Top 20 Tips to Manage Customer Data Effectively

Customer data management is quite possibly the most discussed topic on the contact center software solutions scene nowadays and while there are a number of sources which offer information on customer data management, not all of it is trustworthy and won’t go a long way in helping cloud call centers in solving their customer data management problems. Thus, proper information regarding customer data management is imperative for the success of any call center agency.

So what exactly is customer data management? Well in simple terms, it is the different ways in which a company or organization can, with the help of proper contact center software, keep an eye on the important information regarding their clients or customers while at the same time charting the information obtained in order to receive valuable feedback. Customer data management employs a number of cloud based as well as software based applications in order to maintain customer information and furnish them to the cloud call centers whenever required.

Customer data management is a long process which involves a number of steps such as gathering data, analyzing the data that is collected, organizing this analyzed data and finally reporting and sharing the finalized information to the required sources. The application of customer data management is very important in contact center management software as it helps business and commercial enterprises to understand the needs and requirements of its customers, which help them to preserve and even increase the customer base which they have.

So know that we have a good enough understanding as to what customer data management is, let us delve into a few ways in which one can properly use customer data management properly.

1. Decide and collect only the critically important data of your customers and clients as your customer data and manage it properly to get the best analysis of the needs and demands of your customers. Be careful not to collect any irrelevant data as this will only complicate the process of customer data management and make the process much less effective.

2. Having a solid internal network of information with regular and effective flow of ideas for customer data management is a must for an active customer data management setup as most customers and clients are linked with businesses and companies in more ways than one. Thus, this process serves as one the best outbound contact center software solutions as far as customer data management is concerned.

3. Usage of DLP steps are very effective for a cloud call center company as it helps the enterprise to manage and maintain the collected customer data while also protecting this value piece of information as well. DLP stands for data loss/leakage protection and can be easily employed by almost every cloud call center and other business and enterprises.

4. Another process which greatly helps customer data management is centralization. Centralization helps cloud call centers and other business ventures to better understand the needs and preferences of their customers and thus helps them to serve their clients in a better way. Apart from this centralization also helps companies identify the most valuable and important customers thus helping business grow even more.

5. Constant updates on the collected customer data are also very essential in order to help cloud call centers serve their customers in a better way. Regular updates to customer contact center software which are based on the CRM framework are critical in order to help cloud call centers and business keep a track of their customers’ requirements and strategize their business plans accordingly.

6. The information available to the employees of the cloud call centers via the customer data management software must be easy for them to decipher, analyze and implement. This is very important because ultimately it is the implementation of the collected data, which leads to the growth and development of the company or business entity as well as helps the concerned company build stronger ties with their customers.

7. Proper security measures must be taken to help safe guard the call center enterprise’s customer database. It is very important to safeguard the cloud call center’s customer data against malicious sources and also prevent any unauthorized changes to this customer database, as it serves as the most important asset for each business enterprise.

8. Another important information which should be collected as a part of customer data management is the process by which customers or clients came to know about your cloud call center or business enterprise. This can be easily done by implementing a call tracking feature or by maintaining an up-to-date excel sheet for this data.

9. Management of the customer data is one of the most important processes related with customer data management. After the collection of data, the best contact center software must be employed to help the cloud call center employees manage the collected customer data efficiently and converting this data into a form which is effective for the company to analyze and strategize on.

10. Having regular audits in your call center company is very essential for you to examine your records and customer data systems. These audits help the enterprise know the number of times a customer’s data has been viewed and changed thus removing any chance of any malicious activity and preventing anyone from making any unauthorized changes to the customer’s records. This is absolutely essential to keep the integrity of the company and its employees intact.

11. Every cloud call center should learn to connect the online as well as the offline activities of its clients and customers. This can be achieved with the help of modern call center technological systems such as call tracking and by employing customer data management software for contact center with Omni-channel capabilities. This helps the company understand the need and requirements of their customers all each and every level thus making them efficient enough to serve them in the best way possible.

12. Cloud call centers must be extra careful to avoid the duplicity of their customer data. Duplication of data can cause a number of problems as it not wastes precious storage space but also prevents the employees of the business enterprise from functioning at their maximum efficiency. Apart from this, this also causes a nuisance to the customers and clients of the company as they are disturbed due to the constant inquiries from the employees of the company to correct the records.

13. One of the best ways to improve on your customer data management is to create a universal customer ID or UCID. This helps the cloud call center enterprise to map the entire interaction of a customer with the company across every marketing process and each internal department giving a holistic and complete overview of a customer’s needs and requirements from the company.

14. Personalization and special attention are very important to make the clients and customers of a cloud call center feel valued by the company. Apart from this a separate space for each customer or client who has some kind of interaction which the company in the enterprise’s CRM database is absolutely important for the company to maintain and update their customer data management structure properly.

15. Accuracy of the collected data is also a very important factor which decides how efficient the customer data management methods of a cloud call center are. The process of refining the data collected is more than just operating a specific set of softwares as it involves incentive programs and personal dedication from the employees of the enterprise to collect customer specific information.

16. It is also vitally important that every cloud call center understands and has a detailed account of the processes in which the customer data is being handled and managed in the company. This is very important because it helps in keeping the employees of the company in check while also helping them to aid the customers and clients in the most efficient manner possible.

17. Identification, separation and collection of data accordingly are the most important process of customer data management. Once a particular customer of the cloud call center has been identified, it is important to separate them and place his/her customer data in a secure space in the company’s CRM software database. This helps to simplify the process of customer data management while also making it more effective.

18. A Data governance procedure and an appropriate strategy for the same are very helpful in keeping proper record of the customer data which is being collected. This helps the company keep a track of which employees is interacting with which customer and thus helps the company in providing personal attention to the customers.

19. A very useful way to manage customer data is to segment the customers of a company into different groups and then providing special attention each group. This helps the cloud call center to assign group specific employees to their customers thus making sure that their specific needs are met to the best of the company’s ability.

20. Customer feedback programs are a great way to learn more about the clients of a cloud call center and these also help the company to know more about the quality of service that is being provided by the company itself so that it can improve upon the current level of service provided by the enterprise.

A Case Study

In order to better understand the requirement and the challenges associated with customer data management we will now take look at a case study for the European Bank.

The European Bank is huge international financial enterprise which serves both personal as well as commercial customers. The company was facing an inefficient sales support problem which resulted in a low ROI for the bank. This problem basically stemmed from a lack of holistic customer information and ineffective and incomplete customer data management structures. This caused the organization to change their view and move from a product-centered business approach to a customer-specific business model.

The enterprise wanted to involve their stakeholders into the proper implementation and the subsequent execution of this process. Apart from this the group also wanted to improve on their customer data management processes and be more efficient in the same. The business entity also wanted to amend their primary API’s to suit the changes in user interface and user data.

The European Bank used several methodologies in order to implement the above stated changes which include a CDI interface which had designed in order to provide the enterprise with a unified customer data support system. Apart from this the different primary systems of the bank gave up the master data storage facility to the common data layer of the bank. This master data was then migrated to the company’s CDI database at one primary system at a time. All of this resulted in a complete decommission of the original customer data management interfaces of the bank.

The bank also made some changes on the business front by implementing a brand new data quality business process which was supported by the DQ workflow method. Apart from this a myriad of different business user forums such as domain specialists, customer and contact center managers were given the responsibility of maintaining the DQ infrastructure by conducting timely DQ reviews and corrections.

The result

As a result of these changes, the various business process of the bank were transformed into a customer-centered one. This caused the sales and marketing sector of the bank to shoot up to new heights creating better cross/up selling opportunities for the enterprise. The group was also able to provide a personalized touch to their work process by conducting client specific and event centric campaigns from their clients.

All of this resulted in a better business involvement and improved the customer data management platform by the use of a more unified customer data management process. This improvement in customer data management resulted in more efficient client facing techniques. All of this ultimately improved the overall efficiency of the European bank while also improving their customer’s view of the enterprise.

Thus following the above case study we see the various challenges associated with customer data management while also noting the vast number of benefits which it can reap for a business entity. With the aforementioned different methods of improving a company’s customer data management one can take their customer data management and subsequently their business enterprise to new echelons of success and prosperity.