How to Monitor Call Quality Effectively?

Call centers do state out forthright to the customer that they will be recording the call for quality assurance purposes. However, few actually take any steps to do so. Most end up even forgetting that the recorded calls can actually help in quality assurance.

You have already taken the best call center software into account while trying to ensure the quality of your calls. However, is that all you have done? After all, there is much more to quality than just software.

In fact, most companies do very little in the way of assuring quality. Few steps are taken in order to improve the current performance of the agents. Many companies do not even have any idea how the quality of the calls is affecting their bottom line.

The quality of the call has a direct impact on the experience of the customer. If the customer gets frustrated with the call or feels that the agent is not doing enough to solve their problems, they are bound to have a bad experience.

As a result, they may not even bother calling the company next time any issue arises. Instead, they will simply go elsewhere with their business. In many cases, they may even end up abandoning the call altogether.

With the help of quality monitoring, it becomes possible to identify potential issues which can lead to poor customer experience. The data gathered can end up making several improvements which not only benefits the company but also the agents and the customers.

As a result of the improvements, customer satisfaction is increased. Additionally, customer experience is enhanced along with the overall performance of the contact center. Finally, the bottom line is given a boost.

Quality monitoring is not something you should be ignoring. On the other hand, you might be confused as to the best practices you can adopt at your contact center to make the most of quality monitoring.

Well, do not fret. We have researched and discovered several ways by which you can use quality monitoring to your advantage. The following points outline a number of best practices which you should consider adopting at your contact center.

1. As a start, you need to set clear and well-defined goals. Try to understand why you must enforce a quality assurance process and what operational changes you hope to achieve with it.

Quality programs should not be just about call recording and evaluation forms. Instead, view it as a set of objectives which can help in achieving the goals of the company.

2. The agents will be the ones with the maximum impact on the success of the quality monitoring programs. However, they may feel that the programs are out to discover their faults.

As sushi, you should be converting the monitoring program into a collaborative process by getting the agents involved in it. They should understand that the program is meant to help them improve their skills.

3. You should certainly opt for random samples for quality monitoring. At the same time, implement steps for evaluating high value calls.

This way, you get a better understanding of the performance of your agents when valuable customers are being assistance. After all, these calls can provide you with invaluable elements which can be used for the overall improvement of the calls.

4. Calibration should be performed often as it will ensure that the feedback is consistent, reliable and free from bias. With the help of calibration, you can make sure that the quality monitoring program, scorecards and analysts are compatible.

It will also provide detailed strategies for improvement while providing solutions for poor performances.

5. With the help of call center software, you can gather a lot of information. As such, you need to make the most of them to get the best results.

However, you should not just concentrate on monitoring calls. Instead, you should measure process which affect the wider areas of your business and use the information gathered to improve them.

6. You will certainly benefit from the use of call center management software. You could even start with something that is low-tech.

After all, even basic quality monitoring activities is going to be beneficial. For example, you can make use of a spreadsheet.

Once you start noticing the results, get yourself a high-tech solution so that you can gather the maximum amount of data in the most effective manner possible.

7. A lot depends on the small things so make sure that you are not forgetting about them. During quality monitoring, keep a tab on the small details such as the greetings used by the agents and following the designated call structure.

This way, you will be able to make sure that bad habits are not becoming a part of the agents’ routines. You will be able to ensure that the high standards you have put in place are maintained.

8. Of course, monitoring is useless without feedback. However, you must make sure that the feedback is completely objective.

You should be using an evaluation and scoring method which is not only fair but also one that has been agreed by all relevant parties in advance.

Of course, it should also be consistent. There are quite a few ways in which the feedback can be delivered. Whatever be the method chosen, the fact remains that individuals should be able to make their own contributions to the discussions.

9. You may think that you have already spend enough time on quality monitoring. On the other hand, the fact is that time spent on quality monitoring has a direct impact on the results that you will be able to enjoy.

By investing more time on it, quality monitoring will end up improving the quality of the calls and the excellence of customer service provided. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on the really important details such as customer retention levels and sales.

10. One of the facts about quality monitoring is that it will only be as good as the people in charge of it. Apart from getting good call center software solutions, you should think about hiring a dedicated person trained in quality monitoring.

If your company is sufficiently large, you may want to hire a specialist team instead. After all, your supervisors are responsible for overseeing the operations.

If they are in charge of quality monitoring as well, their productivity is bound to be affected and you will not able to achieve the desired results from quality monitoring.

11. When monitoring the call quality, it helps to define a set of criteria on which the quality will be measured. Of course, cloud call center software solutions can be used to track some of the criteria.

At the same time, you should be getting the agents involved in defining the criteria. After all, you do not want them to feel that they are being forced to follow a new set of rules. By getting them involved in this process, they become more open to ensuring that the criteria are taken care of.

12. The data gathered from quality monitoring should be put to into use in the training and the coaching of your employees.

Otherwise, there is really no point to tracking the quality. However, you should be putting in enough time and effort into the creation of a training program that actually benefits the agents.

They should gain the skills that are necessary to provide better services.

13. It can be a good idea to get your performance compared to the competition. After all, internal quality monitoring provides you with a rather subjective picture and that might end up misleading you.

If you want objective results, you should compare the results with others. To do so, you can consider hiring an external agency for quality monitoring so as to get the best picture on your performance.

14. Consider setting up a call quality forum. This can be useful in reaching a consensus on the best possible quality of calls.

The stakeholders need to reach an agreement as to what elements result in the quality of the call being good. You can include these elements as the criteria in the monitoring processes.

This way, your monitoring team can achieve the objectivity that is vital for your company.

15. Quality monitoring is not just about ensuring that your agents are following the best practices. It is also about recognizing those that do follow such practices.

As such, take steps to reward and recognize the agents who have provided the customers with exceptional service. You can award them excellent certificates or mention them in your newsletter or site among other things.

16. In your quest to improve the quality of the calls, you will have to consider some basic elements such as the script. Check the scripts and work on them till you manage to improve the results.

You should make sure that the words present in the scripts have been taken into account in your call monitoring processes.

17. Assign ownership of the quality as early as possible. After all, someone needs to be responsible for auditing and calibrating the quality so as to ensure its effectiveness.

The person will also make sure that the processes are improved upon and modified as per the changing needs of the process. In the same way, you must make sure that there is a well-defined process for the evaluation of the calls.

All stakeholders must be familiar with the various areas of quality monitoring.

18. For your quality monitoring to be truly effective, you should avoid letting it become a source of stress for the agents.

As such, opt for solutions which can record the call without being prominent about it. In fact, it is best if the recording happens in the background so that it does not any impact on the performance or the behavior of the agent.

19. Self-assessment is a great idea. Enable your agents to assess at least some parts of their work and you may actually get valuable data about the quality of the calls.

Moreover, the agents will feel that their input is given due value by the organization. You will also be showing that the team ethos is actually inclusive instead of exclusive.

20. Simply creating a training program is not going to be enough. Apart from monitoring the quality of the calls, you must also check the effectiveness of the training you provide.

The solution being used for the call monitoring can also be used to check how much your training program has had an impact on the agents’ performance.

You can find out whether the things taught in the training sessions are being used by the agents. You also discover if there are any gaps in the training program.

21. Quality monitoring should become a habit. It is not something that you take note of on an occasional basis. Instead, it should be performed regularly.

This way, you can get an idea of how the performance has been affected over a period of time. You will also be ensuring that the agents do not get complacent about their performance.

This can be as important as checking for call center software pricing.

Case Study

There are certainly several best practices for quality monitoring at contact centers. You will have also realized the benefits that this process is capable of providing you. On the other hand, it is a good idea to have some more details about it drawn from real life.

To have a thorough understanding of the effects of quality monitoring, you can take a look at a case study. Well, you do not have to search for one. We have already found one for you. So, go ahead and check out the following case study.

The given case study deals with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont. This is a non-profit and independent insurance company that is locally governed. It serves the residents of Vermont in USA and is the largest health plan in the state.

The organization has 400 employees. It provides health coverage to over 240,000 members across the state. It is actually a part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield group that operates nationally.

Due to this system, members of the BCBSVT are able to receive coverage all over the United States apart from quite a few other countries. One of the main parts of their daily operations is to meet the needs of people who require help with the management of their health insurance plans.

Strategies Used

Several strategies are used by BCBSVT for quality improvement. These strategies are used by the call centers of the organization to deliver the best possible service to the customers by continuously improving the processes used.

One of the main strategies used by them is putting the experience of the customer first in all scenarios. The agents at their call center are hired only after a rigorous selection process. The process is quite detailed so that only the best possible candidates get hired.

Once hired, the new agents are then given a thorough training so that they can deliver the best service. They receive formal training during which they will learn about the systems, policies and the solution used at the call center.

During the training process, the agents will be tested continuously. Tests will also be conducted at the conclusion of the training.

Quality monitoring is strictly enforced by means of frequent assessments of the performance of the agents. The assessments are quite comprehensive. The performance of the agents will be evaluated on a number of factors, all of which have been clearly defined.

Their customer service representatives are also given detailed targeted coaching. During the coaching, the agents are taught ways by which they can improve their performance considerably. Another strategy used by them is a rewards system that is quite generous.

The Results

Uses of the strategies mentioned above have been beneficial for the company in the long run. Over the course of 5 years, the organization noticed that they have managed to derive several benefits. They also improved on many key quality measures.

The call center managed to reduce the number of calls for every thousand members significantly by 32% in just five years. They also managed to decrease the average number of calls that are required to resolve a given issue. The margin of reduction was 8% and that too in just 4 years.

The organization did place a lot of focus on the development and coaching of their customer service representatives. This resulted in a significant rise in the total number of representatives with the World Class Certification. The percentage increase was 49%.

The strategies also enabled the organization to increase their first call resolution by 6%. At the same time, the customer satisfaction with the call center had improved by 12% within the same time period.

Quality monitoring is something that you need to pay attention to quite seriously. So, perform a call center solutions comparison, get one and implement best practices to start monitoring your quality as soon as possible.

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