How To Keep Your Customers Satisfied In The Digital Era


All types of businesses, big or small face stiff competition and are dependent upon their marketing strategies and plans.

With the advent of the internet, digital marketing has become an integral part of all the marketing campaigns.

From healthcare, manufacturing, retail to technology and hospitality all the industries are left with no alternative but to use the latest digital marketing strategies to ensure that the customers remain loyal to them.

Using good call center software is one of the most effective ways of keeping them satisfied.

For any organization irrespective of its size to sustain, succeed and grow, customers are the first priority, rather they are an obsession.

That is why small companies and even big conglomerates invest a major chunk of their investment in resources that can transform the viewpoint of the customers in their favor.

With the introduction of multiple digital tools in the marketing field, now is the time for any business organization to practically invest in such innovations and techniques and provide the best quality experience to its customers.

So how can you keep your customers satisfied in today’s digital era? Check out the few factors below:


1.     Do You Understand Your Customers?

As of now, most of the organizations that sell services and products have shifted to digital transformation to enhance customer experience.

But a company will be able to provide this enhanced customer experience only if it understands its customers well enough.

To understand wants and needs of your customers, you will need journey mapping which will document the current journey of a customer in context with his investments in your products or services.

So, how do you initiate journey mapping? Follow the 4 steps given below:

Establishing Direction: In the first phase of journey mapping, you need to pick up a few employees from your organization and form a team.

This team will conduct the activity of map initiation. Once the team has been formed, you can decide various elements of the mapping such as what journey and whose journey to map and so on.

Internal Research: Every organization has a data covering details about its association with the customers since its inception.

The experience and knowledge about the customers is a part of this data and can be easily traced from your various departments.

The team formed to initiate the journey mapping should make use of this information for investigating as well as creating an assumption formula.

External Research:  The next phase is carrying out external research. It is a qualitative research in which your team needs to take insights from your official website, social media, email marketing and various other online accounts of the company.

Mapping: In this final phase, both the data collected through external and internal research are gathered together and based on it an accurate interpretation of the current state of the journey of your customers is made.

This information may give you a perfect idea about the needs and wants of your customers.

2.    Enhancing Experience Across Multiple Digital Channels

Nowadays, most of the customers use multiple mobile devices for communicating with any organization. That is why; it is of utmost importance that you offer excellent individual experience to your customers across all the widely used mobile platforms.

Simultaneously, you must also strive to enhance the customer experience across all the digital channels. These digital channels are:

•    Market Automation

•    Content Management Systems (CMS)

•    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

•    Analytics

3.    Are You Providing Appropriate And Relative Experience?

Providing appropriate and relative experience to the customers involves offering a digital experience which is so outstanding that they are tempted to buy more products or invest more in your services that they had decided earlier.

Here are a few key practices that provide an excellent digital experience to the customers:

Know Your Customers Better: It can be done by capturing the digital footprints left behind by your customers when they visit your website or other online pages.

Customer Segmentation:  You can achieve this by getting information from the 3rd party providers relevant to your customers.

Personalized Association: When you get information from the digital footprints and the 3rd party provider, you can devise a plan that allows you to deliver a customized experience to your customers.

It will make them feel as if they are having a personalized association with you.

It is this special treatment that can encourage your prospects to become your customers and invest in your services or products not just once but repeatedly.

Enhancing Online Presence: It is important that you enhance your online presence to get a good and consistent response from the customers. And for that, you must reach the customers across all the platforms.

Make sure that you increase the various online avenues through which you can reach the customer such as social media, websites, mobile applications and all other types of online presence.

4.    Investing In Multi-Channel Content Marketing

With the help of multi-channel content marketing, you can develop a better understanding of all your customers. For that, you must create an integrated customer experience platform from where you can reach the customers wherever they are and provide better customer experience.

For this particular key factor to generate the right response, your organization must create as well as  publish content across all the channels including email service, website, mobile applications and social media pages.

5.    Providing Simplified Content

The final and one of the most important factors that can help you keep the customers satisfied in the digital world is a simplification.

It means your organization must be able to provide appropriate content to all your customers in a simplified manner through whichever platform you choose including social media pages, website, and mobile application.

It also means that you must optimize your mobile platforms in such a way that your customers find it easy to place an order, get content or request services.

Prior to launching newer products and services, you must first come up with the best possible customer experience strategy that can provide optimum satisfaction to the customers.

Case Study


The above information showcases the importance of keeping the customers satisfied and how any organization, big or small can ensure that its customer base is loyal and satisfied.

To understand the applications of the key factors for impressing customer loyalty on your mind let us study the case of a call center.

The rapidly growing, centrally based Indian call center has more than 2000 employees operating from around 25 to 30 different locations at a time.

The call center provides all types of customer support and telecommunication services to the various businesses from the field of banking, IT, insurance and finance.

Being renowned in its field, the call center company is already using the best call center software solutions. Although the software is one of the best it is not the latest.

Just as everyone in the field of IT and communication is aware of, there is a new technology introduced every minute globally.

So using only the best is not always going to give you the results. Rather you must always try to upgrade your system and implement the best as well as the latest and the most advanced system that is available in your field. And the same applies to a call center company.



This particular company in question was using software that had limited features and hence could only be operated on a laptop or a desktop. It thus restricted the working flexibility of the employee.

Negative Feedback From Clients: At the beginning, the going was quite good with the clients sending happy feedback with an increased number of satisfied customers.

However, slowly, the negative statements started coming from the regular clients first once in the monthly review and later on almost weekly.

The company also witnessed a huge number of employee turnovers. It also indicated that not only the clients but also the employees of the company were unhappy with the overall working system.

Huge Investment Backfired: The call center company had invested hugely in the best call center software and infrastructure to please its clients and give them up-to-date service.

However, the clients from the banking, finance, and insurance industry were not satisfied with the services that were being offered to them.

The main problem was that the company could not just understand the reason for sudden increase in negative feedback and dissatisfied clients.

Resolving The Issue


To get to the bottom of the whole issue, the call center company appointed a panel so that these increasing issues could be resolved.

The team carried out thorough research and came to the conclusion that the company should make changes in its working system and first and foremost must shift to the most advanced call center solutions that was flexible and had a mobile application.

At the start, the company was not in favor of this change as it indicated that the call center employees could also work out of the office and away from the conservative environment from a distant or a remote location.

So, the management initially struggled with this new suggestion and was simply delaying the whole implementation as suggested by the panel when one of its major clients gave the call center an ultimatum.

That is when the call center company decided to take the final step and bring in some new changes in its working style. The management studied the working of few of the leading call centers, the in-house technology used by them.

It then decided to devise a plan of action that can help them improve their efficiency and increase the number of satisfied customers that would convince the current clients to stay with them.

Investment In Software Offering Wider Functionality:  The company decided to upgrade its working and invested in software that offered wider functionality. It was cloud-based software that was easily accessible through mobile devices across all the platforms.

The new software made it easier for the employees to keep in touch with their colleagues and clients. Now the call center agents could work from anywhere and access the social intranet from their remote location to work in collaboration with the other agents on different projects.

The new software facilitated various activities such as checking the activity stream, reading content published by the company across various channels, monitoring tasks, scheduling events, managing files online and working with CRM very easy.

Multi-Channel Software: The new software facilitated the use of the call center system from both desktop/laptop and a mobile device. The agents could carry on tasks such as messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and sync files between the desktop and the mobile device without much hassles.

It thus led to drop in employee turnover as the employees were more than happy to work with the latest call center solutions and the facilities that were now a part of their overall working system. It naturally increased their efficiency, dedication towards their work, and conviction to make the customers happy.

Quality Check And Improved Communication: With the help of the new software, the company could now easily carry out quality checks every week and made changes according to the report. Thus, the new software solution improved the internal communication and made the operations much easier for the employees.

Sharing Files And Updates With Clients: The latest software provided the company with regularly updated data related to dissatisfied customers, their complaints and related issues.

The call center company could now share these information files with their international clients so that they could improve at their end and also provide the call center company the feedback to improve the overall process.


Regular interaction with the client as well as with the employees ensured that the mistakes were not repeated and the shortcomings were overcome. The new call center system offered more flexibility to the employees.

Since they were now able to work from their location and had easy access to a lot of data and information, the agents were able to address the queries of the customers properly thereby improving the customer satisfaction ratio.



After the call center company started using the most advanced call center system, it started witnessing a great improvement in its efficiency. Within six months, the company was in a position to not only pacify the existing clients and offer efficient service to them but also started planning expansion.

Thus, by making just a small change the call center company managed to satisfy the customers in the digital era thereby enhancing its chances of becoming a global leader in offering the customer support services.