Top 20 Tips To Use Contact Center Wallboard and Improve Performance

When you first started out in the call center business, you were probably bombarded with numerous opinions and suggestions as to the best call center software. Well, that’s pretty common since the definition of “best” really changes from person to person. But if we were to ask you, “What’s your version of the best call center software?” what would you say? An efficient or an excellent call center software is not simply one that allows your operations to be carried out seamlessly; it is one that allows you to have a complete and wholesome view of everything that’s going on in your place of work.

Customers today are smart and come to you with sky high expectations. And you really cannot blame them for it. After all, the times are changing and so are the customers. The customers today want the best possible service, and as part of the company, you should oblige. In today’s generation, when customer loyalties are fickle and options are many, you need to forego of information that is a few days old. It holds no value.

Instead, you need to start focusing on real time information that allows you to track operations and customer interactions as it happens. As the manager at a call center, this is a boon in disguise for you. You get to have an all-round view of the operations and your agents. You can do that with the help of contact center wallboards.

A wallboard isn’t a board filled with motivational messages that you can hang on your wall to boost the morale of your agents. No! The wallboard, instead, is a call center management software that allows you to boost the efficiency and productivity levels of your agents and thus, you call center.

Now we know that implementing a new software technology seems like a daunting task and you might even be a td bit apprehensive about it. And that’s perfectly natural. However, we assure you the wallboard software could work wonders for your business. How can we be so sure, you ask? Careful research and case studies have allowed us to compile a list of about 20 tips that can help you enhance performance with the wallboard software. Here goes:

1. The wallboard software technology brings to the disposal of call center managers various kinds of data and information which are often ignored or not updated frequently. For instance, don’t you think your managers should have an idea of how many calls were abandoned by each of your agents? Or the sales rate of a particular agent? Or even the number of high value clients handled by agents? Such information is not usually updated and even if it is updated, more often than not, the data is a couple of days old. Wallboard helps you prevent that.

2. At your call center, you must be having a number of agents working. Remember, no two agents are the same. Thus, sharing generic information amidst all your agents could do more harm than good. Instead, wallboard allows you to customize your information and database according to the users using it. Consequently, the agents find it easier to handle the software and all that it entails. It not only improves the efficiency rate of that individual but also ensures that all pending work is completed.

3. Well yes, the wallboard call center software solutions are one of the best things to have happened to your contact center. But that doesn’t mean you get to overload it with every little bit of information. Clogging the system would only get in the way of efficient services. Apart from that, it would become increasingly difficult for your users to locate data and use the information which is necessary while tending to customers. Instead, keep your wallboard simple and precise. A concise and compact software technology is always preferred.

4. By now, you should know that the wallboard is a “visual communication tool” that allows you display and view various kinds of information and data. Pick and choose the kind of data you want to display. Displaying information that could bring down the agents or ruin their team spirit would distort operations at your call center. That is why it is imperative to preview the information to be displayed beforehand.

5. Given that the wallboard allows you to display the information of your choice, you should also make it a point to use the right font type and font size. A highly stylized font and a minuscule font size may end up making your information difficult to read and follow. If that’s something you want to avoid, preview the size and font type before you settle on it.

6. The wallboard allows you to prioritize and accordingly work on your information. There are some actions at your call center which require action immediately and there are some which may be left for later. In that case, you get to display the former and leave the latter for when you actually need it. Prioritizing information is something most call center software lack – however, the wallboard brings it to your fingertips.

7. Any kind of software technology needs a collaborative team effort between the management and the team of agents. Speak to your agents. Tell them what you have in mind with regard to the wallboard software. Take their opinion about what the wallboard should display and actually work on it. A two way communication is a must when it comes to wallboard technology.

8. The wallboard basically gives you the option of filtering your data. Most cloud call center software solutions would display all the information in hand. While that comes in handy, it does make it difficult to pour through the database and actually pinpoint the relevant information. The wallboard, on the other hand, will display only the relevant information based on your requirements and the kind of operations you run.

9. The wallboard comes with a large number of customization tools. Different businesses have different requirements. The wallboard happens to be a rather versatile kind of software that allows you to modify and adjust according to the varying needs of your business. It grown with you; such a scalable software technology is a must if you want to attain the heights you think you deserve.

10. A great deal of tact is important while handling the wallboard. As a matter of fact, you do not have to use it all the time. Use it in small bursts, as and when you need it. For instance, you can use the wallboard during the rush hour or the peak hours. You may even use it during the quiet hours of the day, when your agents actually get the time to appreciate it. Using the wallboard tactfully would help you get the most out of the whole experience.

11. Planning your wallboard well in advance is important. If your wallboard isn’t planned well, it might end up becoming boring and distracting and wouldn’t be of much use to your agents. The wallboard needs to have a clean and organized layout. To make sure your wallboard isn’t demotivating your agents, ensure that the contents are interesting and caters to your target audience. Mention your goals, objectives and other content that motivate your team members.

12. You must have heard the famous quote that tells you the simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Well, it holds true here as well. Keep your wallboard as simple and uncluttered as possible. You wouldn’t ever keep your desk clumsy and cluttered, would you? Otherwise, you would never be able to locate things when you need them. The same goes for your wallboard. Display selective information on your wallboard.

13. While using the wallboard, there is a phrase you should be familiar with – “impact test”. Basically, this allows you to judge and decide which information to display on the wallboard. When you pour through the information at your disposal, you’ll come across some data which isn’t all that relevant at the moment. The wallboard allows you to eliminate that and focus on the information that actually counts.

14. When the key performance indicator and other kinds of information are all out in the open for everyone to view and analyze, it becomes increasingly harder for your agents to ignore. Earlier, when the information was limited to their eyes only, they could work around it and even get away with it. With the wallboard, monitoring your agents becomes a whole lot simpler.

15. This is what most businesses do – they use the wallboard as a board where the stats of the number of call waiting and the average holding time are displayed. But that isn’t the way it’s supposed to be! The wallboard is supposed to give an accurate picture of your business in real time – right here, right now. It should paint an exact picture of your business – not a sugar coated one or not one that is ambiguous.

16. In other words, wallboards should be used to provide information of all that is happening RIGHT NOW. For instance, as the managers are on their rounds, they should be able to take note of the number of calls that have been abandoned in the past hour, or the number of high profile clients that have been handled, the sales rates, the average handling time per client for each call center agent and so on. That way, if someone’s lagging behind due to some reason, they can work on it or fix it accordingly. Thus, the wallboard makes the job countless times easier for the managers.

17. The wallboard basically gives you updates about products, reminders and even introductions. When it comes to dealing with products, inexperienced agents with no information about the brand can be an inconvenience. However, the wallboard can help prevent that. With such relevant information backing them up, agents thus become better equipped to answer multitudinous questions of customers as well.

18. Use the wallboard as an efficient means of communication with the members of your staff. Since you can customize and alter the data that is displayed on wallboard, make sure that it is catchy enough and that it is creative and interesting. For instance. The type of information displayed can range from birthdays of employees to the key performance indicators or KPIs. The agents should basically have the relevant information they require and their morale too should be boosted in the process.

19. The perfect blend of quality and quantity should be used to display information on the wallboard. You might be displaying performance stats on the wallboard. When all’s going well, it might be motivating your agents. In an alternate situation when the stats aren’t all that favorable, it might suck the positivity and optimism out of the room. To make amends, use metrics like queue length which don’t just take into account the quantity.

20. Don’t just leave it to the wallboard! Yes, the wallboard certainly makes your responsibility as a manager a whole lot easier. But do not forget that face to face meetings are more assertive and have greater impact. Remember, a software technology cannot, and should not, replace human interactions. While the wallboard does your job for you, make it a point to sit your agents down from time to time and indulge in face to face meets.

The case study

We have already stressed on the importance of the wallboard and how it can help your business grow and flourish. The wallboard has altered the way many businesses function and has come to the aid of numerous call center managers worldwide. To help you understand the impacts of the wallboard, we provide you with a detailed case study that demonstrates the above. is a company based in California who happens to be in charge of supplying building supplies for various kinds of construction products. Even though they are an online based company, they have a huge customer base of nearly 700000 customers. Since they have to rely mostly on their online presence, it was important to come up with a strong customer care system. The company has a total of some 370 employees, out of which about 150 of them are dedicated to customer care.

The challenge and the solution

Each month, receives over 200,000 calls from customers of which approximately, 120,000, are new customers. These are all prospective customers who must be nurtured from the very beginning. To help develop these contacts, it was important to come up with well-developed contact center software solutions that took into account the bigger picture.

As the company went on record to say, it was more about quality than quantity for them. The guys at didn’t want their customer care reps to rush the calls. Instead, they wanted the agents to take as much time as possible to deal with customers and seal the deal with them.

Consequently, got a new wallboard to keep a tab on all their employees. The wallboard in question didn’t just display the details and success rate of the call center reps, it took into account each employee and how they performed. The wallboard here helped improve real time visibility since it provided data and information as it happened in the moment.

So you see the wallboard software technology should be the next on your agenda. However, we would advise you to indulge in a bit of call center software comparison before you actually take the plunge! It always helps to ensure that you get the best for your call center!