Good CRM – The 5 C’s you should follow

Providing good CRM is serious business – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So, how exactly do you go about providing better customer service and relationship management? Well, we simply it foe you – with the 5C’s of good CRM. The 5C’s are: Character Collaboration Commitment Communication Consistency So lets look at each one of […]

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How to provide better service through telecalling – an eight step guide!

Today we present to you an eight step guide on providing better customer service through telecalling. Step 1:  A smile makes a world of difference. As already said by numerous telecalling experts, a warm and friendly voice can be instrumental in disarming even the most irritated customer. Putting a smile into one’s voice can provide […]

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How to get maximum conversion from telecallers at your contact center

contact center

Keeping your team of telecallers motivated can be difficult at times! It can be worth, as a sales manager to try some of the following suggestions at your contact center. While incentives, coaching and motivation can definitely impact change, we suggest you try out the following as well: 1. Budding up When telecallers are not […]

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How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software

cold calling software

How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software If you happen to bring up the subject of cold calling with a group of salesmen or telecallers, you are likely to have a conversation about the many challenges associated in this line of work. It is no secret that is indeed difficult to connect […]

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How you can provide better customer service with your telephone

Providing excellent customer service can help any business create loyal customers for life who will be willing to refer you more clients in form of their friends and colleagues. To provide good customer service you should start with a desire to not only surprise but delight your customers!  Start by trying to help your customers […]

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