Top 17 Benefits of Outsourcing the IT Support That You Need

In order to have the most efficient work environment in your call center, you will need to use the most efficient tools that are available such as the best call center software for small business. Of course, you will need to support the software and the other IT needs of your department. For that, a team of IT professionals is required.

However, there is no reason why you should have the IT department in your own business as an in-house department. These days, it is quite possible to outsource all of your IT support needs elsewhere. As such, there are two methods by which your IT needs can be supported and there are good reasons for choosing either one of them.

Ultimately, however, your aim should always be to opt for the most effective method. That is how you bring in efficiency to your business. A call center depends greatly on IT technology. An IT issue can severely compromise the smooth running of the business. This increases the importance of having a highly effective IT support system.

The fact is that having an in-house team for IT support can seem rather convenient. Unfortunately, you will have to ensure that all members of your team are experts in all relevant areas. That is certainly difficult. If you do manage to hire staff with such an expanse of knowledge, you will find that it is incredibly expensive to keep this staff.

The above is just one reason why outsourcing happens to be a better choice. In fact, there are several excellent reasons why you should consider looking into outsourcing your IT needs. There are quite a few benefits to be had.

There is no need to wonder about what those benefits or reasons are. The research has been done by us already so you can just sit back and read about the most important of those benefits have been mentioned as follows.

1. As mentioned earlier, it can be a costly business trying to run an effective IT team. Apart from the salaries, you have to consider the additional expenses such as company perks and ongoing training.

As such, there will be a lot of fixed costs. By outsourcing, you convert them into variable costs. After all, you will only pay for what you need. This decreases and brings your IT costs into control.

2. Reduction in costs and issues related to human resources is another benefit of outsourcing your IT needs. After all, you do not have to take on the headaches of hiring and running a team.

If you do, you will have to dedicate additional human resources to running the team. Outsourcing avoids this problem.

3. If you have no training in IT, it will be very difficult for you to ensure that a potential employee has the necessary qualifications for the job.

After all, you will have to ensure that they have all the right certifications and qualifications along with the relevant experience to be an asset to your organization. This will not be your worry when you outsource.

4. It has been noticed that organizations which try to manage all IT services on their own tend to require time in research, development and, finally, implementation.

This is in spite of using the best tools such as the best call center software. This can increase costs while reducing the efficiency of your call center. As such, you can easily avoid all of these problems by outsourcing.

5. This also helps in availing of the most updated and latest technology such as call center software since the vendor needs to use the most efficient software available in order to stay competitive.

Sometimes, you may even have to implement new technology. In such situations, an outsourced IT support provider will be better equipped to help you out as they will already have experienced professionals.

6. Another advantage of outsourcing is that it allows you to focus your attention on your core business. After all, resources are limited in any organization.

As such, you need to be focused on providing better customer service instead of thinking about your IT team and the smooth functioning of the call center management software.

Complex decisions about the IT will no longer be your concern, allowing to you to focus solely on the core business.

7. Risks are a part of all businesses. After all, changes in the markets, regulations and technologies can occur rapidly anytime and they are inherent risks of running a business.

By outsourcing, you can pass on these risks to another company. That company will manage and assume the risk on your behalf and performing a call center solutions comparison to ensure that the best system is installed is now their responsibility, not yours.

8. As a small organization, it can be quite difficult to match the IT support systems maintained by larger organizations due to a shortage of funds.

However, outsourcing will enable you to get access to the same technologies used by those companies. This can be achieved easily with a reasonable cost structure. In other words, you gain a competitive edge even if you choose a solution with a higher call center software pricing.

9. As a customer service organization, it is your responsibility and duty to ensure that your IT systems comply with the latest security guidelines.

After all, you will need to protect the sensitive customer information you possess. However, compliance is easier said than done due to the many aspects involved.

An outsourced IT support can take over all of these responsibilities and maintain the desired security standards easily.

10. In fact, you get more than just compliance with expected security protocols when you outsource IT. You actually get the benefit of improved security.

After all, these companies keep track of the latest malware and hacks. As such, they keep updating their security protocols and ensure that you have the same. They will ensure that you have the latest call center software solutions for this purpose.

11. Scalability is essential for a call center as an increased demand for IT support can arise at any given point of time.

With an outsourced IT, you just need to contact the vendor and ask for more support as and when required. There are no hassles to speak of in such a setup.

12. Cloud technology is witnessing widespread adoption due to the several benefits offered. As such, taking your IT to the cloud is something that your business should look into.

With an outsourced IT vendor, making the transition to the cloud becomes easier. After all, they will work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration of your business processes to cloud call center software solutions.

13. An outsourced IT support vendor can provide you with an array of additional services. They might even be capable of providing specialist advice.

As such, you might get assistance with disaster recovery planning, phone systems, security policies and internet provision among other services. Therefore, you get more services out of a single vendor which can mean more cost-savings and a higher degree of efficiency.

14. Of course, you might not want to get rid of your in-house IT support team completely. In such cases, an outsourced IT support vendor can act as a complement to your in-house team.

The vendor can provide the necessary expertise that your in-house team lacks. Therefore, your IT systems will keep running irrespective of the issue that you are facing.

15. The above feature can also lead to another benefit. You can use the vendor to develop staff for your own call center.

In other words, you can have your own support team work alongside the vendor giving your team the chance to acquire new skills and expertise from the vendor.

As such, you invest in your existing team instead of hiring somebody new.

16. In the same way, you can ensure continuity in your operations.

After all, if one or more members of the IT support team take a vacation or resign, there will not be anybody to help you out in case issues arise. On the other hand, a vendor will always be there for you.

17. You might have been relying on your members to provide IT support in addition to their other job responsibilities.

In such a situation, the productivity of those employees can and do get hampered. However, this can be easily avoided by outsourcing the IT support to a vendor.

Your team members become free to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

Case Study

As you can see, there are quite a few amazing benefits to be had when outsourcing your IT support requirements. The overall efficiency and productivity of the call center is improved and that can have a direct impact on the customer service provided and even on the revenue.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to take a look at a case study. Doing so will enable you to get a better grasp of how an outsourced IT support can be beneficial for your business. After all, the case study illustrates how a challenge can be solved with the application of the matter at hand, which in this case is outsourcing.

As a result, we did some research and found this particular case study. The following case study does not deal with a call center. However, outsourcing has similar benefits to all kinds of businesses. As such, the results of the following case study will certainly be applicable for your organization.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is a government agency of the United Kingdom. It has been given the responsibility of managing the cleanup of the nuclear legacy of the United Kingdom in a manner that is efficient and effective at the same time. In order to do so, the agency has to manage data and information that is highly sensitive.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is also responsible for the implementation of the UK government’s strategy for the disposal of the nuclear waste for the long-term. The disposal is to be done in a geological disposal facility. The agency is responsible for implementing the strategy to deal with low-level waste as well.

The Challenge

For the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, IT services were being provided by an incumbent supplier for 8 years. As such, it was vital for the agency to assess offerings from alternative companies. A full assessment of the options available from the supply chain would be beneficial to the agency.

The Solution

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority opted for an IT service vendor who provided them with a security-cleared dedicated staff. This staff operated as the IT department of the company.

The team helped in defining the solutions which enabled the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to operate in an efficient manner. At the same time, the team helps the agency in the adoption of new and smarter ways to work.

The IT support team, while being provided by a vendor, was based in the buildings of the Nuclear Decommission Authority. In other words, they worked beside the NDA staff onsite. They were always available and approachable ensuring that issues were resolved faster.

Apart from a partnership approach, the vendor provided a complete end-to-end managed service for the IT. This included the computing systems, infrastructure services and network services. Support was provided throughout the hierarchy with a dedicated service desk.

As a result of this collaboration, the team created a resilient infrastructure to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. This enhanced the security of the organization. The IT support team ensured that legacy systems were decommissioned for the same reason.

Long-term strategies were planned out so that risks linked with end-of-life software and hardware were mitigated effectively.

The user access to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets were rationalized and then improved upon. The team delivered IT services which could help in supporting the productivity of the agency’s staff. Due to the emphasis on mobility, corporate applications could be accessed quickly even while on the go.

The access would be secure as well as made available to approved employees only, apart from the executive team at Nuclear Decommission Authority.

Before the original contract expired, Nuclear Decommission Authority decided to extend the contract by a period of 2 years. This underlines their satisfaction not only in the quality of service but also the benefits they enjoyed as a result of outsourcing their IT services.

As you can see, outsourcing your IT department can help you out in several ways. Therefore, you should look into how you can make the transition as smooth as possible. Once you do, you are sure to notice a marked improvement on the IT front.