How to Show your Customers that you Care

The main aim of using call center software solutions in business today is to reach the maximum number of customers in the quickest time .While we have been able to reach out to a number of clients through this, we often tend to forget about retaining our old consumers as a priority.

While we look out for ways to increase the database, it is vital to understand that keeping the current purchasers happy plays a big role in determining the growth of the organization. Good business is developed on healthy relations and showing your clients that you are still interested in them and their preferences are essential for success.

It is important that you do not start taking the consumers for granted. When they do not feel appreciated enough they can turn their back any time to you. Therefore making them feel valued is as important as connecting to the new leads. The way you treat your purchasers speaks volumes about your business approach. The right attitude can make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Here are some ways to show your customers that you really care about them and that continue to be of prime importance to you.

1. Listen

• Most consumers only need a patient ear that pays heed to their needs and issues. If you are patient during the call and allow the buyers to speak, it shows that you value their opinions and are respectful. Do not interrupt them while they are talking. If you want to add something, wait for them to finish. Acknowledge their concerns and do not mock them.

• The majority of the buyers turn away from the corporation when they sense indifference from the side of the tele-callers. It is vital that you pay close attention to all what they say. Their issues, needs, preferences, and challenges can give you new business ideas. It is vital to start listening before selling.

2. Share the Knowledge

• Sharing any kind of information, ideas or tips related to the products and services of the company with the buyer can be an excellent way to bridge the gap between both the parties. The exchange of knowledge can be through different means like blogs, articles, infographics etc.

• It is essential that you provide them with valued advice and suggestions. This will not only make the customers empowered, but they will also be able to solve the little technical problems that they face on their own. The more the buyers find your content engaging and informative, the more they will come back to you in order to know more.

• Use e-mail newsletters in order to draw the audience to your web page or blog. You can then use the best call center software that tracks your website in order to increase the lead count. Include advises, tips and simple DIY’s depending upon the kind of the merchandise. You can also update the social networking sites with bytes of information. This can be a strong way to create brand awareness.

• Anticipate the queries of the customers and ensure that the content is similar to their needs. Sharing the information for free without any purchase gives you a generous persona in the mind of the buyers. This will not only increase your sales thus setting your foot in the market as an industry authority, but they will also look at you like you genuinely care.

3. Ask for their Inputs

• Customers are the pillars of strength for the organization. No one can give the agents a better picture of what seems to be clicking and what does not seem to work in the favor of the company other than the buyers. Ask the consumers what is in their mind on the regular basis. Client feedback will give you an outsider and yet a very important viewpoint of the organization.

• Ask them about their experience with the company or about the recent purchase that they made. Take their feedback about the sales and services experience or about how the caller behaved while on call. You can also ask them about the general impression of the business and the areas which needs improvement.

• Have a consumer survey. Take it up either through call or through online methods using the e-mail or social media. Have general assessments in order to know the preferences of the clients. Start discussions in the networking communities and take in the idea of the buyers. This activity makes them feel valued as their opinions are being taken into consideration.

Example: Rupa Travels and Limited uses their call center software for sale in order to pitch the holiday packages to the various buyers spread across the country. The company regularly solicits feedback from its customers on Facebook and Twitter asking them questions like, “What will be your favorite destination this Summer?” and shares blogs like “Things to Carry When you are Traveling Abroad.” This not only helps you to check the consumer pulse but also keeps you popular among the followers.

4. Rewards & Incentives

• The consumers are not obliged to continue with the corporation. Unlike the organization, the purchasers have multiple options and alternatives and, as a result, they can choose to walk away whenever they wish too. Hence, it is extremely important that you make them feel special. Gifts and rewards can be a great way of acknowledging and appreciating the customer. This is also a method of thanking the client for their investment and continuing interest in the company and its offerings.

• Once in a while, have coupons, discount codes, reduced prices, special rewards points as well as free gifts as incentives to the consumers who have been a part of their database for a long time. In case the souvenirs are a costly affair for the business, there are few non-financial ways of making the customers happy as well.

• A handwritten note can also be one of the ways of thanking the buyers. These days printed messages are so common that a specially crafted self-made message means a lot to the consumers. A shout out on social media can be another great method. This helps in singling out the purchaser and with all the digital attention that he gets from all the followers of your account, he shall be more than happy.

5. Thank-you Notes & Messages

• Softeners and basic polite courtesy are what that helps in strengthening the bond with the buyers. A simple thank you can go a long way in creating a strong relationship between both the parties. About seventy-five percent of the clients say that they come back to the same corporation because of the past positive experience. The purchaser is happy only when he feels respected. While this is an obvious business civility, this is usually ignored.

• When the client spends few minutes reading your blog, sending you suggestions on areas where you can improve the services of the company, the least you could do is appreciate their effort. Small gestures like a thank-you or “It is great to know that you care about our product” make them feel important. This can help in developing strong customer loyalty. As a result, their feedback and their ideas are directed to make your organization the better one in the market, instead of your competitors.

• Kindness, gratitude, and politeness can be the recipe for long-term affiliation with the consumers. However, do not make it look generalized. Always, remember to add the personal touch. This warm gesture can make them feel special and they start taking a keen interest in the company.

Example: A fashion store sends out thank-you notes for all the product deliveries it makes. So, the purchase is made on the name of Rishabh, a printed card which says, “Thank you Rishabh!” is attached along with the invoice.

6. Personalized Services

• Take a personal interest in order to know more about the buyers. The first step towards this is to address them by their first name. The usage of Sir and Madam makes the conversation look robotic.

• The clients do not open up during the call easily. It is up to the callers to read between the lines and register the private information of the purchasers. You can always rely on the cloud contact center software that is connected to the media profiles of the buyers in order to know more about them.

• The best telemarketing software allows the agents to record the conversation so that pointers can be noted after the conversation. Apart from this, a telemarketing CRM software also allows the executives to take notes of the likes and information of the customers that can be useful to the organization. This can also include pointers as to what can make the client click or the things that need to be avoided while making the conversation the next time.

• Remembering important dates can be a simple way to show that you are concerned about your buyers. Often the companies take information like the date of birth and anniversary date as a part of the profile database. Send a message or an e-mail to them wishing them on their special days. This goes on to show that you value them more than a simple financial transaction.

• The specialized messages also include greetings on special occasions and festivals. Sending out a holiday e-mail message is a great way of informing them that you are still around and are thinking about them. You can also add the seasonal sale offers with the greeting in order to grab the attention of the buyer.

7. Respond Timely

• Be it a compliment or a complaint; make sure that you reply to the consumers in the quickest time possible. In case there is a delay, they might end up thinking that you do not pay heed to their opinions and this can lead to an unnecessary misunderstanding.

• Instead, buy telemarketing software that is directly linked to your profiles and generates alerts whenever there is a mentioning or a comment for the company. With the improvement in technology, often the businesses end up taking their existing clients for granted. In order to make them feel valued it is essential that you respond to their queries timely and in an accurate manner.

• Many organizations often request the consumers for feedback but fail to act upon them or think about it. The customers like to know that their opinions are being valued and pondered upon. Even if the comment is something as trivial as a blurred image on the web page of your company, make sure that you inform them that you have received their feedback and shall see what can be done for the same.

• Adapt the business based on the preferences of the purchasers. Their feedback will give you an idea of what they want. Communicate the changes that you have made in accordance to their wishes. This will show them that their opinions are being taken into consideration and they shall suggest with even more zeal the next time.

8. Spread Positivity

• The consumers today can easily see through pretense. In case you are trying to fake it, they shall catch you in a moment. While it is important to show the buyer respect, it is also essential that you do it in the right way and not sugarcoat everything making it look like a farce.

• Look into their issues with details and ensure that the resolution is found at the earliest. It is vital that you create a positive and caring environment where consumer satisfaction takes a priority. Have fun during the conversation. Do not make it sound monotonous and dull. Laughter is the best way to spread positive energy. Smile during the interaction.

• A pinch of humor adds a personal touch to the call. It shows that you are truly interested in the client and he is not purely “a deal” for you. However, remember not to cross the line when being humorous acting funny. Sometimes going overboard can cost you a valuable buyer.

9. Accept your Mistake

• Despite taking the best measures, there are chances that you might goof up. Instead of playing the blame game, it is better that you own up your mistakes and make amends to rectify the same. This shows that you are acting accountable to the buyers and it is also a sign of a responsible business.

• In case you feel you are being wrongly targeted you can always use the archived audio files created using the recording feature of the outbound calling solution in order to prove your point. However, when you know that the fault is from your end, it is vital that you won it up and clear the mess at the earliest.

• Stay honest to the buyers. They are investing their hard earned money in the organization and the least that you could do for them is to be trustworthy.

Example: The agent had promised the delivery of a particular product by the end of the week. However, due to some unforeseen conditions, the merchandise could not reach the consumer on the said date. Instead of making excuses, it is better that you inform the buyers beforehand about the problem and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

10. Keep them Updated

• It is not necessary that you stay in touch via call with all your buyers on a regular basis. They might have purchased your products some time ago and you have not heard from them since. In case they did not require your services in the past few months this does not imply that you ignore them.

• If you forget about them, there are high chances that they will never return to you. Keep them updated about the offers and products on a regular basis. Stay on the top of your game by being in constant touch with the clients and by letting them know what you are up to. Keep them informed about the new improvements, changes in the business.

• Include newsletters, personal e-mails or make a quick call to keep them in the loop. The fact that you have taken extra measures to reconnect with them makes them feel special and this can also open the door to a conversation to see if you can be of any service to the consumers currently.

Below is a case study that shows how the consumers can be made feel valued and special.

Case Study

The Problem

• Hues Fashion Stores used an outbound call center software in order to connect with new potential leads in the market. While they regularly kept a tab on any new incoming traffic on their web page, they seldom cared about the buyers who had purchased anything in the last six months.

• In their annual report, the organization then noticed that though the number of closed deals was increasing with each month, the level of satisfaction among the buyers was not the same. The company then realized that something was a miss when it came to consumer care. It then decided to bring certain changes in its policy.

The Solution

• The corporation noticed that most of the agents were busy in getting new buyers for the fashion house and in a bid to add more purchasers to the database, they forgot about the consumers who have been a part of the organization for long. As a result, the clients were left dissatisfied and they started looking for different alternatives.

• Hues, then, decided to ensure that the customer satisfaction policy remains a priority in the business. It started bringing out significant changes with respect to the functioning of the organization. All the callers were asked to take extra steps in order to bridge the gap between both the parties.

• After every call that was made to the buyers using the outbound calling solution, a message was sent to the purchasers thanking them for talking to the agents and also asking them to rate the phone call. This not only helped them to gather the feedback about the conversation but also made the customers feel special as their opinions were taken into consideration.

• The fashion house also made the blog interactive. The content was created keeping in mind the trends of the season and at the end of each article, comments from the customers were welcomed. If there were any queries posted about the fabric used, the color options, they were taken as a heads up for interest in the product and a call was then made to the purchasers using the telemarketing software for small business either by the marketing or the inside sales team.

• Regular contests were created on the social networking sites in order to keep the clients engaged as well as to promote the brand. Instagram was heavily used by the corporation in order to get more customers for their database. Fashion contests were held and the clients had to upload their pictures with the accessories from Hues. The one with the maximum likes got a discount code or a free gift. Apart from this, rewards for regular and old buyers were also included.

• The company also kept in regular touch with the customers who had purchased something a long time back. They were kept in the information loop using the e-mail newsletters, blogs, and social media about the new products and services. It was an attempt to show that the organization has not forgotten them and still looks forward for a chance to serve them.

• Keeping in mind the changing face of the online world, a dedicated team was created that would handle all the comments, feedback and issues of the digital space. They regularly kept a tab of any mentioning, any hashtag or any query on these platforms. A delay in the response could give the wrong signals to the buyers and hence attempts were made to clarify at the earliest.

• The platforms were also used in order to get more information and ideas from the buyers. Which color or style would they like on a particular design? What changes can be brought in a particular dress? What material do they want them to craft next? In case their ideas were accepted, a shout out on social media was given to thank them for the same.

The Result

• The company saw an exceptional increase in the customer loyalty. With handwritten notes and personalized services finding its way through the organization, Hues was able to improve its brand awareness to a great extent. Both old and new clients were treated with respect and polite courtesy, resulting in a happy consumer experience.

The buyers are the most important assets of the company and it is essential that you value their importance. Once a loyal consumer is lost, it takes a lot of time and effort to bring the company back into his good books.

The corporation must ensure that the customers are the first priority in the call-center. In this fast paced world of closing the most number of deals, consumer appreciation is something that most businesses are forgetting to address. In order to win over the buyers, it is vital that you equip your organization with skilled agents, a well-equipped telemarketing CRM software and a customer centric approach.