How To Meet Wide Range Of Business Needs With Call Center Solutions


The world is diversifying and so are we. In today’s scenario, all that matters is the kind of service you provide.

People are expanding their business segments and are no longer dependent on one particular line of business.

We see business expansion within the industry.

That is exactly what I thought of demonstrating today – how you could meet business needs with the call center solutions.

But instead of that boring theoretical explanation, I’d take you through the tips with some practical demonstration.

You got it right! I have just the right case study for you.


The case in point is a leading B2C contact center established in 2007.

The contact center brings along expertise into customer service with its state of art infrastructure.

Operating through 4 locations, the center delivers a high-class experience to its clients.

With approximately 1000 agents across India, the contact center has received various awards for its excellent service and innovation.


Over the past years, the contact center started off with its customer service operations and has been a leading B2C contact center ever since then.

With over 30 percent growth noted in preceding 3 financial years, the center had expansion plans.

They wanted to provide additional services like telemarketing, web-enabled services, market research services and data entry.

Based on the market demand and its employee base, the contact center wanted to figure out the feasibility of expanding their business and adding these services.

A plan was needed to move from its stagnant position and strengthen its roots.

The contact center had approximately 1000 employees but it was high time to understand how these resources could be used efficiently.

They already had the best call center software in-house; however, they were to learn how to use this software efficiently for their on-going operations as well as their futuristic expansion goals.


A team of experts was hired to kick-start the operations with some research.

The research included an in-depth study of how various call center software solutions can be customized for various operations.

The cloud-based software solution had added ease to their life.

That said, they wanted to continue with their on-board software.

The research stated that solutions could be customized in different ways.

The telemarketing software for outbound calling could work wonders by adding the ease to schedule calls as per the customer requirements, book meeting slots, update real-time data, virtual access to remote agents, etc…

Each solution reduces manual work and automates the entire process making it faster.

Hence, they finally decided to start implementing the results of this research in their expansion plans.

Now the next step was to analyze their new target market, learn more about competitors and use the software to analyze consumer behavior as well as the market survey reports.

Post an in-depth study of the target market the contact center decided to make a business plan.

Their findings suggested that customers usually look-up for informative financial advice; the second most objective was to promote various products and the final objective was to let customers interact safely round the clock.

All the teams were trained and operations were now restructured.

Agents were provided training and the software enabled smooth flow of operations.

Each call center agent was now managing more than 2-3 solutions.

This eradicated monotony and helped the contact center use its human resources optimally – to the best of their capabilities.

The call center software is a one-stop solution to understand every part of the outsourcing industry and cater to a varied clientele.

The software had not only enabled the contact center to cater to financial business needs but also let the center diversity its clientele into mortgage and insurance.

On the other hand, the overall structure made it easier for agents to understand the entire process.

The cloud-based software made it easier to share reports with clients and track the on-going progress of a particular project.


The outcome?

The contact center benefited and each of its operations were now improvised.

It had now added 4 new services to its list – telemarketing, informative analysis for insurance as well as clients from the finance industry, media monitoring, and data analysis.

Similarly, customer feedback has become significant for companies and this was well managed with the software.

As a result, the contact centers revenue increased by 15 percent.

In the first quarter all the 4 new services noted positive feedback; accordingly, each service was categorized further.

The contact center now aims to further grow its clientele into healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.

Whether you are a contact center or an organization providing products/ services, time today demands business expansion.

That is the only thing which can help you strengthen your presence in the market and add up to your revenue.

This indicates that it is high time you strategize and go mainstream.

Getting in a cloud based call center solutions is now all; it is about using the software efficiently.