Top 25 Tips to Motivate Your Call Center Agents

You would think that the hardest job at a call center would be that of the agents. While that is certainly true to some extent, there is one job description that entails a whole lot more than just interacting with customers. This would have to be the job of the call center manager or the team leader of a group of agents. The person in charge of this job would have to be adept in the art of multitasking. He would have to drive his team of agents to keep up excellent work, ensure that all the cloud contact center software are functioning properly and updated, recruit new people to the team and also motivate his team members. When you have a large team working under you, it is pretty easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and forget what the job is all about.

If you really think about it, the job of a call center agent can be quite monotonous at times. From morning to night, you’re expected to answer calls, speak to customers (and yes, some of them can be pretty cantankerous) and yet provide the best possible services via call center cloud solutions. A good team leader is one who recognizes the perils of the job and uses it to his advantage. Keeping your agents motivated is instrumental in increasing the efficiency of your call center as a whole. If you agents are tired and fatigued after a particularly long day and have started lagging behind, instead of reprimanding them, why not boost them up with some motivational words?

We know that you have a tough task ahead of you. That is why we have compiled a list of 25 things you can do to motivate your team members or uplift their spirits.

Top tips to motivate your call center agents

I. You must remember that happy agents would be equivalent to happy customers. Keeping your call center agents happy would go a long way in ensuring that they work to their fullest capacity and treat customers the way they deserve to be treated. Why should your call center agents be all polite and courteous to the customers when they are being ill-treated at work themselves?

II. Your call center agents would love it if they receive a great feedback from a senior member or a senior executive. Oh come on, we all crave appreciation! If you think one of your team members have performed exceptionally this week, pass on the message to the senior manager who’s on call. One call from him would be sure to uplift that agent’s mood and motivate him further.

III. As a leader at a cloud call center, it is important to maintain a positive and pleasant attitude. While speaking to your agents, don’t treat them as subordinates, but rather as your equals. Stay upbeat and enthusiastic. Remember, a team leader reflects the overall work ambience present within his team. So the next time you head to work, make sure you’re brimming with positivity.

IV. Get hold of the right cloud calling software for your team. Handing your agents the cool new gadgets and tools would be a great way to boost their efficiency. Unless you give them what they need, how do you expect them to provide what you need? The best and latest software in the market is a must.

V. Also, you could use temporary workers. Usually, these temporary workers would cost much less than hiring new talent. Most importantly, now that the work load is divided, your permanent team members can take a step back and would not be overworked all the time. Think of these temporary workers as interns who can help you out.

VI. A true leader is one who is able to identify the best members on the team and separate them from the others. For firms that provide cloud call center solutions, time is of the essence. In such a high pressure work environment, you cannot be expected to carry forward all the members of your team. That would be an extra burden and might bring down the whole team.

VII. Keeping things fresh is one way of motivating your call center agents. Like we said, the job can become pretty monotonous after a while. As a team leader, it is your duty to keep things upbeat and fresh. Bring about changes frequently. It could be the agents’ tasks for the day or even something else that you feel would lighten the mood.

VIII. Get hold of incentive schemes. These are your team members; you know how hard they work throughout the week. Why not have little incentives they can look forward to? If you get a good incentive schemes, your agents would be striving to put their best foot forward just to win this incentive. It doesn’t have to be something big; after all, it really is the thought that counts.

IX. Train your agents at regular intervals. Have elaborate training sessions from time to time. It allows your agents to interact with other team members and also helps them stay focused. Furthermore, there are new developments taking place in the field of customer care each day. Naturally it is imperative for your agents to stay up to date with them. Training them about the new practices would also be a nice and welcomed change.

X. The kind of environment your agents are working in will directly impact the quality of their work. A neat and clean working environment will result in work that is efficient and not done in a haphazard manner. When you supervise your agents, make sure you pay attention to their work stations. It should be neat and organized. Moreover, try to avoid gloomy or dingy work places since that brings down the mood.

Things you can do to motivate your agents

I. Don’t forget the rewards and praises. If your agents feel that their work isn’t being monitored, they might try to hoodwink you. However, if they know that you’re keeping a strict eye out, they would be more likely to put in extra effort. After all, who doesn’t like to be praised or rewarded for their hard work? Simple words of appreciation or encouragement or humble rewards would do.

II. When we speak of rewards, we’re not talking of rewards that come after lengthy periods of time. That’s almost as good as no reward at all. Rewards must be handed over almost immediately. That way, agents actually have something to look forward to.

III. Carve a careful strategy beforehand. When you’re dealing with a team of half a dozen agents, you need a strategy that can help you out. Chalk out the day’s tasks and make sure the tasks are equally distributed between each member. Also, timelines and deadlines must be taken into account.

IV. Listen to the team members. The sign of a true leader is one who really listens to his team. Trust your call center agents and listen to their side of the story. If there has been an issue, do not disregard them completely. That makes your team members feel wanted and also shows them that you’re on their side. As the leader of a time, it is important to win over their confidence.

V. Give your agents an insight into the bigger picture and give them a taste of success. Have your team members been lagging behind this week? Have you fallen short of the mark this month? It’s okay! Instead of screaming at your team members, show them what they are missing out on. Show them what a little bit of effort can bring them we assure you, you wouldn’t have to worry about them lagging behind anymore.

VI. You know what team huddles are, right? Before your shift starts, get your team members to join you in a huddle and wish each other god luck. That’s a great way to start the day and leaves your team members feeling all refreshed and enthusiastic.

VII. In the spur of the moment, don’t go promoting people. When we say rewards, we actually mean incentives. Promoting someone into a management position without weighing the pros and cons would be a foolish step on your part. You should promote your agents to such an important post only if you think they deserve it.

VIII. Make sure you are equipped with the correct systems. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Unified call center cloud software would help in keeping all your systems up to date and would reduce your hassles as well.

IX. When you’re dealing with a team of agents, there are bound to be problems. But remember, each problem has its solution and you just have to know where to look. That is the kind of attitude you should have towards problems that crop up. Playing the blame game with your agents won’t help!

X. We all have something that makes us tick. Find out what that “something” is for your agents. At call centers, you’re bound to have a moment of truth, the one that changes everything. During such moments, you need to observe the attitude of your agents. Once you know what makes them tick, you’ll know how to handle situations better.

5 things to remember while motivating your customers

I. You must have review sessions frequently. Your agents should realize that they are being monitored at all times. That would motivate them to work twice as hard and put up excellent performances. Without review sessions, it would be pretty easy to fall behind. 

II. You must have heard the popular phrase, “dress the part”. Well, encourage your agents to dress the part when they come to work. Dressing up in formals or corporate clothing or simply dressing up smartly would instill a sense of confidence in them and would encourage them to work better.

III. Brighten up your place of work. Add a dash of color and there. Most call centers today have a really bright work environment- with colorful walls, motivational posters, bright images et cetera.

IV. Play to your agents’ strengths. Having worked with your team members for a while, you must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. As a team leader, it is your duty to make sure you use these strengths to your advantage.

V. Leading by example is the best way to motivate your agents. What you do reflects sharply on your agents. Your agents would be taking in your every movement, your attitude and would be picking up on that. Make sure they pick up on the positive things!

The case study

The truth remains, happy employees would be equal to greater efficiency and productivity. Especially in the field of cloud based call center solutions, keeping your agents happy and satisfied is a must if you want to prosper and succeed. Why else do you think even the biggest corporations pay attention to the little needs and demands of their employees? As it turns out, your employees can be the best PR agents for your company; all you have to do is instill a healthy work environment and encourage them to do better. That is why we’ve come up with a case study which ascertains the above points.

Well, you must have heard of the company InMobi, a mobile advertising firm based in Bangalore. If you interview their employees, you’re going to hear them say that they love working there or that this is their dream job. There are tons of ad firms in and about Bangalore. What makes InMobi so special? Let’s find out.

InMobi’s employee friendly strategies

It isn’t just the job description or the lucrative career opportunities that attract employees. It is also the fact that InMobi pays special attention to the needs of the employees.

• InMobi has opened up a new office in the suburbs of Bangalore. And to say that it is breath taking would be an understatement.

• Imagine the following situation. Employees hard at work, developing strategies and writing codes. Sound familiar? Well, this might be the scenario at your place of work as well. However, InMobi allows you to do all this on rewritable desks and walls, sitting on bean bags, in coffee rooms and so on.

• Even the conference room there has been transformed from something that is meant to be all somber and corporate to something fun and quirky with graffiti strewn over the walls!

• To boost up the employees who have been burning the midnight oil, there are game rooms and also jam rooms where they can indulge in a few harmless games or even singing and jamming sessions in between long office hours.

• InMobi today is one of the hottest young start-ups today. And there is a reason for that. The company has been successful in attracting freshers and graduates from across the country to come work for them.

• Obviously, when you have such a lot to offer, you get the best possible talent to come work for you.

• InMobi’s office space reflects the ideologies of the founders- 4 students of the prestigious IIT institution- a carefree, nurturing environment that brings out the best of their employees.

If InMobi can do it, then so can you. To motivate your employees, you could just give your workspace a complete makeover. It would reduce the monotony associated with your work and would help you achieve the goals you’ve set! So come on already!