How to Maintain Positive Attitude in Customer Service in Top 21 Ways

Only using modern and cutting edge infrastructure and systems such as the best call center software in your contact center is not enough to perfectly cater to your customers.

What is more important on a humanitarian ground is to embrace a positive attitude towards your customers to serve them even better.

Although this profession requires every agent to handle a lot of stress, negative feedback’s and demotivation very often, if you try to infuse positivity in your communication with customers, it is bound to have a great impact on customer experience altogether.

As a customer service executive at a contact center, you would definitely need to depend a lot on call center software for your business processes, and every software is bound to have glitches from time to time.

These technical malfunctions inevitably annoy some customers and in turn urge them to show their frustrations on you, who is their point of communication at that moment.

It is difficult to handle such situations with a warm smile and sweet words, but if you show your annoyance back, this will only worsen the situation and eventually your customers may churn away.

Once negativity gets onto your nerves, it spreads like a virus and that would affect you mentally and physically. It not only has an adverse effect on your customers and your profession, but it also upsets your personal life and has a negative impact on people around you.

However, negativity is not incurable and taking lessons from a bad experience you can also avoid it from happening ever again. How is this possible? Of course by turning negativity into positivity!

Positive thinking and positivity in your attitude, has immense power to help you get the toughest jobs done. It is an optimistic approach towards life, in whatever you do; it spontaneously affects your words, actions and your temperament altogether.

This was first introduced in the book named “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, published in 1937. In this book, Hill establishes the significance of positive thinking and proves how it can be the most important step towards success.

According to Hill’s viewpoint in the book, when one has a positive frame of mind in every situation, he exudes positivity around him and draws positive changes in every sphere of his life.

This in turn, increases the prospects of improvement and success, whatever the situation might be.

We would, however, absolutely agree that it is very difficult to keep your calm and maintain a positive attitude throughout problematic circumstances.

But difficult does not mean impossible and there is no fault in trying. An upbeat state of mind at work in a contact center, can find a solution to all problems even at times when technology such as call center software solutions fall short of addressing the hitches.

Let us checkout a few ways in which we can stay positive and radiate positivity around us, even when the state of affairs are extremely challenging:

1. In order to develop a positive attitude, the first thing you need to do is to evaluate yourself and analyze your emotions.

Try to find out the exact negative feeling you have regarding a specific situation at work, your annoyance or irritation regarding a specific technical error with the call center management software you are using or maybe regarding your entire job experience as a customer service agent at a call center.

Once you are totally aware of the exact feeling of dissatisfaction, be it anger, hopelessness, frustration or exhaustion, only then can you find a way to work upon it and find a positive solution to that negativity.

2. Every situation or moment has dual ways to look at it. It is up to you to choose how you would like to react to the particular scenario.

Even if the situation is challenging and taking a toll on your patience, you will have to try and find out the tiniest positive aspect present in it.

For example, losing a customer may either be disheartening and discouraging to you, but this situation can be treated the other way round too.

The loss of an old angry customer may pave the path to gaining a new and better customer for your contact center.

3. Try to always keep a flexible and optimistic approach towards your work, so that no problem can demoralize you and you always have an alternate way up your sleeves, to come out of the direst situations.

To do this, you need to be creative. If you have a creative attitude to a tricky situation, you will surely have a list of innovative solutions to work upon.

4. A smile can work wonders to turn negativity into positivity, so it is always a good gesture to smile and make people around you smile, as a result of your cheerful aura.

A smile on your face, when you are communicating with your customers immediately makes them comfortable as this benign weapon puts your personality forward as warm and friendly.

Suppose your customer complains about their dissatisfaction with the cloud call center software solutions, you should smile and admit your accountabilities and then work on the solutions to avoid further negative feedback.

So make sure you smile often and let your smile rejuvenate you after every conversation and wipe out any trace of stress that you might have undergone in your previous customer call.

This will definitely help you take up your next customer request on a fresh and happy note.

5. Give a fresh and energetic start to your day. Most of us feel grumbly and lethargic and we seem to forcefully slog out of bed every morning.

This set of mind itself instills negativity into the rest of the day. So, start every morning on a positive note.

Some people listen to music to get them going in the morning, some do light aerobic exercises while you may like to do yoga to help you focus.

Other methods of charging your batteries would be to take your favorite morning drink or beverage or reading a page from your favorite book.

Whether you have a couple of minutes for this morning ritual or more than an hour before you get ready for work, make it a habit to set yourself in motion.

6. It is not practically possible to lead life without any negative thought surfacing on your mind. Whenever you feel disturbed with any kind of negative feeling, acknowledge and interrupt the mood straightaway.

Start thinking of something different and optimistic that would help you smile and hinder the pessimism to enter your thought process.

If nothing at all come to your mind at that moment, to wipe off the negativity, you could start humming one of your favorite songs that would make you cheerful.

7. It has been proven and agreed upon by many, that stressful situations make the quality of their work better. It has been noticed that several customer service executives, respond better if they are dealing with stress and challenge.

So, don’t let targets and challenges at work weigh you down. Rather face them with a positive spirit and you shall be motivated to perform better.

8. Jeff Toister, in a customer service tip has said, we should surround ourselves with “anchors” to hold your positive feeling onto it.

To do this, you could decorate your bay or cabin with things that make you feel happy and positive, like a family picture or fresh flowers, or your accolades at work that would remind you how you have been able to handle the most difficult customers and the toughest situations.

9. Your way of interaction with others can bring about a lot of changes in your thoughts and action. Instead of using the same old stereotypes, bring some flavors to your daily communication.

For example, suppose a customer asked how you were doing that day, why just say “I’m fine” or “good”? It would come as a refreshingly positive change to your customers, if there hear “I’m fantastic” or “great!”

10. Your dreams and targets in life can also act as a positive fulcrum in your sphere of work. Once you are able to specifically visualize what exactly you want out of your career, even the most frustrating customer call will seem fruitful, and important towards getting you nearer to your goal.

11. One of the best methods to remaining positive towards achieving success in your career is to focus on your target and then identify the obstacles that would block your path.

Once you are able to identify the hindrances, you will have a more practical approach towards your goal, overcome your fears and gain enthusiasm to work better, shedding all pessimisms away.

12. The right method of work at your contact center can help you maintain a positive attitude effectively. For example, using the right software, would ensure taking the right decisions and thereby reduce chances of errors.

So make sure the software you use are updated. Before doing so, it is advisable that you carry out a proper call center software solutions comparison to get the best one you need for your business processes.

13. Always remember to reward and appreciate yourself for even the smallest accomplishments in work. Suppose you have been able to address a small glitch your customer has been facing with the virtual call center software, and that makes your customer happy and thankful.

Celebrate this little moment by talking a break and having a cup of your favorite cappuccino! You will not only get back to work with a positive note, but will also be more confident before your next customer call.

14. Constantly provide hope to your customers that their problem will be solved. Once the customer is confident that their complaint will be addressed properly, he will also feel positive and will not nag even if you have to transfer the call or request him to agree for a call back.

15. Always be aware of your gestures in order to stay positive while serving customers at the call center. A smile, a warm greeting, acceptance and good behavior would keep your customers happy and they would come back to you.

And a happy bunch of customers at your contact center will increase positivity of the entire firm.

16. Eat and drink properly. Proper food and drink does a lot to keep you energized and in turn positive throughout the day.

So, make sure you eat good food, and drink lots of water. You could take short breaks when in office and grab a chocolate bar or some fresh juice, to enhance your mood and start work again on a more affirmative note.

17. Make enough friends at your workplace so that you can share your worries and anxieties. Often talking to a coworker who would understand your concerns can act as a good stress reliever and you may also get some excellent solutions to your problems from your colleague.

18. Try to load your mind with so much of positivity, that pessimism does not at all find a way through it.

Those who love reading, can read a page from your favorite book (something that will be inspiring), others who love music, may listen to motivational music or inspirational videos to keep you geared up and stop negative vibes from bowing you down.

19. Try to spend more time with people with a positive frame of mind than with people who are always pessimistic about their work.

Having a group of optimist friends and acquaintances to interact with, will have a great impact on your mental stability and positivity.

20. Appreciate and encourage your fellow workers as often as possible.

By doing this, you will not only fill them with happiness and positivity, but this will work as a chain and in turn, you will also be filled with a positive mood.

21. Finally, instead of complaining and being negative, be thankful for every single day you have.

Compare yourself with those who are not as privileged as you are, be it in the field of work, position, financial condition, mental condition or in life in general.

The Case Study

Just the tips and advices may not always be convincing in changing your attitude towards optimism. However, real examples from our everyday life can often be powerful enough in providing substantial proof towards the matter in question.

If you want to implement these tips into your workforce, in order to push out the negative and bring a positive work force environment, a case study is must.

It is the key to knowing what works well and what can be improvised to suit your needs.

Therefore, let us look at the following case study where we shall learn about a real life incident about how positive attitude towards customers has been immensely helpful in the success of a hospital.

The hospital in question is anonymously named HBD, established in 1994. It was created with the aim of providing radiotherapy at a lower cost than usual for those who needed it but were not quite able to afford the costly treatment.

It also focused a lot on providing normal healthcare to patients.

In this case study, we will talk about the problem scenario, the challenges that the hospital faced, the solutions the management leaders came up with and the overall results which took place as a result of these solutions.

The Problem Scenario

The Hospital was founded anonymously by one Mr. P.G in 1994. However, the cost of such facilities were high, and it led to the creation of a one of a kind Radiology Center that specifically catered to the less fortunate, so that they didn’t lack the means to save their loved ones.

However, even if the creation of such a department was possible, it became apparent that radiology was much more than expensive machines and such.

What they required in addition were hospitable staff member—doctors who were sympathetic, nurses who were caring and understanding, helpers who were well-behaved, and even therapists to get over the turmoil and the difficult morale boosting that is very much needed for such patients.

Since the field was one that often dealing with trauma and immense pain, it became all the more important to have a supporting staff that understood the patient and connect to them on a human level.

It became very tough to maintain a positive environment and provide their staff a morale boost when they needed it.

The Challenges

Though it might seem that bringing in a positive work environment cannot do much, it is important to note that in an environment like the hospital, where death, mishaps and disappointing experiences after often the daily norm rather than the exception, it is important to have some semblance of normality so that the workers, who are very much human, do not get overwhelmed with the various emotions they encountered on a daily basis.

HBD staff uncovered the following challenges in their day to day life:

1. Their hectic schedules left them no time for themselves to even relax for ten minutes.

There was a serious lack of staff when doctors went off duty for a few hours, which meant that most of the tasks were handled by people who were not exactly experts on the subjects.

2. They lacked enough radiology machines, which in turn forced them to keep patients waiting, several of whom needed immediate treatment.

Once the machines were available things improved, but lack of enough machines made a long queue, and it ended up being taxing for the staff member especially the nurses and the interns.

3. They had no therapist on hand, and therefore they had to take care of the patients emotional needs.

This further drained them, as they too had no one to share their stress when it was really required, say if a patient could not make it after being admitted.

4. The shortage of nurses meant that there was chaos to be seen in the radiology rooms.

Nurses would have to run and keep rushing their jobs as the patients came in, making it quite stressful for them, both health and mentality wise.

5. There was no proper software available to them that would automatically log in a patients and show their medical reports, or even take into account their current medical conditions.

6. There was a lack of a time out zone in the hospital for radiology department. Doctors could not go and take an hour off by reading or watching or just grabbing a cup of coffee.

It caused a serious drop in the morale amongst the staff, which was unhealthy and was the biggest criticism to be found in the hospital.

The Solutions

The solutions that the hospital came up with as soon as these concerns were made clear to them were:

1. Appointing more doctors and hiring several interns to make the work load of the department much easier to handle.

It meant more expenses but also meant better and quality treatment for the patients. They also focused on hiring more nurses.

2. Setting up a recreation room for the doctors with adequate facilities so that they could take short breaks to rejuvenate themselves.

3. Hiring expert therapists who were professionals in the field of taking care of the families and the patients suffering from serious illness or trauma.

4. Checking up on call center software pricing and providing the correct tools for the staff to perform better.

5. Buying better radiology machines to help them work faster and reduce queues.

The Results

The results were almost immediate. Patient trauma was handled well, ques wee shortened and doctors had a positive environment to work it.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the count of deaths in the hospital reduced drastically, but the overall condition of both the employees and the patients improved, and HBD went on to become one of the leading hospitals providing superior treatment for all their patients.

A positive environment can do wonders for your employees, and make them like their jobs. It keeps stress down, promotes healthy competition, and even maintain an overall satisfying job experience for those retiring from the company.

Maintaining a positive environment is a human act that all your employees have the right to, so don’t skip on this important aspect.