How To Invest In The Call-Back Technology


Most of the times it becomes difficult to manage the customer calls and the line is put on hold for the longer period. This frustrates the consumers, and they switch to the services of other companies.

This puts a negative impact on the working of the company, so the companies are now opting for the Call-Back technology. The Call Center Software helps in eliminating the long wait of the customers on the call.

With the Call-Back technology, the customers can drop their numbers, so the agents can call them back. This saves the time of the customer as well as creates a positive impact on the company.

The consumer gets a time frame under which he/she can get the call back to redress their grievances.

Here are some of the top five tips to Invest in the Call-Back technology by the consumers:

1.    Lowering Customer Dissatisfaction Level

With the help of this technology, the company can lower the customer dissatisfaction level, as they do not have to wait for the long hours on the customer care call.

This is one of the Best Call Center Solutions, as the company does not lose their customers. Even the customers no longer have to switch on the companies because they can leave their contact details. This will make the agent of the company to call back the specific consumer.

2.    Improvement in Productivity of Agents

This Call-Back technology has proven fruitful for the company and the agents as they can simply call the customer whose call was put on the hold.

The number is put up on the screen, and they can get an access to the caller’s information without any problem. They do not have to dig out their Customer Relationship Management system records to get the required information about the specific consumer.

This improves the productivity of the agents as they can connect easily with the customer without any difficulty.

3.    Not losing the Lead

The Best Call Center Software helps in maintaining the lead in case if the customers care executive is busy attending other customers.

The precise consumer can leave their information for the agent and in lieu, they get a specific time for getting the call. This will save the time and energy of both the customer and the agent. This will also help the companies not to lose their important leads.

4.    Immediate Call to the Consumers

The Call-Back technology offers Best Call Center Software Solutions to its consumers. According to reports, most of the customers expect the call within 30 minutes of the hanging of their calls from the company’s agents.

The group of these customers reaches out to nearly 50% of the people. They want their issues to be solved immediately so that they can carry with their work in an easy way.

5.    Reduction in Telecom Cost

The investment in this newer technology minimizes the telecom cost for the call centers. The customers do not have to wait unnecessarily for a long time on the calls.

This helps in reducing the higher amount of the toll charges and eliminates the waiting time for the consumers on the call. It also helps in saving the huge amount that may end up in the wastage while waiting in the queue for answering the call.

Case Study


The reputed Call center that was working for the telecom sector was facing the problem of call abandonment due to the calls being received on a particular time of the day. In the afternoon, the calls were on the peak. This took a toll on the customers, and company lost 14% of its customers too.

The challenge was to use the Call-Back technology efficiently by the agents so that they can reach out to the customers in a fast manner. The Call-Back technology worked as the perfect Online Call Center Software in India, and it was taken as the great solution.

The company retained nearly 12 % of its consumers that they were about to lose. The agents gets back to its consumers within 30 minutes of the period after the management decision.

This helped in increasing the retention of the consumers, and the Call-Back technology software usage decreased the abandonment calls to nearly 10%.

In closing, with the usage of the Call-Back technology, the call centers are able to retain their present customers. They do not have to wait in the call queues as the agents reach out to them in a quick manner. Even this has helped in retention of 80% of the customer calls too.