How to Improve the Social Media Presence of a Business

With the growth in technology, contact center software solutions have also evolved. While earlier, they included inbuilt integration for text messages and call services, these days many applications also cater to the needs of the social networking platforms.

These profiles have changed the way the businesses interact with their purchasers. As a result, the companies are only a click away from the buyers. They can ping the agents whenever they want, get all the information as per their requirement and can also voice their concerns out in the public forum.

Keeping in mind the growing importance of these sites, today the majority of the cloud based call center solutions come with integrated social networking application so that the agents can utilize these platforms to the fullest. However, many organizations are still not able to fully tap the potential of these sites.

Despite being present on the major platforms, the companies are still not able to interact with the prospects or create a niche for themselves. This is because of the lack of a strong social presence. Many staff members assume that being present on social networking sites, responding to the alerts generated through the outbound calling solution and posting random stuff is enough to market the brand.

However, on the contrary, social presence is more than just regular posting. It is also about giving the clients a chance to communicate with the business and attempting to build a bond for a lifetime. It is about developing a large group of followers and delivering to them exactly what they desire. Here a few tips on how you can improve your social presence in the digital world.

1. Have an Updated Profile

• This might seem like an obvious one, but surprisingly, this is usually the most ignored one. When your social profile does not give the full information about your brand, there is no way that the purchasers are going to take you seriously. It is vital that you ensure that your presence is optimized and one sure shot way of doing this is to have a well-written and complete bio with the right keywords.

• The profiles of your social media accounts act like an introduction of the company and hence, it is important that they include a clear and concise description of who you are and what do you do. Including your official website URL in the bio, having your company logo as your profile photo and ensuring that your tagline is prominent in your cover photo not only helps in establishing credibility but also helps in building your brand value.

2. Look out for Opportunities to Interact

• The best way for you to increase your digital presence is to communicate with your consumers on a daily basis. Only when they see your posts frequently will they start recognizing your brand. Hence, it is essential that you keep looking out for situations when you can engage with the buyers and strike a conversation with them. This will not only help you to keep your company floating in the mind of the purchasers but will also help you to know more about your consumers.

• The best way to do this will be to join a platform that is used by the maximum of your customers. Join the communities pertaining to your industry and try to engage with the prospects. If there are forums where the purchasers are posting their queries, answer them and guide them to your webpage. This will ensure that the consumers know about your company and its services.

• It is called social for a reason. The clients do not come to the sites to look for an endless stream of advertisements or coupons. Instead, they want meaningful interactions that can help them in making their life and job simpler. Monitor the mentions on the networking sites. Make sure that the call center solutions for small business are linked to the multiple social media profiles so that you never miss the mention of your name.

• Track all that is trending in the market. This shall help you stay on the top of your game. This will not only give you ideas for conversations but will also make it simpler for you to land in the news feed of the individuals. Build relationships with people in your industry as well. As a result, your chances of engagement are improved.

• Start following the industry experts, well-known brands, and influential bloggers. Participate in the discussions held by them and voice your opinion clearly. When you are in the popular circles, the number of followers can also increase.

3. Bring out Awesome Content

• The clients will bookmark your site and follow your profiles only when there is something valuable that they will get in return. Your presence will be felt only when the consumers feel that you are worth their time and this can happen only when you have something interesting and useful at the offering.

• Avoid product-focused content. This will make your profile look like a promotional or selling agent. Instead, look out for what your customers want to hear from you. From common resolutions to detailed product information, translate all your knowledge into creative and valuable content. Since both of you have the same target audience in mind, it is a wise decision to keep a tab on what your competitors are sharing on their profiles.

• This will help you develop an understanding of what is trending in the market and what is desired by the customer. However, in a bid to have more number of posts or to increase the engagement levels do not drop the quality of the content. Do not just share information about your company or the products. Instead, provide them with inspirational quotes; industry related news or any other light hearted post.

• These days, many companies are using the profiles to tie-in the blog posts. This not only helps in increasing the traffic to the webpage but also ensures that longer content is shared on the platform. Offering a teaser or a graphic from a blog grabs the attention of the audience and they are compelled to go to the main post in order to know more. This will also help in developing in-depth interactions on the sites.

Example: A Career Counselor Agency uses the call center software solutions in order to get in touch with the students who have recently passed high school. Their social media page is filled with information about the best colleges, off-beat career niches, and professional advice from the industry experts as well as tips for exam preparation. This ensures that there is variety for the clients.

• However, it is important that you make your content stand out in the market. Look out for more creative ways. For example, use funny images or quirky words in order to get the audiences interested. The way you poll a question too can make a huge difference in the engagement levels.

• The timing of the content also plays a huge role in helping you up your social game. Look for when your target audience is the most active and try sharing posts, images around the same time. This will ensure that the content is on the top of their newsfeed and is not lost in the multiple posts. Knowing the golden hour of each social network and of the prospective buyers can help in improving the digital presence.

4. Embrace the Negative Comments Gracefully

• A major part of your online reputation comes from the way you handle the irate customers and avoid the spread of negative publicity. One has to understand that complaints and issues are a part of daily business. For the purchasers, it is a way of showing their concerns and voicing their issues. The way you deal with them determines the quality of your work.

• Respond to them in the fastest time possible. The best telemarketing software generates alerts whenever there is a new comment or mention of your company. Ask your agents to keep a tab on them and advise them to respond gracefully. If needed, the conversation can be taken offline but remember to acknowledge. This creates a positive image of the corporation.

5. Utilize the Multiple Platforms

• Branch out. Do not just stick around to the major networking platforms. In a bid to stay closer to the clients, the company usually tries to stay active on the popular sites. However, one has to understand with the increasing scope of digital market in the field of business, the very definition of social media is changing. Earlier, it referred only to interactive sites like Twitter and Facebook, today the term also encompasses Foursquare, Google Plus etc.

• It is essential that you stay active on the social bookmarking sites, social review sites and much more. There is always a chance that a few number of buyers who are experimenting with these not so popular modes of communication. Hence, using more than three networking platforms gives your clients a wide variety of ways to get in touch with you and utilize your services. Look out for the places where the majority of your target audiences are.

• Also, try the unconventional profiles like Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest in order to communicate with the consumers. Stay active on the forums as well. A major chunk of customers ask their product related queries on such sites. Make sure that the outbound call center software is integrated with all these platforms.

6. Humanize the Brand

• Social media has the amazing ability to humanize your brand, something that even a call-center cannot achieve completely. It allows you to put a face, give a voice and create a personality of the company in the online persona. However, these days many organizations are giving these platforms a corporate look by making them promotional spots.

• The main benefit and use of having a social media account is that it gives you the opportunity to communicate with the purchasers in real-time and personal tone. However, if you “over-brand” your pages, this will give your corporation, a ‘one among the many look.’ Instead, allow the buyers to see your softer side. This includes giving them a chance to interact with you and know you better.

• This cannot be achieved only by having blog posts, giving a link to the articles or by displaying fancy pictures. This means really getting to the ground and interacting with them. Respond to their complaints, think over their ideas, say thanks for being a part of the company or give public shout outs.

• Have chat halls where the client can freely voice his concern and discuss his apprehensions. You can also arrange Q/A sessions and can also include few games as a part of your interaction. You will not only be able to engage with your buyers and get to know their point of view but this will also make them feel valuable.

7. Promote

• Your profile will have a presence only when it is recognizable. The purchasers will identify the brand only when they see it multiple times. They will not come and search for you. You have to take your company to them. An easy way to do this would be to include the links to your multiple networks on the official website, on your blog, in local advertising, on the business cards as well e-mail newsletters.

• Also, it is important that you give your buyer a chance to share the word about your organization in a simple manner. Add social sharing buttons to all of your content. This will not only help you to promote your brand but will also help you to reach out to a larger audience, individuals who were not a part of your campaign but are in the networks of your followers.

The Problem

• Back-Packers, a travel agency uses the cloud customer service software in order to get more information about the prospect and to connect with them using the deals that they cannot refuse. While they dealt with the major vendors in the market, they decided to incorporate social media into their work style keeping in mind the changing dynamics of the communication industry.

• As a result, they integrated their outbound telemarketing software with the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter and started using them in order to reach more customers and to spread word about their company. However, despite their efforts the company was not able to create a brand value for themselves in the digital world.

The Solution

• Back-Packers then decided to approach these sites using strategic planning. The first thing they did was to change their profile bio keeping in mind the keywords and industry trends. This ensured that their name showed up whenever people searched the industry related terms. As a result, excitement, travel, holiday became common.

• The cloud contact center solutions were integrated into not only the major platforms but also other popular networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare etc. The company utilized these profiles in order to create a buzz about the brand. They encouraged them to share their travel pictures and tips. The best among all were rewarded monthly.

• An editorial calendar was created in order to have an integrated approach towards publishing the content. The same post was shared in different ways in the different platforms. While Twitter included hash tags, Google Plus would have an elaborate summary and Facebook would have an eye-catching headline. All the responsibilities catering to each platform were divided among the agents.

• They also understood that each complaint is an opportunity for improvement. As a result, no delay was made when answering the issues of their consumers. A two hour grace period was given to answer the queries. A representative was deployed to keep tab of the mentions and alerts generated using the outbound calling software.

• A lot of images were used in the content. As a result, blogs on famous holiday destinations, tips for solo travelers, tips when traveling with children, honeymoon destinations were regularly shared. The customers were also welcomed to share their travelogues and images. This increased the engagement levels among the clients.

• Posts were made on a regular basis either blogs or images or simple tips. Out of sight implied out of mind and this could have an adverse impact on the brand image. However, a conscious effort was made not to spam the newsfeed of the purchasers. A maximum of 7 posts were made per day.

• Rewards and incentives were also included for the new followers, old customers and people who have shared their success story with the brand. This ensured that the users followed the networks of the company in order to get the exclusive gifts and also helped in developing a positive buzz for the company.

The Result

• When the process was carried out for a considerable amount of time, the company could see a spike in the rate of engagement levels. The number of followers improved, the interactions increased and the social channel was active as never before.


• The digital space is an important part of the marketing world. The world of business needs to adapt to the changing technology. If you are not using social media for your daily corporate activities, you are missing out on interacting with a large group of your target audience.

• The social presence will not be made in one day. By applying the above strategies, you will be able to identify, reach and engage with your buyers in a completely innovative way. Having the right plan of action, and correct tools such as the best call center software that is integrated with the major networking platforms and optimum work practices, will take your company to new heights. Are you ready for the change?