How to Optimize the Website for Lead Generation

The contact center software solutions have helped the company to rack up increased profits. While earlier call-centers were regarded as a one stop place for lead generation, today, it is no longer the case. With the change in technology, new platforms have come up through which the corporation can connect with new consumers. One among the multiple available mediums is the official website of the company. 

A website is an effective business and marketing tool. While some use it to explain their area of services to the consumers others use it to generate revenue through e-commerce sales. Whichever industry your company may be a part of, your webpage speaks volume about business. No matter what your target audience is, they will say yes only after they are satisfied by your website.

In the digital age of today, your webpage acts like a social proof for your consumers. However, not many managers know how to utilize the full potential of this platform. Most of them only look for steps through which they can drive traffic to the page. However, converting the daily visitors into sales can increase your revenue dramatically. Below are a few tips on how you can maximize your webpage for lead engagement.

1. Include Contact Information

• Putting up your phone numbers, email Id or link to social profiles is the easiest way of initiating a dialogue with the consumers. Even though, it is not necessary that all those who visit your webpage will eventually ping you, displaying his information increases client comfort and also helps in building trust between both the parties. It is also important that you provide the link to all the social networking platforms where your company operates.

• Before making a purchase, the buyers are usually searching about the company and its services. They have fears about the quality of services, refund details and after purchase help. Displaying the contact information on your site helps you to break this wall of fear and gives you a credible edge. The purchasers know how they can reach you in the case of any trouble. As a result, they will be more appreciative about your organization.

• You can decide what information you want to see on your webpage. Usually, the contact numbers are displayed at the bottom of the page. However, the issue with this style is that only a few people who are genuinely interested in your brand might end up noticing it. In the case of promotional offers, the information is right at the top in the form of a header. Depending upon the requirements of your business, include the numbers accordingly.

2. Cater to the Mobile Audience

• Today, the world is moving towards digital platforms. Right from purchasing the product to making the payment everything can be done online. Long gone are the days when all this took place behind the laptop screens. Today, with mobile devices in their hand, everything happens ‘on the go.’ As a result, if your site is primarily desktop based and relies only on computer audience to get converted, you are losing out on a large chunk of clients.

• It is essential that you optimize your webpage for mobile devices as well. With the change in technology, the ratio of leads that approach you from the phones is higher when compared to the desktop audiences. Thus, it is imperative that you ensure that webpage is capable of working on a mobile interface. When on cell-phones, people are more impatient and thus, it is important that the site loads fast and is easily navigable. It is also necessary that your forms, images, and content appear instantly so that your purchasers do not have to wait for a long time.

3. Include Call-to-Action (CTA)

• A call-to-action is a must when marketing your products through the webpage. This refers to a text, a button, an image or a banner that invites the visitors to take a step forward and do something. It is a convincing offer that the organizations provide to the buyers through which they request an action from the purchaser in exchange for giving them something that they want.

• Few examples of call-to-action include downloading a whitepaper, signup for the webinar, attend an event, registration etc. it is essential that you keep them short, simple and compelling. The phrase should be catchy enough to prompt the buyer to take an action. In case your webpage is missing this, the potential clients have no clue about what is expected from them or how to continue the journey ahead. Therefore, it is important that you strategically place them in such a manner that it grabs their attention and provokes them to take further action.

• However, it is imperative that you do not overdo. Few companies tend to fill their webpage with different kind of buttons. This will give your page a congested look. Instead, give it some breathing space. Place your banners only where you feel you can get a high response from the clients. Your analytics can help you to identify where your visitors are scrolling and where they are most likely to click. Displaying the call-to-action on those places will help you get more traffic. You can then feed them into your contact center CRM software and call them immediately.

• The button also needs to be eye-catching so that the consumers sit up and take notice. The colours used in the banner should be in contrast with your web colour and the resolution should be such that the text is easily comprehensible. The content of the copy also should be such that it ignites a desire among the consumers to take an action. Merely saying ‘Register’ will not work. Instead, use catchy phrases like ‘Sign up now to get 15% discount.’

• Also, the CTA has a clear value proposition. Do not make the headline and end product different otherwise the customer will feel cheated. Also, the banners must be placed keeping in mind the different stages in the sales cycle. The action button on the blog for new visitors will be different from that on an after sales service page.

4. Utilize the Option of Live Chat

• Nothing can better help the company than engaging with the consumers in the real-time. Not only does this add a human element to the conversations but also helps the buyers to better understand the product and the organization. According to a survey conducted by LivePerson, 21% of the visitors cited live-chat as the reason for choosing one website over the other.

• Just like in a regular phone call, the agents can effectively guide the lead through the sales process. Sometimes, the website can be confusing for the clients. The purchasers spend a very little amount of time in order to gauge if the page interests them. As a result, even though they might be interested in your merchandise, if your page is not comprehensible they will make a move-out.

• However, with the live-chat facility, the executives are round the corner to provide assistance and human support. This can have a long-term impact on the client-company relationship as this gives the room for rapport building and also allows you to personalize the communication. The best contact center software, today, have inbuilt integration of the live chat feature. As a result, you can easily amalgamate this platform with your webpage to ensure effective communication with the buyers.

5. Keep a Close Watch

• It is essential that you keep a close look on what is working and what is not clicking with your purchasers when they access your webpage. The contact center management software can be easily integrated with the website. As a result, you can easily keep a track of the pages that are frequently visited by the client, the page where he spends maximum time and the links that he opens on the site. All this will help you to develop a greater understanding of what your consumer wants.

• Hence, if you feel that the prospect has the capability of being a closed deal, the caller can ring him up and check if he is satisfied with what he has found on the website. The agent also has the option of continuing the interaction by providing other offers depending on the interests of the buyer. Apart from this, keeping the website under check can also help you to reposition your call-to-action, discount offers and special announcements from dead zones to the sections where there is greater traffic and a higher chance of attracting clicks.

6. Have Subscription Forms on Each Page

• A contact form is the basic process that is required to gather information about your prospects and their interests. It is essential that you make it easily accessible so that the buyers do not have to fret around the site in order to post their query or ask for information. Thus, it is important that you have the form on almost every page of your site. This makes it simpler for the purchasers to connect with you, and, as a result, improves your chance of conversion.

• Do not have a very elaborate form on the website as this will put the consumer off. Regard this just as the first point of contact as you will always be able to continue the interaction afterwards. Do not ask for too many personal details as the buyers will seldom provide them right in the beginning. Also, ensure that your outbound contact center software solutions are well integrated with the webpage so that all the information is directly stored in the database.

7. Add Consumer Success Stories

• Testimonials can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. A bunch of positive responses from few of the earlier purchasers can the put the company in a good light. When the prospect looks at the success stories of the previous consumers, a trust factor is established and he is more appreciative about the offers of the organization.

• When coupled with pictures and videos of the customer, the testimonials can have a tangible impact on the clients. Using the real life images of the buyers helps in striking an instant connection between the prospects and the consumers. This also improves the credibility of the brand.

• More than often, the consumers want a validation for all the claims that your organization makes and success stories of the existing purchasers helps in increasing their belief in the company. However, ensure that the language is simple and does not sound boasting in nature. Never, try to add fake testimonials as the customers can see through it and this can have a damaging impact on the brand image.

8. Have a Trust Seal

• Before making the final purchase, the buyers want to be sure about the company and its services. As a result, they usually look out for certifications and trust seal to know whether the organization is genuine and sticks to its promises. This helps the clients to know that the website is legitimate and all the information provided on the site is authenticated. It also ensures that any data entered by the consumers is in safe hands and will not be used or shared with any other source for any wrong purpose.

• Hence, it is important that you ensure that your website has a trust seal depending on the industry you thrive in. Usually, these are related with secure socket layers and assure the consumer that the site is verified and any financial transaction will be secure without any information leak. As a result, they are more likely to submit their information when asked.

9. Stay Proactive

• Responsiveness has to be at its peak when dealing with clients online. The buyers will be on your page only for a brief period of time, and, hence, it is important that you strike a conversation with them at the right moment. Any kind of delay will result in you losing out on a probable good deal. Hence, it is essential that the managers train the callers to have a proactive mindset when dealing with purchasers.

• This includes responding to their comments on the blog, answering their query, live chatting with the consumers as well as scanning the sections that are most popular. A good quality contact center reporting software can be helpful under such circumstances. It is essential to understand that the competitive world of today requires you to be quick in delivering the services to the client, for you to get the upper hand. Also, the clients will readily interact with you when there is a speedy response from your end.

10. High-Quality Images and Videos

• It goes without saying that the website should be attractive, colourful and appealing to the eyes of the buyers. Do not add too many things on one page as this will create confusion in the minds of the buyers. Instead, use simple language, normal font, and basic designs. Also, ensure that it is easily navigable and is properly linked to the landing pages.

• When using images, ensure that they are of high-quality. Blurred pictures can put the leads off. These days many companies have also introduced an explainer video that describes the product and services offered by the organization in simple, layman terms. This will not only capture their interest but will also entertain, engage and educate the visitor, thereby improving your chance of lead conversion.

Below is a case-study that can help you understand how your webpage can help you in gathering more leads.


The Problem

• Backpackers, a travel agency used the customer contact center software in order to get in touch with potential travelers. It not only helped them in getting the right location for their holiday but also looked after the other arrangements like ticket booking, visa facilities as well as hotel and food arrangements during the trip.

• While earlier, they made regular calls to the clients, due to the reducing staff strength they slowly shifted to online marketing of their services. However, they were not able to achieve their set goal of consumers. They saw a steep decline in their database, and, as a result, the revenue also dropped. One of their well-wishers then advised them to revamp their webpage and change their communication strategy.

The Solution

• The corporation then decided to reset their website with a new flavor and fresh appeal. They then decided to invest in a software for contact center that allowed them to live chat with their visitors. As a result, they made an instant connection with the purchasers. The agents were advised to interact as if they are talking to the clients on the phone in real-time. This helped them to develop a greater insight into the preferences of the purchaser and also humanized the interaction.

• The webpage was also given a new look. The ‘cookie-cutter’ template was discarded and a more personalized design was created. While earlier, they had the information about all their offerings under the subject heading of ‘What we do’, now the different services were given an individual landing page in order to avoid any sort of confusion. The site was also suited to the mobile audience and included the address as well as contact information of the company.

• The contact form was included on all the pages of the site. The buyer was given a choice to either enter his phone number or their email ID for further communication. The company had observed that the chances of engagement improved when the customers were provided with a choice of medium to contact as not all are comfortable with any kind of platform.

• Apart from this, the contact center software was integrated with the website to keep a track on the clients and their level of engagement with the multiple sections of the site. Once, when a caller noticed that a buyer was trying to look out for hotels near Goa. However, he was not able to zero down one specific hotel among the myriad options. The agent then called him up, asking for his preferences and then gave him a choice of three hotels that best suit their requirements.

• The company also developed an effective testimonial strategy. The buyers were given compelling reward points in case they gave the organization a good feedback. The success stories included both the pictures and videos of the clients from their outdoor trips. Trust seals, as well as awards and recognitions, were included on the page.

• The call-to-action buttons were crafted such that it helped in creating a sense of urgency among the buyers. A timer clock was used to create an illusion about the upcoming offer. Discounts were given in case the buyer decided to book within a stipulated time period. Seat limitations were created with respect to train and flight.

The Result

• The company soon saw an improved engagement level between the customers and the webpage. With the CTAs placed strategically depending on the sections that the consumers most visited, the agency was able to gather a huge number of leads. A specially crafted blog was maintained so that the buyers know what exactly to expect. Apart from this, the corporation decided to implement both call and live chat facilities in order to interact with the purchasers. This helped them to develop a stronger bond with the prospects and they eventually became a part of the consumer database in the long-run.


• It is essential to understand that websites today have become an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. No company can survive in the long run if it does not have a good webpage with all the information. Hence, it is essential that the managers train the callers to handle the visitors as well as invest in a technologically advanced contact center software solutions that can help them stay integrated with their webpage, thereby ensuring that the best practices are followed.