How Telemarketing Software Reviews are Important?


Telemarketing has become an integral part of many businesses and hence the telemarketing software reviews are of great importance. The field of telemarketing has now become quintessential for the expansion of companies. It is one of the most direct and inexpensive ways of reaching potential customers, converting them into leads and then making them regular customers.

What Should You Look for in a Software for Telemarketing?

Essential features to be present in the software include:

• Provide process and momentum to the direct marketing campaign

• Allows direct, one-on-one communication with like-minded prospects

• Records prospect history

• Supports training

• Enables Agent to send out necessary documents immediately (e.g. product brochures)

How Can Telemarketing Software Reviews help you?

A review of a software can assist you in many ways.

1. Introduces you to the pros and cons in the software

• Buyers read telemarketing reviews available online and even from research-oriented journals.

• Being influenced by incorrect sources (e.g. the sale person of a telemarketing software company) would result in buying a software that is unsuitable for their telemarketing needs.

• Authentic telemarketing software reviews educate you about the pros and cons of each software. Reviews posted by genuine analysts in the telemarketing field are likely to be genuine and real.

2. Emphasizes the Benefits of Automated System

• Telemarketing reviews emphasize the benefits of using different automated telemarketing systems. This helps companies in making the correct selection because of different company sizes, market segments and business processes.

• In general, the best are exceptionally few and have their benefits outlined in the review and help your sales team to identify the one that suits your requirement.

3. Complex Things Made Simple

• Each business enterprise has varied requirements and needs an appropriate system to gain benefit and efficiency.

• Incorporating varied business processes within its features and benefits and thereby simplifying the entire process for the Client is an important part of a marketing software.

• A suitable review on telemarketing software enables you to understand what to expect from software for fulfilling your needs.

Case Study: 1


Client: Leading American HVAC Company

The customer was a leading American HVAC Company, who for the first time wanted to use telemarketing tools to conduct their lead generation and improve conversion rates.

Problem: The customer wanted to increase footfalls and number of installations across the country. Lately, it was faced with little customer enquiry and demand. The need was to reach out to homeowners, make active calls, inform them about the services offered by the company and generate a response for upgrading their cooling or heating systems.

Solution: Timing was of great essence since the business mostly peaks just at the start of the winter. Hence, the company chose an outbound telemarketing software with features to generate better leads and make maximum conversions possible.

The company first invested in a cloud-based telemarketing system so no time was lost for installation of any hardware or software. The software included features such as live reports, call tracking, campaign monitoring, call recording on the mobile, uploading and managing data and more. The company trained its agents so that they could skillfully handle the software and came up with a business continuity plan for its marketing project.

Result: The Company was able to reach out to most of its prospects through its database made easily accessible by the software. It enabled its agents to call every prospect and provide information about various offers such as festive offers, season’s discounts (etc.) with a short duration. Apart from generating leads and increasing sales for the company, the other tangible benefits included:

• Significant cost savings

• Quick turnaround time

• Enhancing customer loyalty

Case Study: 2


Client: Industrial Ceramic Manufacturers

The client, a prominent industrial ceramic manufacturer with a good hold over the UK market, now wanted to venture into the German market and was looking for a way to generate sales leads for its marketing team.

Problem: Although the Company’s brand was well known in the European market, it was necessary to highlight the reasons to switch over to the new brand in order to grab users of existing German brands. For this, the company needed a software that would give its marketing team the list of customers who have been searching for new ceramic dealers or manufacturers, or had some problems with their earlier manufacturer and are on the brink of making a switchover in their loyalty.

Solution: The Company quickly got itself one of the best telemarketing software for managing its marketing and sales campaign. Through the call history and the database, the company came up with a list of prospect customers and conducted a telemarketing campaign for six months. Since the company was a new entrant to the German market, it was keen on keeping overheads low by keeping manpower and investment as minimal as possible. The software helped the company hire home-workers who could offer service at minimum rates and complete the campaign without increasing the cost.

Result: Thus, the company was able to conduct its campaign within its budget without installing any new infrastructure or engaging office space. This saved time, helped to evaluate the expected response from the German market and also plan its strategy forward, based on the available leads and prospect customers.

Case Study: 3

Business people working in headsets

Client: A Safety Helmet Supplier

The client is a supplier of safety helmets who has been selling only through distributors and does not have any direct access to the end-customer. However, to increase its profit margin and develop brand recognition for its product, the Client now wanted to conduct a direct sales campaign nationwide.

Problem: The main problem the client faced was that it did not have any credit or reputation in the market. It required a strong and convincing marketing campaign with correct messaging so that the prospects could be convinced to purchase the safety helmets and other innovative products.

Solution: The client got itself one of the best outbound telemarketing software. The cloud-based system did not require any installation and minimal training was needed for the company’s marketing staff. The campaign was initiated to find potential customers for the new products and the existing customers were tracked through the database and were convinced to try the new headgears as a trial. Consumer adoption was not easy, but was driven by the special features of the software such as customized reports, live call recordings, analysis, campaign monitoring and data synchronization.

Result: The campaign was conducted for almost a year and was successful in giving the company a direct introduction and access to the customers. The main aim of the company to convince the prospects about using its new products and to establish credit in the market by picking up the latest inclinations and trends favored by the customers through the database.

As seen, any company looking to establish a presence, generate sales and develop brand recognition is greatly helped by investing in the best telemarketing software in India.