve helped them solve problems like the high costs, time and efforts associated with getting a car serviced? Which of these is the most important to you?”

The key to a successful telemarketing call is to pick the 2-3 problems that your company has solved, relate it to the pain point area of your prospect.


These small tips will surely help you to increase your. One final word of advice: Always, always, always be prepared for every telemarketing call you make. Make your prospects smile, and they might just like to hear you out! It isn’t rocket science after all – it’s just a simple telemarketing call.

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