Top 23 Things To Consider When Choosing A BPO Partner

BPO or Business Processing Outsourcing refers to a setup that handles customers’ calls and queries to enhance the credibility and goodwill of a business firm. A chat agent and team of call center experts manage BPO calls using modern tools such as a Call Center Software.

Since people are becoming busier these days, the contact center and BPO have also assumed an important role. They are considered as the first contact point for customers.

Without fail, a business organization has to ensure that its customers get their queries and doubts cleared at a contact center at the earliest without any inconvenience.

Therefore, hiring an expert BPO partner for your business is the need of the hour. The Customer is the lifeline of a company. They also expect proper behavior from the BPO and call center staff.

These days, Call Center Software Solutions come with pre-installed features that help customer service agents carry out his day-to-day affairs without worrying about anything else.

Yes, thanks to the recent technological innovations at the call centers; now it is easier for the customers to get their queries solved and all doubts cleared.

1) Destination: Usually, companies want a call-center destination, which charge a lesser amount of money for the services rendered. These days, calling processes are mostly done online with the help of the Best Call Center Software. So by that logic, the chargeable price of a BPO firm is more decisive than a location.

2) Up-to-date Software: It is the responsibility of a BPO firm to ensure that it has sufficient and adequate software at the office. The Cloud Call Center Software is a one-stop solution that offers multiple solutions for agents that tackle complex queries of the customers.

3) Political Factor: Most of the companies operate BPO firms via agents and contact center representatives before choosing an agent. Thus, one needs to be clear about the geo-political situations prevailing in that country even if the agent runs a calling process at home through online mode. Company and business firms need to keep it in mind.

4) Timing factor: Any BPO firm that does not provide a 24*7*365 facility to a company should not be considered at all. It is because a customer makes outgoing calls to a BPO while abroad, even; therefore, a company cannot keep his BPO time-bound.

It must stay open round the clock. Installing proper Software for Call Center enables the chatting agent to manage multiple incoming calls anytime and anywhere at ease.

5) Manpower and trained staff: The behavior of the chatting agent matters. It is the agent, who will ultimately manage all the calls at the contact center. However, sometimes it becomes extremely untraceable to know whether the customer service agent behaves in a proper way or not.

It is for this very reason, call monitoring technique is required. The Call Center Management Software helps the supervisor to study incoming and outgoing calls made by his staff and guide them accordingly if required.

6) Language Factor: A contact center should have a representative who can communicate in multiple languages with the customers. Though it is relatively very difficult for a company to be completely re-assured of the language proficiency of an agent at the time of choosing a BPO partner – the same can be overcome if the BPO puts an efficient customer-friendly Virtual Call Center Software at its center.

The software translates various messages and is able to understand many languages.

7) Technology Factor: A contact center or BPO firm also needs to have upgraded programs and tools installed in its system. Technology is a big factor when a customer agent has to chat with so many people in a single day.

8) Legal Consideration: A BPO must stay away from the legal troubles. In order to ensure smoother modus operandi, it is necessary for a call center to have a secured environment and necessary software installed in the system. Legality is a compulsion, not a luxury.

Using encrypted online call center software is the only way by which you can stay safe. Customers often make payment using their cards at a call center so it is a legal requirement for them to ensure safety to the citizens.

9) Smooth Experience: Ultimately, the aim of a contact center should be to provide hassle-free customer serving experience to each customer. Ideally, resolving customers’ query at the very first call gives a greater amount of satisfaction to the callers.

10) Unlimited Calls: You must choose a BPO firm that is able to do manage many incoming as well as outgoing calls without investing a lot of money. To avail unlimited outgoing and incoming calls’ facility, a call center needs to install Internet telephony feature in its calling process.

11) Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR): It is the necessity of a BPO firm to ensure that the contact center number is ideally automated with proper IVR system. Customer must be able to interact with the call center representative immediately. They should not be kept in queues for a longer time.

12) Price: The price is also a necessary consideration when you consider a BPO firm to manage your call center works. Check with the BPO supervisor if the price he is charging is all inclusive or if there any hidden charges involved.

13) Providing Prompt Feedback: No matter, whichever BPO is managing your contact center, it should be prompt at responding to aggrieved customers’ queries, mails and social media updates in case of any doubt or problems.

It must be done swiftly, or else it will damage the company’s image to a lot extent.

14) User-Friendly: A BPO should be as user-friendly as possible with the callers and staff.

15) Toll-Free Number: It is a bonus if your BPO keeps a toll-free number for the convenience of customers. It helps you not only in lead generation purposes but also enhances the credibility of your business organization.

16) Proper Staffing: Having skilled contact agent manning the desk to manage your customers’ queries is the best way to serve your customer.

Using effective software such as Call Center Solutions assists an agent to directly connect to his supervisor and senior colleagues during the live call itself.

17) External Environment Control: Many often, the customers get frustrated due to continuous disturbance during a live call.

The Call Center Software for Small Business helps you to chat freely with a support agent without letting the external noisy environment trouble you.

18) Intelligent Call Back: Some BPOs offer a special intelligent call back option. It helps a call center staff to intelligently presume whether a caller is a prospective buyer or not. Then he calls back them accordingly.

19) Disconnect Courteously: It is a vital call center ethic that every contact center and BPO firm should maintain. You do not need to disconnect a call abruptly once the conversation is over. Rather, you should disconnect the call in a courteous manner only after fully satisfying customers’ queries.

20) Productivity Report: A BPO firm must furnish a report to the client about the total calls generated from the contact center and how many of the callers were satisfied by the response of the call center.

21) Voice Analytics: A BPO firm should also make sure that its employees are quick to identify the basic need of the customer. They must be treated immediately in case of need.

22) Support Ticket: Ideally, a good BPO is one that generates support tickets on time and also solves the customers’ query within a stipulated time.

23) Comparison: In a nutshell, the call center must give better facilities to its clients at a compelling price. With proper Call Center Solutions Comparison, a business firm can easily find out which one will work best for him and which ones won’t.