Top 10 Tips To Increase Customer Loyalty With Live Chat

For any business or company, the customer forms the lifeline of the organization. Why, you ask? Let’s first sum up the various benefits of keeping a customer happy. First and most importantly, a customer is one of the best agents for public relations of the company. Think about it, when a customer buys something from you or maybe avails of a service you provide, they come to you with certain expectations including product quality as well as customer support. Using tools like modern contact center software solutions helps you meet those expectations. This leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the customer. In return, the customer would be telling their peers and friends about the amazing service you’ve provided and the superb. Naturally, that results in word of mouth publicity and an increase in the number of customers.

Like a chain reaction, your sales also increase. Obviously, since more revenue would be generated which is also good for business. You’ve managed to impress the customer having followed all customer support ethics and tips down to the last detail- well done! Now comes the hard part. That would be maintaining the harmonious relationship with the customer. You want the customer to keep coming back don’t you? You want the customer to give you another chance to serve them. Well then, you’ll have to give them something that keeps them hooked to you. Why else should they pick you over someone else? What is it about you that’s so special?

This is known as customer loyalty and unless you master this art, it would be impossible for your business to thrive. Keep in mind that customers are pretty fickle minded. The moment they think that your service is deteriorating or you’re not meeting their expectations, they wouldn’t think twice about leaving you and moving on. And it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. With advancement in science and technology, there are loads of new techniques that can be used to improve customer via modern customer contact center software solutions. Customers are always looking for something new and out of the box which would benefit them.

One such important aspect of cloud customer service software would have to be live chat. Live chat basically allows your agents to talk to your customers in real time unlike the traditional medium of phone calls where the customer has to hold for a while for your agents to be free. But here, as soon as a customer opts for live chat, he or she will be connected to the agent. This is particularly useful in the case of ecommerce companies. In the online stores, the customer is unable to contact the store or the site directly if he or she runs into trouble or wants to cancel the order. Instead of calling the customer support, or sending them an email to which they may or may not get a reply, it is always better to go for live chat since you’ll be getting help almost instantly.

Below we have provided you with a case study, which shows you how live chat can help you reach the heights you deserve. But in the meantime, here’s a list of a few tips which would convince you about the benefits of love chat and also tell you how to use it –

1) Going the extra mile

When you think of cloud contact center solutions, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You immediately think that you’ll have to track down the customer support number, call them, wait for them to pick up the call, hold for a while for the agents to become available and then get bounced around from agent to agent trying to find a solution to your problem. Isn’t this all a huge hassle? But you could go the extra mile to satisfy your customers by introducing live chat. Here, there’s no question of holding or waiting because your agents would be chatting with your customers in real time. The rest of the process is the same. You will still have to come up with solutions to the queries and doubts the customer has, only you’ll be communicating them via chat. You can also make recommendations and help them out.

2) Training your agents

You might be the one who’s in charge of customer care at your company, but your agents are the ones who would be dealing with the customers. Naturally, you should both train and empower them enough to do a great job. In live chat too, you’ll have to follow a set of rules. You can’t use obscene or offensive language, you need to be polite and courteous at all times and so on and so forth. These are the very basics of customer care which your agents are already familiar with. Through the chat feature embedded within today’s cloud based call center solutions, the agents would be directing the customer to their required solutions. What you can do is use quality measurement metrics to make sure the agents are doing what they are supposed to.

3) Listen to your customers

In this case, the same principle applies for both the traditional practices and the new ones. You will have to really listen to your customers. Put yourself in their shoes and think from their point of view. How would you feel if you poured your heart out to someone when you’re in trouble and need help, and they reply in a vague manner? Not good, right? It’s the same thing here. You need to show empathy in the way you’re chatting with the customer and show them that you’re really concerned. Listen to their problem, understand what they’re trying to say and come up with solutions accordingly. Also, you shouldn’t stop till the customer is satisfied. If one solution doesn’t work, you’re expected to come up with every solution possible till one of then actually works.

4) Making it convenient for the customers

You see, in the case of traditional call center software solutions, a customer could easily reach out to the call center agents with one phone call. However, it does take some time for a customer to reach out out to a customer support agent in the middle of buying the product or availing of the service. For example, if they’re shopping online and they have some queries regarding the price of the product or the deals they’re getting, they need to contact an agent immediately and clarify their doubts. With the live chat option they can clarify their doubts right in the middle of some purchase. That makes it convenient for everyone involved.

5) You would be saving both time and money

This is one of the most important benefits of using live chat as part of your customer care. Since you’re offering live chat, there would be no need of phone calls. That would mean that you’re avoiding all kinds of overhead costs. Plus, with live chat, you do not need too many agents. You can just have a few agents who would be handling all the customers. As a matter of fact, one agent is capable of handling more than one customer at the same time. That certainly enhances the power of the outbound calling solution. That would be saving time too! Since this is chat, the agents wouldn’t have trouble while juggling all the different customers simultaneously.

6) Keep an account of your working hours

Look, if you’re in charge of the customer care of an online store in some remote corner of the world, the chances are, most of your customers will be international. Also, most companies today opt for outbound call center software because that’s easier and cheaper. So if you’re one of the outsourced call centres, then you’ll have to make sure you know when the site is maximum active. At what time of the day are most customers online? You cannot go by the time of the zone you’re in! And that’s why, conventional working hours may not be applicable here. You will have to keep that in mind while you train your agents to handle live chat.

7) Use agents who have sales experience

Most contact centers would be using agents who have sufficient expertise in customer care. While that’s absolutely fine and actually commendable, you could make the smarter decision and hire agents who have worked for a while in the field of sales. The sales people have been trained in such a way that they are driven by an urge to increase your sales rates. Since the customer would be reaching out to your agents in a dilemma in the middle of a purchase, they are vulnerable and likely to buy more than they need to. Your agents thus get the upper hand and may even direct the customer in such a way that it leads to more sales.

8) Incorporating social media

If you’re actually using live chat in your contact centers, it would be safe to assume that you and your agents are pretty tech savvy. That’s why you should incorporate social media into your strategies. Your call center agents would be getting reviews online if they have managed to impress the customer with their efficient service and that would be good for business. Most customers today have an account in at least one of the social media platforms. And it’s important that you stay one step ahead at all times.

9) The chat features you offer

In the present day and age, no customer would be impressed with a basic chat service. You need to give them something more. Include some interesting and helpful chat features as a part of your service too. For example, they should be able to change the size of the font if the need arises. Some customers might even want to keep a record of the chat for future reference in case there is some kind of confusion. Then it is your duty to make that happen. Also, your agents should be prepared to handle any volume of chat. There might come a point when each of your agents is handling say, five to six customers at one time. It might even be more than that! Make sure your agents are trained for such situations and that they do not get flustered.

10) Choosing a live chat package

Given the increasing popularity of live chat within a cloud contact center software now, there are hundreds of packages that might be of use to you. But before you take the plunge, make sure you’re getting the right package. The live chat package you choose should be providing you with a bunch of features at comparatively low prices. Also, it should come with a simple interface. If it’s difficult to use, both your agents and customers would find it difficult to navigate through. Plus, the live chat package you choose should be easy to integrate into the built of your website. Otherwise, what’s the whole point?

Aviva: A lesson in live chat customer care


Here’s the case study that we had promised to you that will help you understand how live chat customer care can help your business grow and thrive. The brand name of Aviva shouldn’t require separate introduction. If you don’t know about it, here’s a brief introduction. Aviva is one of the major companies in Europe that deals with life and also pension products. Apart from Europe, Aviva has made its presence felt in the market globally as well. Aviva mainly deals in general insurance, fund management and long term savings. With hundreds of customers all around the world, it was important for Aviva to develop a round the clock customer care that would help increase both sales and customer loyalty.

Aviva needed an integrated IT support for all the employees spread out across the world. They needed a contact center support that would be always available to their employees any time they faced some technical issues. They scoured through all the available options in contact support and finally decided upon WhosOn live chat system. After having gone through all the different live chat providers in the market, Aviva decides upon WhosOn because to them, this company seemed the most reliable and efficient. The live chat system made it easier for the employees to communicate with IT support staff in case of any difficulties no matter how trivial they may be.

The final outcome

The countless benefits of introducing live chat cannot even be anticipated. The same thing happened to Aviva, as a matter of fact. With live chat now at their fingertips, Aviva employees could easily consult the agents handing the IT support and approach them in the case of crises or emergencies. They didn’t have to wait around for the agents to become available as they were bounced around from call to call. Instead, they opted for the live chat option which gave them instant support. More importantly, the employees were able to consult the agents in the middle of an issue before taking the plunge. That made their work a whole lot easier.

According to Aviva’s records, at least 77% of the total number of employees have made use of the live chat option. Also, this has greatly reduced their technical costs. Now, a majority of their employees prefer the live chat system which are an improvement on the traditional systems that were prevalent before.

If you’re still reading this, it can be assumed that Aviva’s success story has convinced you to get your own live chat system. With this new and cool system, you too could become a customer service hero. The main goal here is to keep up customer loyalty and one of the major ways of doing that would have to be using live chat. If you’re using such an advanced system, customers are sure to be impressed by your dedication to customer care. And there is nothing more customers love than dedicated agents. If you haven’t tried out live chat customer care already, then what are you waiting for? You could follow the example of Aviva and see how it works wonders for your business too.

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