How Tentacle a telecalling software can help you grow your business – An infographic

Every business wants a breakthrough that will help it to grow. Tentacle, a telecalling software can help you to grow your business by reducing the sales cycles and increasing the number of follow ups on every client which can offer good amount of business.

This telecalling software can help you handle your sales team from across the globe and also increase their efficiency by servicing more clients through the following features.

how tentecle helps

Today we present an info graphic on the numerous ways in which Tentacle can help you to grow. Tentacle, the revolutionary new telecalling software can help you in the following manner:

Dramatically Increase Productivity

Focused calling, work flow and standard dispositions ensure consistent calling, with a drastic increase in number of calls per agent per shift.

Holistic Performance Reports

Monitor efficiencies of Campaigns/Lists real time. Focus energies on Data that produces conversion. Monitor Agents real time and motivate them to perform better.

Standardized Reponses

Agents are forced to use standard dispositions, which makes calling analysis easy and helps in deciding whether a campaign/list is worth perusing. Admin can customize the list of valid responses for each campaign.

Data Security

Only single active record available for calling agent – No risk of holistic data exposure. Physically and logically secured data center using best of breed technologies

Monitoring Follow up & Prioritization

Monitor agents and know whose leads never mature. Prioritize leads, which are more likely to close. Never miss calling up a lead when they give you a time preference. Call history to a lead with a click of a button helps customize pitch.

Wrong Number Management and De duplication

Never call the wrong number over and over again and waste time. Tentacle allows you to mark bad numbers to prevent wasted effort. Never call the same contact twice accidentally for the same purpose

Individual Agnostic Calling

Allocate/ Reallocate calls or follow-ups. Great way to never lose past efforts when tele callers are on leave or leave suddenly

Apart from the above top ways in which Tentacle can help you, there are many other features such as appointment scheduling, calendar and meeting management that can be performed through Tentacle. So, what are you waiting for? Get this revolutionary new telecalling software today!

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