How Telemarketing Software Helps The Outbound Marketing Campaign

The telemarketing field is a highly competitive landscape.

With the coming up of new software that generates leads and magically sells themselves many people think that high-tech marketing campaigns conducted entirely via interactive social media are only effective today. outbound marketing campaign to bring warm leads then followed by the internal sales representatives.

Big companies and organizations have been successful

But in reality, most of the successful companies still believe in using an in improving their sales using the outbound software and implementing the ideal mix of its features such as effective e-mail marketing, direct marketing, and B2B marketing.

To understand how telemarketing software can help in making the outbound marketing campaign a big success let us discuss a case study.

Case Study

Facts, when proved with evidence, make more impact and you tend to believe it more than any other thing.

And this particular case study will just make you understand the importance of outbound telemarketing software in promoting business growth and improving the revenue.

Outbound calling feature is an important part of this software as it plays a major role in the analysis and data collection process.

Here we are discussing the case study of Nevile Solutions, a telemarketing firm that provides call center services to big organizations as well as small businesses and startups.

The case study will reflect upon the situation and issues in the company and the challenges it faced and exactly which solutions helped it to overcome those challenges and emerge successful at the end.

The Problem

Nevile Solutions was always known for providing great customer service to its customers.

The company started off easily connecting with small businesses and enterprising firms that were more interested in attracting the local clients.

To promote the local products the company used various call center software features such as direct marketing, e-mail marketing, and B2B marketing.

And since the audience of the clients was limited, such campaigning methods worked for Nevile Solutions.

Then, a major client who had a national and international presence signed a contract with Nevile Solutions.

The client wanted an efficient customer service support for its consumers located across the globe.

The demand was to ensure round the clock availability so that all the customers received the response efficiently.

Since the client expected wider reach it was the time that Nevile Solutions think of a powerful strategy to carry out this huge demand.

It was not going to be easy for the call center company as until now it had worked with clients with limited expectations who required the company to target a specific set of audience.

This particular client was expecting much more and hence the company needed a well-planned strategy to fulfill this justified demand.

The problem was that Nevile Solutions did not have an adequate staff nor did it have expert front-line agents who knew how to handle the various call center solutions that could help them carry out such demand efficiently and within the specified time-frame.

It was a trying period for the company whose managerial heads then decided to carry out a study that would help them in understanding what exactly was clicking in the customer service field.

They hired a study team who studied the various features and factors that made the leading organizations in the customer support service field so successful.

The study revealed:

• The big companies were using the best call center software that offered various outbound calling features including autodialer, predictive dialing, progressive dialer, preview dialer along with other regular features such as call recordings, database collection, and purchase history and much more.

• The solutions used by the competitors provided a range of customizable dialing modes so that the call center managers could align it with the company’s call center needs.

• The competitors had a trained staff of expert agents who knew how to handle even the trickiest situation and convince the caller at the other end.

• These big call center companies had balanced their budget and reduced the expenses required for infrastructure and office space by hiring several remote agents who worked from home on a freelance basis.

These companies worked with them on a project-wise basis and did not pay them whenever there was not enough work.

• This kept the overload of expenses under control.


After reviewing the study report Nevile Solutions decided to make a few changes to its working style.

The company decided to invest in the finest call center solutions that offered all the latest features of the outbound calling so that the company could plan a highly effective marketing campaign.

Similarly, the company decided to hire a few expert agents located in remote locations who would be working especially to tackle the difficult issues.

The software was customized in such a way that the most difficult customers’ calls were automatically routed to these expert customer service agents.

The company started using various dialer features to evaluate the agent-customer contact ratio as well their performance during the call, call drop issues etc.

Using all these features the company could pinpoint the exact loopholes and accordingly fixed the issues immediately.

With the help of automated outbound calling bulk broadcasting was carried out using the telemarketing feature of the software.

This software collected data about the customers and helped in categorization and creation of relevant calling lists based on the product characteristics.

Due to this the message reached out to a large number of people and especially to those who were more likely to invest in the product based on their purchase history, customer profiles and interests shown.

The patterns and trends of the customer-behavior were identified through data accumulation and analysis to understand the sort of call volumes that can be expected at different times.



After the implementation of all these features, the company could provide outstanding customer care service to its new international clients.

With the help of the advanced contact center software, Nevile Solutions targeted only those customers who were more interested in buying the product of its clients.

It thus ensured that most of the calls were converted into sales.

Thus, with the effective use of the contact center software, Nevile Solutions could really make the most of its outbound marketing campaign.


How Telemarketing Software Save Time & Money?

In today’s competitive world, you cannot succeed without promoting your product or service.

Aggressive advertising and promotion hence are an important part of any marketing campaign.

And in this world of technology where advanced communication methods are used so that the tech-savvy netizens are allured, no company can afford to overlook the advantages of using the telemarketing campaigns as their best tool.

It is a proven fact that right approach, right strategies when executed with the help of latest technology can give the expected results.

That is why you will find most of the companies lately relying on advanced telemarketing software to ensure that they do not fall behind when it comes to their marketing skills.

To understand how such advanced software can help you save time and money simultaneously delivering high-results let us take into consideration the case of a telemarketing company.

Case Study

The telemarketing company that we are discussing was well known for providing customer surveys, B2B lead generations, appointment settings, periodic renewal, and email marketing.



Over the years, the company had managed to add several regular clients to its portfolio.

But in the past few years, there were no new additions to its lists of clienteles.

Similarly, the existing clients too were cutting off work or seemed dissatisfied with the services offered by the company.

It was quite clear that the company was struggling to manage its existing clients and was finding it difficult to allure the new companies simply because the company lacked the right technology to manage or track or monitor calls.

Hence, the telemarketing company was lacking in the ability to handle daily operations and was certainly in need of the call center software.

Mere use of landlines to communicate with the customers and tracking the database on the excel sheets was not cutting in. Since the company was not keeping the record efficiently, the clients were irked and some even threatened to cancel the contract.

Misdialed numbers led to wasted time.

Moreover the company was still wasting time in preparing manual report which was certainly time-consuming.

To top it all, the company had limited budget and could not invest in more staff which was also the reason for poor performance by the company’s front-line department.

Since such reports were not backed by authentic figures, they did not seem convincing and authentic to the clients.

The board of directors of the telemarketing company decided to find out what exactly was holding back their success and how they could improve to retain their existing clients.

To get to the bottom of the whole thing, the directors decided to carry out a survey as well as face-to-face discussion with the clients to understand their cause of dissatisfaction.

The survey result revealed:

1. The telemarketing company was using backdated telecommunication software which did not offer any help when it came to call recordings, call drops or maintaining purchase history due to which the work of the agents doubled and tripled as they had to start from zero whenever a call was to be made.

2. The technology the company was using was general that did not allow 24/7 customer support facility or work-from-remote location type of facility.

3. Absence of cloud-based communication system was creating all types of problems for the telemarketing company due to which it was unable to deliver quality service.


After the survey results revealed the weak points in the working of the company the directors decided to check out the best call center software for the company.

They found out that cloud-based software was the best software that offered several benefits including:

• Availability both on-premise and on the cloud

• Convenient outbound calling and product selling in short period

• 24/7 availability with access around the world within moments

• Easy operating requirements

• Facility of outbound telemarketing calling, call logs, call reports and history

• In-built CRM with world-wide access through cloud-based system

• Voice mail

• Call queue

• More flexibility with the option to use mobile phone for the operations

• Employee extensions

The best telemarketing software also offered several other wonderful features including:

• Making calls from the CRM platform with a single click

• Agent management

• Prior information about the customers before placing the call

• Email marketing and invoicing

• Call rescheduling based on remarks and priority

• Document management

• Employee chat

• Video conferencing

• Workforce management

• Invoices and quotes

Once the directors studied the features of the call center solutions used by its competitors, they
decided to start using it.

• With the introduction of the new software the company started getting positive results within a few months.

And the company could get this result without hiring new staff or paying extra amount for that impeccable service its clients were expecting.

• The call recordings ensured that the clients received authentic data and reports which were also a proof of the dedicated working by the company’s staff.

• The preview dialing features that allowed the agents an insight into the profile of the prospects prior to the calls ensured that calls were made to only those customers who were ready to purchase thereby reducing time spent in pursuing non-responsive customers.

• With the auto-dialing feature, no time was wasted in finding new leads due to which the agents could work efficiently and the productivity of each agent increased.

• The company now could easily track the progress of the agent by checking the automated and call monitoring report.

• Since time required to complete the task was reduced, the same number of agents could complete the work in less time thereby eliminating the need to hire more employees and saving a lot of money for the telemarketing company.


Thus, the telemarketing company now could provide the most efficient and quality service to all of its clients without compromising its budget in any way using the best call center software solutions.

Increase in efficiency and quality ensured that the staff could work more and in a much better way opening doors for more workload from the new clients.

So, with the new software, the telemarketing company could now not only save time and money but also was able to increase its productivity.


How Telemarketing Software Amplify Your Sales Team’s Success?

Sales team plays a major role in the success of any business.

Irrespective of the size of an organization the efforts of sales and marketing team is quintessential if any company wants to fulfill its business goals.

To ensure that the sales team continues to come up with the top-class performance it should be provided with necessary tools and advanced software to achieve the high-level of success and creativity.

In today’s competitive world it is the inside sales that have become more important than the outside sales.

And this inside sale is carried out by the front-line staff that provides the customer care support.

There is a heavy competition in all the fields and hence it is highly important that the inside sales team gets the support of latest software that can strengthen its base so that the team can provide efficient and quality service.

Case Study

To understand how telemarketing software can improve the work efficiency of a sales team let us discuss a case study. It will help you to know how using the right advanced technology can improve the results and prepare an atmosphere conducive to business growth within the company.


Here we are discussing a case of a call center company, Xtend that extends support to several insurance and banking organizations.

These organizations have hundreds of customers who invest to cover their health and life risk and also to keep their earnings secured.

The clients of Xtend keep on offering new products annually and also introduce new schemes or extensions in the existing insurance term or bonuses to lure new customers or even to entice the existing ones to continue investing with them.

Interestingly, since these companies offer concept-based products, top-class customer service, that supports after-sales service by the agents of the respective companies is highly essential so that the clients continue to get new business and also retain the existing customers.

Xtend has been using one of the popular call center software in the business and primarily fulfilled the basic requisites of its clients such as telecommuting with the customers, sending them premium reminders, calling them for new policies and bank investment schemes.

Xtend had a good relationship with all its clients since they had a working association of almost a decade.

But lately, it seemed that the clients were favoring other customer care service companies for their new projects which were quite surprising to the Xtend directors.

They could not comprehend as to why the clients were giving the new business to some other call center companies when they were offering the best.

Although, the call center company still retained a major chunk of the business, if such practices continued, soon the clients would divert all the business to some other companies.

That is when the board of directors decided to find out what was making them lose business when they were providing the same level of service they started  10 years ago.

The directors appointed a team of experts to find out the exact reason for the changes in the attitude of the clients.

Firstly the experts discussed the issues with the banking and insurance company heads.

They found out that:

1. Xtend had maintained the same type of service all these years, but now times had changed and their customers were using the latest communication platforms such as live chat, social networking sites, mobile apps and so on for communicating.

2. The other new call center companies were offering all such facilities which increased the customer satisfaction ratio thereby ensuring policy and investment scheme renewals and probabilities of more referrals through them.

3. The call center agents of these companies used special techniques for reaching out to the prospective customers which further increased the sales.

After that, the experts observed the working pattern followed by Xtend and the approach adopted by its front-line staff.

After the observation, the team found out that:

1. The company was seriously in a big trouble as it was using an old software that although was the best when Xtend started but now had become outdated and certainly could not compete with the features that was provided by best call center software.

2. The staff was not using all the features that the software provided and it was because the employees were not properly aware of how to use them.

It meant one thing that they lacked proper training, especially the new employees.

3. The employees lacked the right approach, smartness, and tactfulness that had become an integral part of all the customer service companies.

When the board of directors studied the combined report from the research team they became aware of the loopholes in their working system and decided to take a quick action.


The first and foremost thing the company did is to introduce the latest call center solutions in their working.

But it was just the first step because it was highly important that the agents who were going to use the latest software must be adept with its features and usage.

That is why; Xtend organized a training camp for its front-line staff.

The employees were trained at using the new software.

The company also imparted training to the agents related to the new products, alterations in products and features of the clients.

To ensure that the right information is passed down to the staff, the company organized a weekend session where the sales staff of the clients and its agents handling the customer support and insider sales could interact and understand the issues properly.


Once the agents started using the best telemarketing software, Xtend started getting a positive response.

The company now could offer availability 24/7 across all the latest communications platforms through live-chats, emails, social media presence, and Smartphone apps.

The agents were now using the latest features offered by the software including call recordings, purchase history and predictive dialers for outbound callings thereby ensuring that only interested customers were contacted and less time was spent.

These applications of latest call center software solutions ensured that the customers were attended in a way they wanted and provided the type of service expected of them.

With the increase in the number of satisfied customers, the viewpoint of clients of Xtend also changed and now they decided to once again start giving all the business to the call center company.