Top 17 Tips to Measure Customer Satisfaction

The primary function of a call center is to provide a range of services to the customer. To that aim, you require trained agents, important tools such as the best call center software and customer service strategies among others.

However, it is by the very provision of these services that you ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

After all, any service you provide to the customers is done with the intention of ensuring their satisfaction. You might be running a call center to help the customer find a solution to any issue that they are facing with the usage of your products or other services.

Once they discover a solution, your customers will be satisfied.

In the same way, customer satisfaction is also achieved when you are using the call center to handle other aspects of your relationship with your customer. For example, you might be calling your customers up to provide better offers and deals.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is certainly vital for any business. On the other hand, are you sure that customer satisfaction is actually being taken care of by the steps you have implemented? If so, how satisfied are your customers actually?

Understanding the level for customer satisfaction being provided is vital. If your customers are not very satisfied with what you are providing, they are soon going to leave you in search of something better. You will be left in the lurch and that can be extremely harmful for your business.

While there are various ways by which you can improve customer satisfaction, your primary concern should be gauging the level it is currently at. Measurement is crucial to get a proper understanding of the changes that need to be brought about and the improvements that you can make.

It might even be necessary to get rid of a few things. Ultimately, it will be helping you out in the long run.

By now, you should have understood that measuring customer satisfaction is important. To save you the trouble, we have researched the various ways in which this can be done. Our knowledge is now at your disposal in the form of the following tips for the measurement of customer satisfaction.

1. The most popular way to measure customer satisfaction is through the use of surveys. In fact, it is typically the only possible way by which you can do so unless the customers do so. Of course, that will usually happen when they have an issue or a complaint.

As such, you will need to get in touch with the customers and ask them to provide feedback through the survey. There are various ways to do so and calling them is just one way.

2. When contacting customers for a survey, make sure that you have prepared it thoroughly. You should implement a weighted scale in the questions you put forward. This will ensure that the feedback received is more credible. In other words, you should not provide a simple choice between yes and no but go for a scale of 1 to 10.

This can give you a much better and more detailed idea about the issue in question.

3. Surveying is not something that you can do once and leave it. You need to know if you have made any improvements.

As such, you must measure the various metrics after a certain period of time on a regular basis. You can discover the changing comments from your customers this way.

Of course, it will certainly be a great feeling to know that you have satisfied your customers in at least a few ways. Additionally, you might also be able to frame additional questions to conduct the survey on to get more detailed information.

4. While there are multiple ways by which a survey can be conducted, one of the most popular methods has been emails. After all, it is quite effective and simple at the same time.

In order to make the most out of this method, you have to get yourself a mailing list first. However, it should not be an issue if you have already been collecting the emails of your customers.

With the correct call center software for small business, you will have an email mailing list ready in no time. Now that the mailing list is ready, you can simply send them the survey that you have readied.

5. Of course, you cannot expect that your customers will just replay to your mail just like that. You have to work on your email campaign so that you can derive the most reply.

Some of the things you can work on to improve the effectiveness of the mail include the subject line and the concept of rewards.

You can entice the customers on opening the email and taking part in the survey by means of an attractive subject line.

By offering a reward, you can increase the numbers of customers responding to the survey. After all, most will have no issues in spending a few minutes on the survey if the reward is good enough.

6. Moving on from the surveys, it is a good idea to know what kind of metrics you should measure to get a good idea about the customer satisfaction that you provide.

One of those metrics is the speed of service. Of course, the speed will be dependent on the service or the product that you offer.

On the other hand, there is such a thing as industry average. Typically, the time required to deliver the support will be less than 24 hours after the complaint or the question has been received.

Getting quick resolutions will certainly improve customer satisfaction making the speed of service and important metric. Good call center management software should be of help in tracking the speed of resolutions.

7. You will also have to find out how highly the quality of the service you provide has been rated. Do not just assume that your service is of a good quality.

In this metric, there are a few things you can consider such as the attitude of the agents providing support or taking care of the sales.

The way complaints are solved should also be taken into account. The availability as well as the knowledge of the agents is another thing to consider.

Finally, you need to finally understand how open and responsive your agents are towards any enquires presented by the customer. Of course, great cloud call center software solutions will help in improving the quality on the customer service index.

8. Nobody likes to receive any complaints. It pays to pay attention to them when they come in. Perform a thorough evaluation of all complaints.

After all, they are unsolicited forms of feedback. As such, they can be more valuable to you in the improvement of your services.

In some cases, the feedback will be sent to you directly. On the other hand, it is more probable that you will come across them in various places such as reviews, social media posts and comments.

Contact the customers who have sent the complaints and find out more about the reason behind the complaint. This way, you can take the steps required to improve the satisfaction of the customers.

Use effective call center software solutions to keep an eye on the complaints received.

9. While it may seem obvious but the fact is that your pricing issues should also be considered as a metric. In fact, customer satisfaction is typically influenced by the prices of your services and products rather significantly.

As such, find out how your customers feel about your current pricing model. You should consider the value that the customers in return for their money instead of just the total cost paid.

Additionally, find out how they view the pricing model in comparison with the market price. It is a lot like how you considered the call center software pricing.

10. Of course, you have to consider the overall satisfaction that the customer had. In other words, have the necessities of the customer been provided?

In fact, this simple metric is often an indicator of whether your customers are actually satisfied. Simply ask about their overall satisfaction.

The answer you receive can show you if you are providing positive customer satisfaction. If not then you know that there is a lot of work ahead.

11. Apart from overall satisfaction, there is another kind of satisfaction that you can consider as a metric. This is the satisfaction about the product.

This can be presented as two separate albeit related questions. The first is whether the customer liked the product.

The other is whether the product met the expectations of the customer or proved to be useful. You cannot ignore this kind of satisfaction as it greatly affects how the customer will view the next purchase, if at all.

12. Customer loyalty can actually be a great point to start at in order to get better insights into the level of customer satisfaction you offer.

The behavior of the repeat customer can show you how loyal they are to the business. As such, it is a metric to consider in your measurements.

While it can be included into the survey, it is vital to remember that their behavior is more insightful than the intention they expressed in the survey.

13. It is certainly possible for your customers to intend to purchase the product or the service once again. This intention can be an indication of their satisfaction.

After all, they will only make the purchase again if they were satisfied with it the first time. This also means that they are more likely to tell others about your product.

As such, include the intention of making a repurchase in the metrics being considered for customer satisfaction. If you are running a survey, you can simply ask if the customer intends to buy again in the future.

14. Finally, there is one more metric which should be considered and that is the happiness of your agents. After all, it is your agents who will be in the frontlines working to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

As such, you should start giving a thought to their happiness and satisfaction. If they are satisfied, they will be more productive and effective in making sure that your customers are as well.

In fact, happy agents are more likely to deliver a higher level of satisfaction among the customers. There are, of course, several ways by which you can improve the happiness of your agents. For example, you can start by showing your appreciation for the work that they do.

15. Apart from surveys, another fantastic way to gauge the satisfaction with your customers is by the creation and use of focus groups.

These groups provide you an excellent environment in which you can understand the reactions of your product and how your customers will behave when using them.

Apart from understanding the level of customer satisfaction, you may also be able to derive other benefits out of the focus group.

16. Do not forget to take the emotional aspect into consideration for your measurement of customer satisfaction. If the customer is unhappy with the overall process or something specific, you will have to bring about changes.

Gauging the emotions can give you a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.

17. When taking the measurements, you should try to concentrate on the specifics as much as possible. Think of the various details and aspects about the purchase, from the item bought to the expectations they had about the item.

The more you find out from the customer, the easier it becomes to discover the areas which are affecting customer satisfaction. As a result, you can make the necessary changes more easily so as to improve satisfaction rates.

The Case Study

Now that you understand how to effectively measure “CSAT”, it is time to see the effects of customer satisfaction in real life.

A business, irrespective of its industry or its niche, is completely dependent on how satisfied its customers are. To help you get a better understanding, here is a case study you can find useful.

Now, the hospitality industry is greatly dependent on the satisfaction of its customer. In fact, the impact made by the customer satisfaction in the success of a hotel is often greater than many other industries.

After all, you will never like staying in a hotel or recommending it if you are not satisfied by it. There is typically very little margin of compromise when it comes to hotels.

The Solution

The case study deals with a leading hotel chain. Due to various factors, the organization foresaw that the short-term picture of their finances was not a very good one.

As a result, action was clearly of the essence if such a situation were to be avoided.

In order to help them get a better idea of the changes that they needed to bring about, they decided to opt for a survey to measure the various aspects of customer satisfaction.

This survey was not conducted on each and every customer. Instead, it took place among a random sample of the customers while ensuring enough variety.

As a result, the data gathered was certainly representative of the overall clientele served by the hotel.

In the survey, the customers were asked to rank various items in decreasing order of importance. These items were the various aspects of the hotel.

Additionally, the respondents had to rate the performance of the hotel based on those same items.

The data gathered from the survey ensured that they managed to gain important information on the customers. The hotel also discovered how the mindsets and the behavior of the customers had been changing over time.

This gave them a competitive edge and they gained the potential to earn a significantly higher amount than what the financial forecast had predicted.

As you can see, customer satisfaction can lead to a massive improvement in your fortunes.

Since the selection of tools, such as your call center software, that help in this measurement is important, be sure to spend time in conducting a call center solutions comparison so that you do select the one that is most suited to your needs and your work processes.

Pay the required amount of attention to the measurement of customer satisfaction, and, your business results will surely reap its rewards.