How to Make Your Contact Center More Resourceful with Live Chat?

For the success of a contact center, you certainly need the best call center software for small business. It should have all the features required to provide an exceptional customer service through multiple channels.

One of those channels is the “Live Chat”. Often overlooked by contact centers, live chat can actually be a major benefit. Live chat has been around for a long time. It existed in the form of chat rooms in the early days of the internet. However, it is only recently that they have become a tool for providing customer services.

The fact is the world, today, demands blazing fast internet speeds. Mobile data usage is on the rise as well. In such conditions, your contact center cannot only rely on the traditional means of interacting with customers. If such a situation exists, your business is going to get affected badly sooner or later, with sooner being the higher probability.

There are several reasons why you may want to consider integrating life chat software into the call center software used in your contact center. After all, live chat can be of assistance on several levels including the operational and technological levels. It can even be beneficial from a monetary perspective.

Be that as it may, the main feature of live chat is that it makes sure your customers get to enjoy a communication interface that is not only better but also smoother. In fact, they are more likely to face fewer issues in their interactions with the call center agents.

These days, several websites have realized the fact that most customers tend to be disconnected from those who can help them in real time with their queries. Previously, they had to be a mute viewer when their customers left for other websites. This is no longer an issue.

For a contact center, it is essential that customer queries are taken care of as soon as possible. There must be quick turnaround of queries but it is more important to ensure that the resolutions are provided in an effective manner. For that, live chat will be beneficial when used with the best call center software.

So, how can your contact center be improved by the use of live chat? To find out, go through the following points. They have been listed after considerable research. As such, the following points should be of use to you and your contact center.

1. Statistics show that customers consider live chat to be one of the most important features for any website. This is because there will always be a person to answer their queries live when they are in the middle of a purchase online.’

2. Another benefit that is that the wait times involved in live chat is very little or almost nothing in nearly all cases. Even if you have a very efficient system in place to handle calls, it will rarely be as fast as a live chat system. As such, customers get the resolutions they need almost instantly which is certainly a benefit for them and your organization.

3. The customer satisfaction rates involved with live chat are greater as well. This is due to the many benefits which are possible with this particular technology. The higher customer satisfaction rates can lead to an increase in the number of converted customers. In other words, live chat can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

4. The costs involved with the implementation of live chat solutions are rather low. At the same time, the implementation process is quite easy and quick. You will notice that the cost per interaction involved with live chat is lower than most of the other interaction mediums used by businesses such as emails or phone calls.

This is mainly due to the faster response times of live chat. You can keep the costs down further by closely analyzing the available options for call center software pricing beforehand.

5. These are the days of social media where customers tend to express their annoyance through social networks. However, such negative posts only take place after a purchase or after they faced issued with the purchase. With the help of live chats, these posts can be reduced significantly.

After all, customers will be able to get their issues sorted immediately and have a smooth purchase process.

6. It has also been noticed that customers actually prefer using live chat as compared to other methods of issue resolution. This is due to the fact that they are able to connect automatically to an actual person immediately.

This is certainly not possible with phone calls as the customer is bound to be stuck with an IVR at the start of the call.

7. One of the advantages of live chat is that it get rids of the complexity that is typically associated with entering data. In a live chat, customers can easily place their order numbers or note the ticket numbers. In a call, it becomes quite difficult, as the customer or the agent will have to spell out the details. There is a greater chance of confusion and errors.

8. Live chats make it easier for the agents to offer customized service. After all, the solutions used for live chat enable the agents to make a quick search through the relevant details in the database such as histories and macros. As a result, agents are able to provide the customer with the exact information that they require.

9. For the same reason, it becomes possible for the agents to cut down on the times they spend on each interaction. With the right solutions, they can find out about the query beforehand. As such, they will require less time to provide the solution that the customer requires. Take a look into the call center management software with live chat features to enjoy this benefit.

10. In a phone interaction, an agent is capable of handling only a single customer at any given point of time. In the case of live chats, agents can take care of more than one customer at the same time. In fact, a single agent may be able to serve 4 or even 5 customers simultaneously.

This is beneficial for you in many ways. Of course, you need the right call center software solutions for this purpose.

11. Live chat tools can also enable the agents to know the exact moment at which they should intervene. This way, they can help the customers to make the purchase. As a result, it is possible to reduce the rates of cart abandonment, which is a major problem for companies.

12. There are quite a few reasons why live chats will enable you to improve the turnaround times. Your agents will be able to handle multiple clients at the same time. At the same time, they will require less time to take care each customer. Improved turnaround times will certainly be helpful for your business.

13. There is no reason why your live chat system cannot help in the branding of your organization. After all, you can design the visual aspects of the live chat system in the colors of your organization. You can easily implement logos and other visual elements of your branding.

14. Another incredible benefit of live chat is that it can provide you with an edge over your competition. Customers do prefer the use of live chat systems. However, most websites are yet to adopt this technology. As such, you can get a significant edge if you start using the technology. Consider implementing it with your cloud call center software solutions.

15. Customer pain points must be addressed as soon as possible to ensure a steady flow of customers. However, it can be difficult to identify those pain points. Typically, customers talk about their pain points on social media.

By making use of a live chat system, your agents can interact with the customers to find out the pain points faster and more easily. As a result, you can take the steps necessary to address the issues faster.

16. With the live chat systems, agents can actually increase the sale conversions taking place. They can proactively interact with the customers and influence their sales decisions. Agents can make use of cross sell and up sell techniques to maximize the revenue earned from the customers.

17. There is an interesting use of live chats and that is to garner feedback from customers. After all, the system is already in place. Agents can simply ask the customer their feedback immediately after the purchase.

The data you get from such interactions can be invaluable for the improvement of the organization.

The Case Study

In order to get a better understanding of the benefits possible with the implementation of live chat, you should be taking a look at a case study. Do not fret about where you will get one. We have taken care of that with the case study being given as follows.

The fact is that you have already seen what live chats can do to bring about the improvement of your contact center. Having a real life example to compare what you have learned will give you the impetus you require to getting the solution implemented in your business.

The following case study deals with: Communication Application Sector.

The fact is the success of an organization is dependent on the effectiveness with which it can establish interaction with the customers and provide them with the desired services.

Mobile platforms have certainly increases the options available to companies when it comes to keeping in touch with customers. As such, bringing about an improvement in the business becomes easier.

Live chat is one of the systems that can be used to provide services to the customers. More importantly, it allows the organization to rely on mobile platforms to reach customers. As such, the interactions become easier.

The Challenge

Earlier, agents would have to contact the customer by means of live chat systems in a computer. As such, there was dependency placed on the location and time aspects when it came to contacting customers.

As a result of these dependencies, customer services were affected. In some cases, there was a loss in the number of leads generated. This came about because of the inability of the agents to get in touch with the customers irrespective of the time.

The lack of flexibly was a major issue. Therefore, there was a necessity for an alternative interaction channel. The channel would be one which could overcome the existing limitations without affecting the quality of service provided.

The Solution

As such, a live chat system was developed for the Android mobile platform as per the needs of the organization. This system enabled the organization to get in touch with the customers by means of the given mobile platform.

The live chat system was designed to have several useful features. Agents could do more than just chat with the customers. They could also share images with the customer and send information of a textual nature.

The system also allowed the chat history to be maintained. This enabled the users, including the agents and the customers, to refer to information that was previously sent in the chat. This reduced the redundancy of resending the same information over and over again. The live chat system also allowed links to be posted in the chat for quick reference.

However, the most important feature of the live chat system was its security. The security of the system was enabled by means of multiple procedures.

This ensured that the system was safe and secure enough to be used for sharing business information of a confidential nature.

As you can see, there are several benefits to making use of solutions that contain a live chat system. The case study shows that you can get multiple features which can be advantageous for your business.

With such features and benefits in store, you should conduct a detailed call center solutions comparison so that you can get one which is suitable for your business.