How to provide better service through telecalling – an eight step guide!

Today we present to you an eight step guide on providing better customer service through telecalling.

Step 1:  A smile makes a world of difference.

As already said by numerous telecalling experts, a warm and friendly voice can be instrumental in disarming even the most irritated customer. Putting a smile into one’s voice can provide any telecalling agent an opportunity to earn a customer’s trust.

Step 2: Mirror the caller.

During telecalling, it is important to match the caller’s emotion. This of course, doesn’t mean that if a customer is yelling, you can yell back! Never!  However, on other occasions it is important that you match the prospect’s tone, while also trying to build a rapport.

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Step 3: Acknowledge the prospect’s concerns.

In telecalling, it is important to acknowledge your prospect’s pain points and areas of concern. If they raise any objections, instead of trying to fend them off, be sure to acknowledge and address them.

Step 4: Summarize your prospect’s objections.

To ensure that the prospect feels that he has put his point across, it’s important to demonstrate that you have understood the customer’s problem.

Step 5: Be careful when putting a prospect on hold.

During a sales call, it is important to ensure that you give the customer your complete attention. In case, the prospect requests or you have to, then be sure to ask for the prospect’s permission first. Don’t take too long to get back, as you might just lose the customer!

Step 6: Follow Up.

After a successful telecall, be sure to schedule some time to follow up with the prospect. The prospect will surely have more positive associations and more likely to recommend your product to others.

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Step 7: Log Your Calls.

Be sure to take call notes, to ensure that someone else can follow up, even when you are not in office. Always, remember in sales you are competing against time!

Step 8: Measure Your Effectiveness.

In any business, incremental progress is of critical importance.  Telecalling companies should find tools that will help you measure how effective your sales team has been!

So did you find these tips effective? Have you applied these telecalling tips? Do share your results with us!

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