Top 20 Tips to Improve Customer Surveys

When it comes to call centers and customer care, you usually do everything in your power to make sure you provide the best possible solutions to your customers. For instance, you use the best cloud contact center software, you hire the best agents in the market and you strive for excellence in every field.

What you must understand about this field is that call centers are evolving each day with the passage of time. Newer developments are taking place almost every day; newer software applications are coming up and better metrics are being developed to provide for better customer care. Now whatever you do in this field will need to be assessed at regular intervals since it revolves around the customer.

One way of making the most of cloud calling solutions is to have surveys and get feedback from customers. The kind of customer care you provide will obviously generate reviews and your customers must be having some opinions about it. If you haven’t noticed it already, these opinions and reviews can be pretty useful. If you create a platform for your customers where they can express their opinions, you can go through the feedback you receive and then get a fair idea of where you stand.

The same goes for customer care surveys. These surveys are basically questionnaires that have been drawn up by experts and would tell you exactly what you customers think of the services you provide. Do they like it? Do they have any complaints or grievances against your company or even an agent in particular? Do they have some suggestions as to how you can improve your customer care? Would they recommend your services to their peers?

Solid answers to these questions would give you an insight into what customers feel about you or what they expect of you. Based on the results of the survey if you think you’re falling short somewhere, you have every scope of making up for it. That is one of the major benefits of customer care surveys. However, if you are planning a survey, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Some of them are:

Things to remember while carrying out a survey

I. You must have a clear objective in mind before you create the survey. What is it that you are hoping to get out of this survey? Why are you doing it? These are some questions you must answer beforehand. Unless you have a clear objective guiding the way, you will end up asking irrelevant questions that won’t help your customers or you in any way. Proceeding in an organized fashion will help you get the job done faster and more efficiently.

II. Keep your survey simple. Look, when you’re dealing with cloud based call center solutions, you need to come up with ways of reducing your work load. Think about it, how would you feel if you had to complete a survey that is too complicated? You would probably get frustrated and give up. Trust us that is not something you want your customers to do. Keep the survey short, and that would keep them engaged throughout.

III. In your survey, you should have about three to four questions. Do not go beyond that. If you thought that having twenty questions would help you get better insight, you couldn’t be more wrong. The trick is to come up with three or four questions that are evocative, meaningful and would fetch you the right answers. Only a couple of questions should be enough to give you the insight you are looking for.

IV. You need to come up with efficient ways of assessing your surveys and coming up with results. There is one method that is commonly used. It is called net promoter scoring. In this method, one is to ask a question where the customer is to rate the services on a scale of one to ten. The surveyor is then supposed to subtract 1 point for 1 – 3 and add one point for 8 – 10. Based on that, you get your total and that score will give you your results.

V. External call survey is a commonly used method. When you call up a cloud call center, the agent usually asks you if you would be interested in a brief survey. Most customers tend to say no, while some may oblige. In case they say yes, the customer is then redirected to a different service where he or she would have to answer a few questions for the survey. The call ends once all the questions have been answered.

VI. The survey needs to be really short. No customer wants to carry out a survey that is a couple of pages long. They really don’t have the time, and especially since they would be getting nothing out of it. They would be frustrated by the time your survey ends and would rush through it. To avoid such a scenario, you can need to ensure that your survey has been kept as short and simple as possible. Get hold of a few questions that are easy, to the point and precise.

VII. The questions you ask must be connected with business objectives. For example, when you’re dealing with call center cloud solutions, you must have certain business objectives in mind. These objectives would be directed at enhancing your improving your services and expanding your business as a whole. Now the questions you ask should be crafted keeping in mind the business objectives you have.

VIII. The questions you ask should be relevant. Remember, you have only a few questions in hand. You cannot bore your customers with ten or fifteen questions. Like we said, you cannot have more than four questions. All of these four questions should be relevant to the context. There is no point rambling on about irrelevant matter which will only enrage customers.

Essential qualities of your survey

I. The length of your survey should be reasonable. It shouldn’t be too long. Keep your customer care survey as simple and short as possible. Do not make it lengthy. If you are having a questionnaire for your customers, then make sure that the questionnaire isn’t too lengthy. It should be precise and compact. A survey shouldn’t beat about the bush. It is nothing if not concise and to the point. That is one thing you need to keep in mind.

II. When you are inviting the customers to participate in a survey, make sure you personalize the invitation. For instance, if you are calling the customer or informing them via mail, then do not send out a generalized invitation. Make sure you address the customer personally. That makes the customer feel wanted and a part of something. If you personalize your invitations, your customers are more likely to agree to the survey.

III. You need to ask the customer for their feedback as soon as possible. Once the customer is done talking to you, you need to slip in the question before you say your greetings and end the call. That means, you’re supposed to mention it almost as soon as the customer interaction ends. In some cases, customers may choose to insert their feedback into an interface. In these situations, you would have to wait for a while.

IV. Getting some feedback on your survey wouldn’t hurt. Once the customers are done with the survey, you could ask them what they feel about the survey or if they found it useful enough or if it was too long. Based on what they say, you can come up with your next survey. Now that you know where exactly you were going wrong, you can avoid such mistakes in the future.

V. There is one major disadvantage of customer surveys and that would have to be bias. The opinions these customers have about your company are personal opinions and they are directed by bias to a certain degree. However, you must make it a point to choose a call center cloud software that sifts through the obvious biased opinions. The software you use should filter out the bias and use only those feedback and surveys that are meaningful and objective enough.

VI. If you haven’t observed this already, customers who have had very bad or good experiences would be willing to participate in a survey. Otherwise, most customers would rather politely decline. As a result, the opinions of a large section of the customers whose opinions would have been bias free go unheard. Unless you come up with a selective process of going through your reviews, you aren’t going to benefit much from it.

VII. The whole point of a survey is that it must be collected and reported. Otherwise, why even ask customers to take part in it? However, a delay in either the collection or the reporting of the survey leaves a negative impression. It would show the customer that you’re negligent and even nonchalant. And that’s not an impression one would want to leave on customers who have done you a favor by participating in the survey.

VIII. Remember, the survey isn’t going to be cheap or easy. Yes of course, if your survey isn’t all that important, then you shouldn’t spend precious time and money on it. However, if the survey results could make or break your business, you need to go all out. And as we all know, that is going to cost you. However, we assure you, it would be worth it.

Tips for meaningful surveys

I. An important aspect of the customer care surveys would have to be the analytics. These analytics make your job at least ten times easier. These would help you in recording your customer feedback, going through it, scouring through every inch of the customer feedback interface and coming up with efficient results that are accurate and meaningful as well.

II. No customer is going to even open a mail you send based on customer care surveys. That is the harsh truth. That is why you must make it a point to mention it as soon as the customer interaction draws to a close. If the customer agrees, then you can send him a mail or direct him to a service. Otherwise, sending him or her, a message out of the blue wouldn’t help at all.

III. The data that you obtain from the customer care survey cannot be used in isolation. It needs to be combined with other data and then used. If you want to make the most of your customer service survey, then you need to use an efficient cloud calling software that allows you to combine different databases.

IV. The process you use shouldn’t be too confidential. The basics of your survey process should be made visible to the customers. Your customers need to be kept in the loop and told what’s happening and how it’s taking place. That way, you maintain open lines of communication and also maintain a degree of transparency with your customers.

The case study

We know that carrying out a survey can be quite a tough task. Especially if you are planning to do it on a mass scale, then you would need months of planning before the execution part. Before you actually start with your survey, these pointers are a few things you need to keep in mind.

To show you further how customer care surveys can do wonders for your business, we have provided you with a case study. You must all be pretty familiar with the company named Vodafone. As of 2016, the company is one of the largest network providers with a huge customer base.

As a matter of fact Vodafone has always been praised for its impeccable services. The Vodafone users seldom complain of disruption in services and are extremely pleased and satisfied with the overall customer care. Let’s take a look at what makes Vodafone so very popular or their customer care strategy.

The problem and the solution

A few months ago, Vodafone came up with a new 4G sim card. Before they did that, they carried out a well-planned survey that produced miraculous results:

• Before launching new campaigns, Vodafone executives worked extensively on a survey and planned months in advance before releasing it on a mass scale.

• The survey carried out by Vodafone took into account the customer, the expectations of the customer, their needs and what their demands are, what they want from the brand and so on.

• The study was mainly carried out in the United Kingdom and studied the customer base there.

• As it turns out, at least two fifths of the customers in the United Kingdom aren’t all that interested in using 4G

• Also, at least two fifths of the customer base don’t even use it

• The survey consisted of at least 1200 prominent and influential businessmen and others in a decision making position.

• After the survey, Vodafone arrived at the following conclusion- that the businesses and companies in United Kingdom lacked a basic understanding of what 4G is and the innumerable benefits it would offer.

• Now that Vodafone had this knowledge at their disposal, they could easily formulate their marketing strategies accordingly.

Like Vodafone, you too could make the most of your customer care strategies. So why don’t you get started today?