Top 10 Ways To Build Customer Trust

Any organization knows that building trust takes time.

The marketplace of today is quite different from what it was a decade ago.

With the advent of advanced technology and innovations in call center software, customer service system has also undergone a massive change.

Competition has become stiffer and nowadays having just a good quality product on the shelf and giving few advertisements in the media is not enough to attract the attention.

To go ahead of the competition a brand has no other option but to win the trust of the consumers.

Have you wondered what makes it difficult to sell a particular product?

The absence of brand awareness and trust in a company are two primary things that make selling a lot of hard work.

Experts say that the companies with great customer relationships do not need to try slippery business gimmicks such as special treatment, fee cuts, and discounts.

It is a common observation that customers do not buy the brand they do not trust.

Despite the sales gurus hankering after selling by convincing, persuading and winning, most of the companies do not win by such strategies and end up frustrating the customers.

In this way, the brands lose more credibility than winning their trust.

In the absence of trust, the company has no option but to pack up and go home.

But building customer trust is certainly doable if you focus on three core competencies of work: consistency, transparency, and service.

Here are the top 10 proven ways to build customer trust:

1. Make Your Online Presence Look Genuine

It is a general experience that a tacky, dull and shabby website is an immediate turn-off.

More importantly, websites with exaggerated messages supporting brand promotions can also make the viewers leave your site instantly without exploring the product pages.

Today’s buyers are sharp and knows exactly how a genuine website looks.

So, if you are seriously interested in attracting them, keep the design and the overall content genuine and real.

You do not have to invest thousands in creating a highly aesthetic website design.

Just focus on creating an easily navigable, contemporary website with good visuals and graphics that will entice the viewers and tempt them to stay longer and check out your products and offers.

2. Humanize With ‘Storytelling’

“About Us” page is an integral part of all the websites through which you tell the viewers who you are.

But most of the audience nowadays skip that part, as the overall matter is just technical and there is no creativity in it. You can change that by introducing your company’s information through storytelling on the company’s official social media accounts.

You can elaborate in detail about your team; tell about the team members individually, add photographs, their qualifications, make your team members tweet often about the company events.

Also, keep on updating the holidays and celebrations in your company and relate stories of individuals/achievers that are inspiring or humorous.

Support a cause and exhibit your contribution through pictures and details.

So, in a nutshell, find out ways to connect with the audience in a personal way.

3. Transparency Is Important

There are so many businesses that have failed to get the right response from the customers simply because they could not provide transparency in their dealings.

Experts say that transparency should come naturally in every aspect and working of a company.

Today’s clients and customers are tech-savvy and smart enough to evaluate when you are telling the truth and when you are keeping up a front to hide it.

Certainly, it is difficult to remain honest at every level, but if your company makes honesty the policy of its working then, in the long term it will be much easier to attract the loyal customers.

Instead of hiding mistakes, if a company comes out in the open and accepts its mistake, the customers will appreciate it.

And if you keep on playing games, the scenario will become worse and you may end up losing whatever customer trust you have built over the years.

Remember, it is never easy to crawl back and build the same trust for your brand after losing it.

4. Use Content Generated By Users

User-generated content can serve as a powerful tool for building trust.

Here are a few methods that you can employ:

Ask For Testimonials And Reviews From Customers:

Testimonials are not trusted much these days because many companies in the past misused this tool by posting fake testimonials themselves on their official sites.

So, the customers of today will not trust if you simply post the testimonials.

You will have to make them look authentic by doing it right the first time itself.

For that add links  to the trusted reviews sites.

You can tempt customers to post a genuine review on the review site by offering an incentive for their post.

Later on, post the review with the link from the reviews site which will confirm that it has come from a trusted review organization and is genuine.

You can also ask a third-party company to verify your testimonials and confirm that they have come from actual customers.

These practices confirm that the reviews and testimonials are legitimate.

Getting Photos And Stories From Happy Customers:

Study says that photos and stories from happy customers increase the trust of the viewers on your brand.

So, whenever possible try to post a happy customer story to increase the trust levels.

There are many companies who liberally use the pictures of their customers with happy faces on social media channels or using the items they have bought.

Ask your followers to make comments on the pictures on your social media site.

Positive comments enhance your online presence and also encourage more customers to try out your product.

5. Offering Personalized Customer Service

One of the biggest issues customers have with the brands is lack of personal attention.

Every customer expects you to attend them personally, listen to their complaints carefully and deal with the overall issue with promptness.

Here are a few ways in which you can satisfy your customers:

• It is better to have an automated customer service option on your website.

How does it help?

It will solve a lot of your problems and will reduce the burden on the customer care agents.

When you have an automated customer care option, such as a customer service page, the customers can use the self-service options instead of calling and punching buttons.

Such an arrangement can be used for various issues, ‘for example’, for having a pre-paid mailing label printed, or if a customer wants to return an item, and so on.

• The next tip is to request feedback as well as comments from the customers on site as well as on the social media pages. It is essential that you check them every day and respond immediately to the complaints and issues on the same platform.

It is one way of showing your readers that you are always ready to solve their issues and care for them.

It will naturally build trust between your brand and the customers.

6. Offering Great Service

The Concerto Marketing Group and Research Now survey says that when customers have the trust in a particular brand, around 83% recommend the trusted company to others and 82% will continue using the same brand.

As a brand owner, you must keep one thing in mind that at times customers may not speak about the great service you are offering, but one mistake and you will hear them disgruntling about the lapses.

So, to build trust, there is no other alternative but to provide great service.

Of course, there are days when you try everything possible but things do not work the way you want them to.

But such occasions are rare.

You must strive for timeliness, responsiveness and go beyond the expectations.

  7. Displaying Certifications,Badges

Ratings, certifications, and badges from established authorities can certainly work wonders in improving the worth of your brand.

Is your business regionally, nationally, or locally based?

Display the certifications and badges that you have received at your level at a prominent place on the website.

Recognition’s, awards and certifications do matter a lot because consumers do give a good amount of importance to such things.

Importantly, customers feel better when they are doing business with such companies and can do a lot by creating brand awareness through mouth publicity.

8. Providing Payment Security

Using plastic cards to shop online and offline is quite common nowadays.

But in the absence of third-party vendor, customers may not trust you to provide their financial or personal information.

They certainly would not like to publicize details of their transactions.

That is why; lately you will find many companies offering payment options through Stripe or PayPal or even provide badges that guarantees the security.

Adding such world-recognized payment processors in the loop during transactions ensures that the transaction is authentic and the personal details of the customers are secured.

Similarly, when you ask the customers to provide their email id for setting up an account or subscribing to the newsletter, you must make sure that your website carries policies.

The policies should indicate that the personal information of the customers is secured with you and is never shared with a third-party.

9. Update Social Media Posts Regularly

Make sure that you update your social media platforms regularly with latest details, posts, and pictures.

If the customers find out that your social media accounts look outdated or neglected, they may think that your company is going down.

Customers never want to associate with companies that are doing bad business or are going down.

So, you must post recent activities, events and even if there is any bad news because the customers are going to learn about it from any other source.

Being respectful at every step, talking positively about competition, failures, and success with equal honesty contributes to building the trust of the customers on your brand.

Importantly, a company must always avoid trash-talk and belittling the competitors.

The posts should build up your image as a brand that believes in keeping its promises by doing constructive work and introducing innovations and creativity by updating the products or introducing the new ones at a regular interval.

And finally, just because it is a social media you should not make fake promises.

Even if your competitors are announcing new schemes and freebies, follow what your company can afford and while doing so always adhere to the company’s policy.

10. Consistency Makes The Difference

Whether a customer will trust you or not depends a lot on how you behave.

Are your persistent and consistent over the time?

When customers trust you, they predict your behavior and confidently promote your product among the friends and family members.

Great service and consistency goes hand in hand.

Business-wise consistency is applicable to every aspect of working:

• Equivalent levels of service from the employees

• Sales team equipped with necessary tools that can provide answers and solutions to all the queries and problems of the customers

• Keeping the products and services in the course for a long time instead of making changes and going after tactics frequently

• Creating parameters for determining whether your marketing strategies are giving a result or not, whether they are viable in the current scenario and if not what possible changes you should make in the strategy.

Consistency should be the core principle of all the organizations with leaders following it religiously.

Or else it is not surprising that the employees are inconsistent in their performance.

For example, if the leaders have a habit of missing meetings or coming late to the meetings, employees too can develop the same habit so much, that it can become a trademark of behavior in a company.


Building customer trust takes efforts.

It is not as easy as maintaining solid business relationships.

You want the customers or clients to like you and it is possible only if you deliver what you promise.

One of the best ways to do it is by being available all the time.

It can be possible if you use the latest call center solutions.

With the support from best call center software, you can develop trust in the minds of your customers as you can serve them 24/7 even from the remote locations.

Importantly, the customer care department using call center software solutions can focus on the main aspect of answering the queries of the customers as features such as call history, call recording, and more readily deliver them with the necessary information.

Needless to say, a company has no other option but to work hard but with support from telemarketing software and with the right strategy a company is sure to get repeat business, and more referrals.