Top 13 Tips To Have a Greater Customer Insight

While you can certainly grow your business with the best call center software available in the market in this day and age, it is important to remember that there are two parts to a successful call center business.

The other part to the success of any call center is the presence of a great customer support team, who will build up the reputation of the company with the help of their great customer insight.

In this article, I aim to provide you, our readers, with tips that can provide you with ideas as to how to get this great customer insight.

We don’t need magic to improve our company’s customer experience. Of course, a good call center software helps in creating a better customer experience, but that is not the be all and the end all of running a business.

When we are creating an effective customer experience measurement program, we can gain valuable insights that will help us take certain targeted actions that enables us to increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty towards our companies.

With the abundance of call center management software present in the market, we already have a lot of data that we can use at our disposal.

The thing to remember is that all of these data is important. We can use some of it to improve the efficiency of your call center, and some of it to help us understand the variety of needs and preferences of our customers in a better fashion.

If we look at the market in today’s world, we will see that there are categories which are alternatively stressed upon, depending on the market importance at the given moment.

Let us take a closer look at the category which is where many of the major call centers are seeing an increased amount of focus.

Modern call center software solutions also include features such as speech analytics are known to deliver insights that would have been nearly impossible for us to achieve a decade ago, and if possible, it would be mostly inaccurate.

When agents have this information of data at their disposal for them to use they can react accordingly, and therefore increase the likelihood of a successful and a near perfect customer engagement.

With the aim to work towards providing a better customer support, given below are some of the tips that can help you build a successful customer experience measurement program and help you keep it up and running, year after year.

1. Work towards targeting a specific segment of customer base. It is a known fact that each customer will probably have different forms of expectations and experiences, and using this knowledge we should practice segmenting our customers by their journeys via journey maps, identifying and targeting the specific segments that matter more to the growth and the success of the business.

2. A lot of companies out there ignore this step, but try being selective on which customer experiences you are measuring.

There is no use in just tracking the customers, because it is important to measure the customer experience as well.

We must practice zeroing in on the various customer relationships, journeys, and interactions, and then focus on prioritizing with what matters more to our business.

3. We should use customer experience in order to determine the company’s various metrics strategy.

It is important to define metrics that are aligning with the company’s key business objectives such as metrics dealing with increasing revenue and reducing attrition, and measure the outcomes that will effectively determine how useful the customer experience efforts are in meeting with those particular objectives.

4. Companies should form a certain strategy for the collection of customer data.

Analyzation of the survey results put out by the company and tracking of the customer feedback across a variety of multiple channels and taking note of touch points in order to measure what your customers value is a crucial step.

Asking the customers meaningful, intelligent and consistent questions, and the act of getting help from the company’s frontline employees can and will encourage customers to provide feedback which the agents can really work up on.

5. There should a cloud call center software solutions system that will set certain specific targets for every type of customer experience metric.

In order to achieve this important objective, it is significant to make sure that the company would need to understand what customers often consider to be a great customer service experience, and how they can work in preventing certain potential problems that if ignored can become bothersome in the future.

Targeting towards the results that the company want to achieve should be done by examining the variety of levels of achievement in past efforts for it to establish certain benchmarks, and with the analyzing of competitive models in the market.

6. Companies should work towards a particular goal, namely identify, analyze, prioritize, and finally take proper action.

Companies should plan on how you will use analytics to identify and prioritize trouble spots that tend to produce negative customer experience ratings, then try and develop a fail-safe action plan for targeting specific issues throughout the company.

Finally, using open-ended surveys, moderating social media, and other forms of direct interaction with the customers for getting proper feedback on how well the new changes did in reference to your company and if these changes have improved the customer experience or not.

7. It is important to share the various findings across your business units. Sharing is essential in developing a really robust communication strategy that will help you to share the findings about the customer experience challenges and opportunities in any real time situation across your company’s business units.

These effective communications will help create the necessary buy-ins and the collaboration that is needed for building up a better customer-centric company culture.

8. Keep your customer experience measurement program relevant and to the point. This can be done with the right software.

A call center software comparison can be done to determine which software is suitable for this task. This software should be relevant in the sense that they should not be out of sync with modern technology.

9. It is important to build and establish a consistent review process that will give the company’s customer experience program a periodic yet regular checkup.

Reviewing of important decisions at each step in the process in an ongoing manner will determine whether the standards for customer experience and quality provided are being consistently relevant to the company’s customer experience goals or not.

10. Companies should work on gathering real time data for understanding the flaws in the system. There is a certain sense of predictive quality to this data, but if it is compiled and presented in a correct manner, you will be able to justly anticipate your customer intentions and even deliver a better and a more customized response.

These real time data can be gathered with the help of call center solutions, and a quick check of call center software pricing can tell you what is most affordable and beneficial for the company.

11. Companies should keep the following mantra in mind: Follow the Path. They should be able to think of every type of customer engagement as a straightforward journey with a particular starting point which reaches an end point, where there are lots of different things that can take place in between the entire transaction.

The main idea behind this is that the more you understand about each customer’s journey, the better you will be able to serve that particular customer.

12. Analytics from a workforce optimization suite plays a big role, but it is important that we, as companies, do not just stop there.

We should also bring agents together in a collaborative and a healthy way in order to discuss about the actions that they took and how well they both worked and what didn’t work, and perhaps decide upon and bring in personnel from marketing department, that will provide additional data.

13. Companies should learn to keep it simple where simplicity is necessary. There is data that will be clear within a certain time limit, and it is that data that will be important at a certain time.

When you are deploying analytics real time, companies should make it easier for agents and their managers in order to see what they need to see, and whenever they need to see it.

The Case Study

Even the best tips in the world cannot make a company’s customer experience one of the top notch quality customer service system in the world. For a company to truly succeed, we need to apply these theoretical tactics in real world. The best way to achieve this is by simply observing the real life experiences surrounding us.

With this idea in mind, I shall present to you a case study pertaining to these tips, as only by looking at an applicable example, we learn from the mistakes and the solutions derived from them. Therefore any list of tips is incomplete without a proper case study.

The case study we will be taking a look at is from a company anonymously named as GBM, a company that aimed to compete with the giants in the cell phone industry.

Established in 2007, this company was created with the aim to provide better products at lower rates to the masses. In this case study, we will look at the problem scenario, the challenges they faced, and the solutions that the company came up with in regards to these challenges.

We will also briefly look at the results that these solutions were able to provide.

The Problem Scenario

Established in 2007, they were one of the earlier companies who determined that they would create smartphones for the masses.

They wanted to make smartphones that were affordable even when they were of high quality builds. However, in 2010, after an incident with a new product that had several manufacturing defects ended up exploding and hurting a customer, the company was facing their darkest times.

Production times were a nightmare, but nothing suffered more than customer service. The agents were bombarded with angry and often panicked customers, and they just could not cope up well with the situation.

It was at this point they stopped and took a good look at what was needed to be done to handle the situation.

The Challenges

The challenges they faced were:

1. The biggest challenge was handling the variety of customers that would call in everyday and demand a refund on their perfectly working products, After the news went on as a big story in national media, the number of callers increased tenfold.

2. There was a lack of gathering of real time data within the company, hence they were often thrown out of the loop with the going on within the company itself.

3. Agents failed to provide surveys to their customers, which resulted in a variety of problems with regards to feedback of the caller.

The Solution

The solutions that the company came up with were:

1. Securing a database immediately with the help of their software to understand and keep a track of the customers that were calling the company.

2. Training the agents to handle the callers who were panicked or angry.

3. Installing software that would start real time data gathering and teaching agents to use it.

4. Surveys were automatically sent to the customers via email.

The Result

The results improved overtime, as the initial shock wore off. The customer support team was pragmatic and professional, and with a little help, they were able to handle the influx of customers.

The word spread that the company was responding well to the customers, and efficient data gathering helped in tracking customers in their journey maps, which were then used to its full advantage.

Maintaining customer insight is extremely important, as only with good customer insight can we offer a better customer experience. With the above tips and the case study provided, success can surely be achievable.