Top 12 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates at your Contact Center

If your long term goal is to increase the volume of your sales using best available tools that modern technology offers such the best call center software for small business, then you have to be methodical about your approach toward the various aspects of the business.

One of the more important things that you need to take care of is the conversion rates which can be argued to be the foundation of high sales volume.

Even if you are one of the smaller business owners, just starting out, you can be assured that the big companies pay a lot of time perfecting their conversion rates for higher sales.

The execution of campaigns within a call center for the achievement of results can be crucial for the call center business.

There is no point in having great tools like the best call center software and other elements (infrastructure, good employees, support etc.) if the conversion rates are not looked after and all the hard work that is being put into by your employees are going to waste.

While your employees are working hard and operating within the contact center they must convert the lead to a proper sale for the organization to earn more revenue than before.

To make sure that your business is successful, it is important to keep a higher conversion ratio for a higher number scale in the profit department.

Conversion rate is basically a percentage of sales opportunities that ultimately result in a closed deal, and the higher the actual rate is, the more the chances of increased trade volume foundation.

However, without proper tweaking the sales rate can fall considerably and for it to perform hand in hand with the sales demand, some proper steps must be taken and changes must be implemented for it to function like it should.

Here are a few tips for you to help you increase the conversion rate of the business using your call center software:

1. Conduct proper A/B testing, because to optimize conversion rate it is important that you test not one or twice but on a regular, scheduled basis. A/B testing is also known as split testing and is a technique that is use to increase the conversion rates, which is the rate of transforming the visitors to potential customers.

It is important to have not one but several A/B testing going on in your sites at any given time to check constantly and learn for the loss in the conversion rates because as we all know, practice makes perfect.

2. However, it isn’t enough just to know that you must perform tests in your system, you must also know what it is that you must test to save resources from your end.

Messing around testing things that has little value to the overall effect can be detrimental to your company and loss of data available to you that will help you focus on projects that matter more, and a complete waste of even a choicest call center management software.

Here are the things that you must test to have a complete A/B testing that is successful.

• The headline must be checked and rechecked with variations added to it, because it is providing your customers with the main products and main offers.

• Page layout and navigation must also be checked on a regular basis to make sure that your employees are not lost in the maze of functions while helping your customers. It will help you save both time and resources. The same goes for your customers, and you must take care that they can navigate your pages properly and remain well informed at the end of the way.

• The offer that is being presented to the customer should be checked, updated regularly and easy to understand and navigate because that will help you keep your customers interested in your company.

• The wording and the order of the buttons in your website is very important to influence your customers and keep them interested in checking out the products that you have to offer to them.

3. Recruitment of your staff should be done smartly and professionally, and it should be clear that you are recruiting agents who will be able to handle your customers and be experts in the selling of products that your company has to offer.

They must also be sales oriented, that is, they must be able to effectively sell products without putting the customer off and must know what to sell to a specific sort of customer instead of displaying all the good at one go and putting the customer off.

They must not only be sales oriented, but they must also be able to handle the various problems and questions that are requested of them to solve at a moment’s notice.

4. Have a compelling and squeaky clean value proposition to transform and reevaluate the potential of the conversion rates that you are achieving by using your call center software solutions to make it a better and more important conversion factor.

Customers want to know why they should be interested in buying a product form you and what you have to benefit them so this is a golden opportunity for you to sell your products. Your employees should have an attractive prospect for your customers to keep them properly interested.

Some of the more important aspects that make a good value proposition are:

• A unique and varied form of offers that is vastly different from your competitor’s offers, even if the product you are selling is mostly the name. The key to this is mostly wording and the ability of your employees in selling the product.

• Your company must be a specialist in at least one element of value and it must be unbeatable and unmatched so that it becomes an important factor for your customers. It must be something that they cannot find from anyone.

• Optimization is the key, for it will help you check how well it can resonate with the ideal prospect you have. This is a continual process that requires constant checking and fool-proofing, so having tools at your disposal like the best available cloud call center software solutions for perfecting it is a good idea.

• Crafting a value proposition is dependent on hours of reflection on what makes your company truly unique and why you think the customers should call on your services, so hiring a good team and utilizing call center software tools for this is the correct way to approach the aim.

5. Making sure that your customers can understand and hear what you are trying to sell to them, which can be very difficult if you don’t have the top-notch software to help you out, so make sure that you have chosen proper software by conducting a detailed call center solutions comparison before anything else.

Also to note is that the interfering background noise can be a huge annoyance for your customers and even cause them to hang up on your sales representative essentially ruining your conversion rates, so be careful in what quality of software and machinery such as headsets you are delegating to your employees.

They would not have to raise their voices and the customer can feel like their calls are personal and one on one with your sales representative which might convince them to take a look at the offers they are being talked in to.

6. Whenever you run a company, rest assured that you will have criticism and objections from your customers and you must also know by this time that that sort of thing is a necessary evil.

Criticism and objections will help you grow by providing you with weak spots in your company which you can take the time to improve on, so do welcome them with an open mind and work to solve the problems that exist in the company.

You must have the correct team and correct software to handle those criticisms and push your company to do one or several things in a better fashion.

To do this, you must create a list of all the possible complains that you are most likely to receive and create a counter reply to those problems and complaints. Here is a list of things that may be an issue and solutions to them that might prove to be useful in practice:

• The problem is not being understood by the representative and wrong information is shared. To counter this, your team must explain in what ways the product they are selling will help them solve the problem and how they will be able to help the customers with the usage of these products.

• The customer lacks faith in the product described to them and is unwilling to buy it. In this situation you can help your customer recognize the value and the usability of the product by pulling up the certificates attached to the product and award, if any, earned by the product.

• The product may not be suitable with the customer’s needs and can be ultimately rendered useless. You can inform the customers about the testimonials from other customers with the same needs as the customers and then give a statement of beneficial usage of the products from the same testimonials.

• The product is too expensive and there are many such products available in the market. Explain to them that the product that is being sold to them has more perks and is of a superior quality, along with price comparison, long term savings, and value of the ultimate product.

7. Building a relationship of trust from your potential customers is very important for your company in forming a supporting, loyal group that will be dedicated in helping you put as you help them out.

It might be difficult to build a trusting relationship but as long as you are dedicated in providing support and authentic products that live up to the standards of your customers, you should be fine.

It is really easy nowadays for counterfeit products and it is natural for the customers to be wary of what they buy with their money.

You must be dedicated in providing products to your customers and make the trust so that your company can have a trusting relationship that will last for a longer time.

Only then will the conversion rates increase vastly and your business can flourish. There are several ways you can increase the trust quotient among your customers.

• Make it easier for them to check the authenticity and the accuracy of the products they buy from you by giving them decent to good customer support.

You must list all the credentials of not just your products but also the sales representative they are contacting to help them be assured of what they are buying with a variety of references and so on.

Even if your customers do not cross check completely, just be listing all the details and marks of authenticity you have assured them that they are making a right choice.

• Assure them again and again that your call center has a real organization when the need to do so arises. You can have member ship that will enable special help for your customers and the physical address provided to them should they feel the need to visit.

• Use your software tools to train trainees and experts alike to handle whatever the customer needs and effectively transfer them to representatives who are experts in the field.

That provides them a send of an in depth call center business with a number of experts and professionals even if your company is not that big.

8. Don’t bore your customers with long winded information unless they specifically ask for them. They may get bored or confused and drop out, reducing your conversion rates.

Instead, ask your agents to keep the calls brief and to the point while summarizing the product specifications to make a sale quicker.

9. Provide you customers with a load of options for them to contact the company, so they don’t feel helpless especially after post sales should any need arise for them to contact you.

You can do this by listing telephone numbers, call back options, instant messaging, emails, customer support and even video calling.

You must make sure that there is assistant present to your customers whenever it is needed by them.

10. Take care that all the prices that are present to the customers are accurate and in clear, that is, it is not segregated into sections to give the illusion of it being cheaper than it actually is.

This will cause the customer to feel cheated and make you lose an important customer. It won’t work wonders for your conversion rates so be transparent about the pricing of your products.

11. Your customers, when they call, expect an agent who is well informed about your customer’s needs, and if they are not, they should be able to reroute the call to an expert who is more knowledgeable.

There are many call center software that can provide this sort of instant rerouting, so feel free to use them and help your customer with the information they need.

If you feel that the call center software pricing is not matched with your budget requirements then employ a researcher to the labor for you, because in the end it will you keep a well-informed status where customers are concerned.

12. Use call center software to identify your customers, separate the VIPs from the regulars and the non-regulars from the regulars to effectively manage the call rates that the call center handles it will intelligently up your conversion rates and take care of order value for you and help you keep an eye out for any rate droppings as such.

The Case Study:

To understand how the increase in conversion rates benefit the company a detailed case study research is needed. We have researched and pulled up a few pointers from Travelocity. This company has increase the conversion rate by 50 percent and therefor is a good example for someone looking to do the same.

The challenge Travelocity took on was partnering with WNS that helped them reduced the cost of operations. It worked on improving the process efficiencies and help the company increase the effectiveness of its call center. The key features of WNS solutions were:

1. Remodeling the sales processes for maximum team efficiency of call center.

2. Creating leverage for Travelocity sales for a compelling WNS team for productivity.

3. Improve process efficiency for up-sell and cross-sell products.

4. Implement LEAN Six Sigma Programs for reduction of handling time.

5. Create a customized MIS tracker for tracking and analysis.


With the health of the WNS they launched a project for management of ticket sales in 2006. Since then the scope of its solution has expanded and now includes offline sales of travel insurance, hotel booking, car rentals for various business sales.

They WNS has completely remodeled sales processes in call center that uses superior team productivity suites to maximize team efficiency.

For further information, please visit for a detailed analysis.

You might feel that improving the conversion rates seems like a rather difficult task, but in reality it is quite simple and effective to increase your sales, provided that the important steps are performed correctly, such as placement of skilled agents and professionals and call center software to be used to their full potential.

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