Top 12 Tips On How A Call Recording Software Can Help An Outbound Contact Center

An outbound contact center software is equipped with a lot of features that can not only improve the functioning of the business but also helps in minimizing the effort of the workforce. Some of these elements include customised reporting, real-time supervision, live results and call recording.

Recording and having voice footage, data and analytics related to the exchanges between the client and the caller is an integral tool for the development of the business. This is a great way of meeting the needs of high-quality services as well as providing impeccable consumer satisfaction. It helps the company to maintain a meticulous record of every conversation of the caller as well as ensures that the workers are held accountable for each of their moves.

The recording feature allows the company to control the executives in a transparent and fair manner. This also helps the company to avoid legal complications of any sort and saves both the parties from any sort of abuse. It also generates reports which give out perfect details about the agents and their performance.

Many people believe that a normal application without these additional features can help the call centers to achieve success. They think that they can monitor the representative by listening to his conversation while hovering around or by sitting next to them. However, this enables them to listen only to one side of the conversation without giving them proper clarity about the consumer and his preferences.

Therefore, it is a must for the company to employ a solution with a recording feature that can help them to listen to both the sides of the story. Only then, can the company arrive at proper conclusions about what is working for the patron and what is not.

Here are a few tips on how allowing the ‘voice of the purchaser’ to be heard and replayed at various times can help the enterprise to be stronger.

1. Staff Performance Supervision

• In a call center, it is essential that the agents and their interactions are kept under regular scrutiny. This helps the company to identify the loopholes as well as the strengths of their own system. With a call recording solution, the organisation can keep a constant check on how the callers are interacting with the clients.

• The workers are the initial point of contact for the organisation and are one of the most important assets for the company. Hence, it is essential that their calls are monitored and proper feedback is given to them so that they can enhance their exchanges with the patron.

2. Reducing the Corporate Liability

• The last thing that any call center would wish for is a bad customer experience and an impending lawsuit. Client disputes can be dangerous for the company and its business. It can damage the goodwill and reputation of the organisation. However, with the option of recording the interaction of the customer and the employee, the business has a fair chance of avoiding any potential clashes with the patrons.

• Often, the arguments arise because of a miscommunication between both the parties. The small issue is escalated into a huge fight and it can prove to be a costly fiasco if neither of them is able to solve the problem before it takes an ugly turn.

• Under such circumstances, footage of the conversation can prove to be a great tool in order to combat unjust accusations or improper charges. This can be a practical way to prevent and reduce any sort of personal or corporate liability and can be used to verify what each person said while on call.

• The organisation and its employees can be held liable and charged for any sort of miscommunication under consumer rights. Audio files can often be used as an evidence in order to prove a point and to show the truth of the conversation. It is helpful in diffusing the dispute between the patron and the company, as there is now a direct proof which can be used in cases of lawsuits.

• Example: The client accuses the company of charging him more for the product. He says that a different and considerably discounted price was quoted to him by the caller. The organisation, on the other hand, says that it does not believe in any rebates and concession policies. However, the purchaser is not ready to budge from his stand and also warns the company of a lawsuit as his consumer rights were violated. In case of a non-recording software, the company has no proof to validate their stand. However, with a soundtrack of the conversation, they can clearly prove that no such promises were made by the employee and that they did not indulge in any sort of malpractices.

3. Proper Assessment

• One of the most common problems faced in a call center is mistyping the information about the client. With multiple calls in a day, it becomes difficult for the agent to note down each particular about the consumer. As a result, there are high chances of committing a mistake while noting the details. This can lead to costly errors such as writing down the wrong address of the client, the incorrect quantity being shipped etc. This not adds to the cost of the company but also leads to decreased revenue and low consumer loyalty.

• However, with a telemarketing contact center software, the interaction can be effectively captured and can also be saved for review at later stages. As a result, important details such as address, specifications or customization of products are not mistyped, lost or forgotten.

• This not only helps in reducing costs for the company but also helps in ensuring professional and highly reliable services for the purchasers.

4. Customer Satisfaction

• One of the prime objectives of a contact center is to provide speedy resolution to the patrons and to provide them services par excellence. Having their discussions monitored can help the managers to ensure that the interaction stays positive and has a constructive influence on the buyer. It helps them in mapping the conversation without being physically present anywhere near.

• With the ability to grade their calls, the managers can ensure qualitative dealings between the agent as well as the consumer. This also gives them more control and allows them to solve the issues before they become more problematic. Rather than reacting to a crisis, the admin can listen to the conversation and guide the employee, thus satisfying the shopper before the matter spirals.

5. Quality Assurance

• Listening to the calls ensures the manager that the call scripts are followed effectively, the clients are looked after well and all the product details are mentioned precisely. This makes the company sure about their agents and their capabilities. With regular practice and supervision, chances of errors decrease and productivity increases.

6. Performance Review

• The outbound calling solution also allows the managers to filter and search call records from the past and compare them with the present performance. This allows them to grade the calls and certain network systems also allow them to add special notes in order to improve the quality of the call. Footage of the past as well as the current interactions help the management and the representative to map the level of improvement. This can help them to learn from their previous mistakes and the administration can guide them to a greater level of success.

7. Increases Business Security

• The employees know that their calls are being supervised and their communication is under constant supervision. This makes them more alert and they become cautious while interacting. This helps in reducing any sort of inappropriate calls related to illegal practices or any sort of sexual harassment. As a result, consumer satisfaction is left undisturbed.

• In the absence of such a solution, there are high chances of employee malpractices and unsuitable language while interacting. This can make the customers uncomfortable and can affect the client count of the company.

• On the other hand, this not only safeguards the interest of the buyers but also makes sure that the employees are not mistreated by the consumers. Any sort of unusual comment or language can be easily spotted and the purchaser can be reprimanded for the behaviour. The recorded conversation acts as a testimony and can clarify the point.

• It is also essential that the confidential information of any business is kept secured and no compromises are made when it comes to personal details of the client.

8. No Personal Calls

• It is essential that the private calls are left at the minimum while in office. This helps the employees to concentrate better on the customers and their work. A recording feature allows the company to reduce the unwanted personal calls of the worker, giving him no time to indulge in office gossip and idle chit-chats. This results in proper utilization of time and increases productivity.

9. Training the agents

• This is probably one of the most important advantages of having a recording software. This enables the managers to keep a tab on the calls of the worker and rank them accordingly. The system usually has a simple mechanism through which you can easily categorise the successful call as well as an ineffective one.

• This information can be then imported while having group discussions and can be used to pinpoint to the agents their strengths as well as their weakness. The employees can listen to their own calls and can discuss with the managers on how they can improve their interactions.

• It is essential that training sessions are arranged periodically and the workers are given a chance to analyze their recording as well as their colleagues. This facilitates co-learning between them. With an outbound call center software, it is possible for the employees to have a look at their previous calls and replay them whenever they wish to.

10. Campaign Management

• Having a recording software allows the managers to keep a close check on how the campaigns are shaping up with the customers. It helps them to analyze whether the strategy is working or not. It gives them a chance to understand whether the client is attracted to the promotional offers or not.

• This is usually tracked by checking the response of the patron while he is on call, specifically to certain parts of the script. It also helps them to gauge how effective the campaign is and whether the callers are promoting it effectively.

11. Satisfies Compliance Standards

• These days compiling with legal standards and government regulations is a must. Compliance has become a major concern for businesses today, especially when the business is in the financial, legal, insurance or health sector. The law demands that these industries record their conversations and all verbal communications are kept under constant scrutiny. The recording feature allows these businesses to comply with the standard regulations without much effort.

12. Brings in Transparency

• Negative feedback is disliked by all. Hence, the admin needs to be extra careful while pointing out flaws. Often, it is better to couple both good and bad response on the call with substantiating proofs. The recorded footage of their audio shows the callers their mistakes and also brings in transparency as they cannot be charged with anything that is unfair. Everything is mapped and stored. Hence, precision is brought into the picture.

• Example: While listening to the audio file of a caller, the executive realises that a particular employee usually became rude with the purchasers when they asked too many questions about the product. When pointed out, the representative became defensive and refused to believe the manager. However, after the administrator made him listen to his own calls, he realised that the issue actually existed. After this, both the agent, as well as the management, made attempts to resolve the problem.

With its ability to provide coaching to the employees, the application improves the efficiency and productivity levels of the agents. It also contributes in providing analytics and business metrics which helps the admin to identify the places where improvement is needed thus contributing to the profit making capacity of the organisations

Any kind of network system is a huge financial investment. With footage easily available, the managers can now find out cues about how both the parties are triggered during the conversation. Different solutions are developed in various manners. Hence, it is important that the outbound calling software should be purchased only after careful consideration of your business needs instead of the market trends. Here are a few pointers and must have in a call recording program.

1. Scalable

• It is necessary that the solution is scalable and grows with the organisation. While looking for a call recording application, it is essential that you pay close attention to the capacity and storage. Choose an application that allows you to expand or contract depending on the call volumes, the workforce strength, the number of teams and departments.

• It is important that you think in terms of long-terms investment and benefits while making the purchase.

2. Navigable UI

• It is important that the interface is simple and does not confuse the manager. The recording solution should have a clear and easy interface that can be easily managed by the supervisor. An easy-to-use interface gives the management a complete picture about all the conversations that are happening and helps them to identify which caller is attending to which purchaser. The more user friendly the interface is, the better navigable it will be.

3. Call tagging

• It is essential that the program eases the workload of the employee as well as the manager. With a multiple number of phone interactions each day and hundreds of callers attending to them, it becomes very challenging for the management to sort them all.

• Therefore, it is necessary that an application that can categorise the callers and tag them accordingly must be deployed. Tagging the calls not only makes the identification simpler but also helps the admin to single out the workers who need personal attention. It helps them to segment the workers depending on name, department or team.

4. Faster Search Capabilities

• The operating system must be a time saver and robust. A call center is a place which is very chaotic with a lot of pressure on callers as well as management. Hence, an application that is fast and can work with relatively high speed needs to be chosen.

• There must be a trouble-free way to scan through the calls, tagging as well as categorising. The ability to isolate bad calls quickly allows the admin to exercise more control as well as increases productivity.

With the best telemarketing software, the company can use multiple features of monitoring as well as evaluation and can use real-world conversations and call documentation resulting in maximum customer efficiency, excellent agent services and increased revenue.