What small and medium businesses can do to increase sales

There are many small and medium businesses that are struggling to increase  sales. 99% of these SME’s can increase their sales immediately by following even one the following ways. Here are the best ways to increase your sales.

Adding value to what you sell

Ever had a customer ask you, “Is that all I am getting for this cost?” If you have, it means only one thing that you are not offering enough value for money for what you are doing!

Try adding value by including items that cost less as a freebie! For example include a free session or a book on how to use your products. Come up with new and creative ways in which can add value to your company’s product or service offering and increase sales.



Offering items of importance free of cost with each purchase

If you are into selling cameras, offer batteries, film, protective cases, and other useful accessories free of cost or at a discounted price to your customers. If you are into services, clock in a complimentary hour of consulting or an essential add-on.

Selling upgrades

How many of us have been sold upgrades when we bought a new car or a television? You can apply the same to your own business by selling something which you know your customer might appreciate and won’t mind paying an extra cost for!

Offering extended warranties

How many times have you been offered an “extended warranty” when you have stepped out for a purchase? When you do the same, you make your customers feel much more secure when purchasing from you! This will surely help you increase sales

Using free trial periods

Offer free trial periods for up to a month, unlike companies offering for only 7 days. You’ll see immediate benefits in increased sales.


Create special offers to previous customers

Your previous customers are your most profitable market! They’ve already done business with you and trust you. Take advantage of this fact by doing specials for those preferred customers and see your sales shoot up!

Use cross-overs with other companies

Work with other trusted companies to offer each other’s products and services to each other’s customers. It’s profitable for BOTH companies and there is little or no money involved! Absolutely perfect!


Simplifying the sales process

Are you offering your customers various payment options and delayed payment options? The more flexibility you have offer in this area, the higher your sales graph will be!

Use these sparks to ignite your creative juices and sell more of your products or services! Small and medium enterprises can benefit tremendously from these small tips!

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