How can Telemarketers use a Telemarketing Software for Best ROI on Telesales?


Telemarketing is a modern marketing tool and amongst the most popular Marketing & Sales methods in the modern era.

Given that a lot of verticals such as Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Market Research, Direct Sales Agents (DSAs) and Education (etc.) that use Telemarketing services need to stay connected with their customer base – to upsell, cross sell, renew or upgrades to services – Telemarketing also provides a convenient tool for achieving all these objectives.

Services include:

• Telemarketing Services
• Lead Generation
• Appointment Setting
• Recovery & Collections
• Follow-up
• Market Research and Survey
• Voice Broadcast
• Telephonic Auditing

A key metric for Telemarketing Agencies (TAs) is the number of ‘prospects’ that are called every day, often broken down by hour, time of day (etc.).

For maximum “RoI”, the analysis of efficiencies and client reports include parameters such as:

• No. of calls made everyday
• Average call time
• Comparisons between Telecaller#1 and the company averages etc.

These metrics are further broken into calls below 60 seconds, above 180 seconds etc. to further asses the effectiveness of the pitch.
However, while the above metrics are insightful for both, the client and the TA, there is a lot of ambiguity in its execution.

From the point that a prospect is first called and taken through the complete cycle through to its end result, there are many points that generate data, information, followups, and remarks.

“We still use the phone and Excel printouts”, says the manager of a TA that operates two 200-seater units in Mumbai and Pune. “Some of us do have indigenously developed softwares that help in making the process a little more streamlined but it is not a complete solution”, he says. “We still depend on end-of-day team meetings and individually maintained notes for the days results”

“This creates problems of lack of transparency for the Client, the Telecaller and the TA itself. For example, those calls that go over 180 seconds must have a higher closure rate than those that are below 20 seconds. But I need to wait till the end-of-day download to listen to Call-Recordings. Plus, reports are generated at a time-lag which slows down the entire process of analysis”.

It is precisely because it solves all these problems, that TENTACLE Telemarketing software is making rapid strides in penetrating the TA market. Developed and Marketed by Sunoray Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai TENTACLE is “an entire call–center on your cellphone”. Its features of LIVE Reports, LIVE Call Recordings and the convenience of using it as a Mobile App and/or as a Cloud Software allows a TA to solve many of its core issues all at once.

“I’ve now allocated an hour everyday to listen to Telecaller recordings: since I have the choice of picking those that I want to, I can provide immediate feedback and training to my Telecallers with regards to the quality of their pitch including product features highlighted, tone of voice, pitch, friendliness etc. Tentacle is a great Telemarketing Software!”