How to Improve sales using Email Marketing

A good quality contact center software solutions can, today, facilitate multichannel communication on a large scale in simple and cost effective ways. With the changing technology, the modes of interaction have also proliferated. 

Hence, in order to stay on top of their selling and customer service game, it is vital that the companies utilize all these platforms effectively. The best telemarketing software will be the one that is well integrated with multiple channels of communication like calls, text messages, e-mails, voicemails and social media.

However, while corporations make sure that that the call center solutions for small business support the multiple modes of communication, they do not utilize all of them to their fullest capacity. Often, one way of interaction is given more preference than the other. It is important to understand that the buyers are spread across all these platforms and only when you make your visibility felt in all their desired channel can you persuade them to buy your product.

With the advent of social media, interacting with the consumers has become an instant task. There is no time delay, communication can happen in real-time and the answers are out in the public forum. As a result, many businesses tend to ignore the importance of e-mails in the corporate world today. However, on the contrary, marketing via e-mails can still be effective when conversing with the buyers of the company.

Emails can be a powerful tool in order to re-engage with the dormant consumers. The ‘We miss you’ mails are a common method of getting the buyer back into the funnel. Coupled with a small reward, they are more effective in waking up the purchaser than any other communication tool.

The main advantage of communicating via emails is that it allows the corporation to have a private and personalized interaction with the purchasers. The agents are provided with the opportunity to maximize the quality of the content and provide in-depth data about any particular subject. This is however not possible in message and social media communications.

Here are a few tips on how you can effectively craft your emails in order to get more sales for your organization.

1. Know your Target Audience

• Every buyer is different and his expectations from the company differ as well. Sending the same mail to all the consumers is going to be of no use. The customers will be genuinely interested in reading the content of the mail only when it is formed according to the needs of the buyers. The chances of clients responding positively to a mail are higher when the content is crisp and personalized.

• In case you are sending generic mails to all your consumers not only are you wasting your time but also potentially damaging the chances of closing a deal. The more targeted the mail and its subject line, the greater are the opening rates.

• Hence, it is essential that you choose a cloud contact center software that can be well integrated into the leading vendor sites as well as social networking platforms and, as a result, more information can be gathered about the prospects. The content of the email can then be crafted accordingly.

• At the beginning of the consumer relationship, you might have to send the same email to everyone because you do not know them and it is important that you provide them information about your company and the products. If you do not understand your target audience, whether it a happy and satisfied customer who wishes to continue with your services or a prospect who hesitates to buy, you won’t be able to have a hard-hitting and persuasive mail.

• However, as time progresses and when you get to know more about the purchasers, remember to include them in the mail. The outbound calling solution allows you to listen to the archived conversations and gives you an insight into the purchasing history of the buyers. It is also vital that you know where exactly you stand in the sales funnel. You would not want to send an introductory mail to a prospect who is very close to being a successful lead.

2. Have a Purpose

• It is essential that you value the time of the buyers. Do not misuse the contact information of the clients. Do not inundate their mailboxes with unnecessary information. This will not put your organization in a negative light but can also lead your customers from unsubscribing to your services. Hence, send in a mail when you genuinely need to get in touch with the customer.

• Many companies are under the notion that repetitive mails can help the organization stay alive in the mind of the target audience. However, on the flip side, this can have negative repercussions. If you constantly ping them for no reason they will delete your message without even attempting to read it.

• It is essential to take their permission before initiating the communication cycle. Have voluntary subscriptions and record their email Id in the database of the cloud based call center solutions. Ask them how frequently would they like to hear from your end. In the beginning, start with one newsletter per month and then increase the frequency depending on the needs as well as the response of the purchaser.

• It is also essential that you maintain the consistency while sending the messages. A longer gap between two mails, and the buyers are likely to ignore you. Hence, it is essential that you maintain a marketing calendar that can help you in sending timely mails. The call center software solutions can be helpful in generating alerts for follow-up and appointments. As a result, you will never miss out on sending an e-mail.

3. Subject Lines

• In our daily life, the first thing that catches our attention in the mail boxes is the subject of the e-mail. If the subject does not mention anything interesting or important, we tend to skip it to attend the other necessary tasks. Same is the case with promotional or marketing mails. If you do not have anything creative for the purchasers, there are high chances that your message is going to the trash bin even before being read.

• Subject lines are similar to the headlines of the newspaper. Not only do they act as an introduction to your content in the mail but they also help in creating curiosity and grabbing the attention of the readers. It is vital that you pick lines that are quirky and resonate more with your target audience.

• Do an A/B testing to optimize open and click through rates. Create multiple variations of the subject lines to identify which one of them has the highest engagement rate. When the chances of opening the mail are higher, the chances of having a closed lead also increases. There are few specific keywords that can help you improve your opening rate while there are also few words which can make your email look spam.

• The best subject lines are the ones that are interesting, creative, and informative and still have the element of curiosity in it. Avoid the words that make our content look like a promotional message. Avoid the words that are usually associated with sales like free, reminder, buy, splashy phrases, exclamation marks etc. This not only increases the chances of a spam filter but also frustrates the purchasers.

• Many companies also tend to personalize the subject line. Including the first name of the client sparks an interest among them. It is also important that you keep them short. Many individuals give a swift glance to the subject to decide whether they want to open the mail or not. As a result, ensure that the text is about 50 characters.

4. Call to Action

• The e-mail will be complete only when there is a call to action that is added at the end. This tells them what to do next or what is going to happen next. This acts like a huge driver for the marketing and selling emails. Other than the subject, the next most important thing is to include a call to action button in each of your mail.

• However, more than often, the agents lay more emphasis on creating the body of the content. It is essential to make the purchasers understand the reason why you are sending the email and this can usually be cleared in the call to action button. This defines the next act that the customers have to take once they are done reading the email.

• This is usually seen at the end of the mail in the form of a button or an embedded link. Due to the limited space available, it is vital that you keep it short, persuasive and compelling. The most common way to end the mail is to say, ‘click here.’ While this tells the subscriber what he must do next, it does not explain the need to do it.

• Unless the call to action creates an urgency among the target audiences, it is going to be of no help. The best way to do so is to add a verb at the beginning. Some of the most common call to action include, share, buy now, read more on the blog, send me the link, look inside etc. However, do not come across as too pushy.

• Make sure that the call to action link does not mix up with the content and stands out and is visible without much effort. Usually, many companies tend to colour the button in order to grab the attention of the reader. Minimize any sort of distractions around the link.

Example: The Fitness Gym Center uses the cloud customer service software in order to get in touch with the potential health enthusiasts. They usually send emails to their subscribers informing them about the new offers available. At the end of each email, a call to action box is created that says, ‘Avail Now.’ This is directly linked to the main webpage of the company where the registration details can be completed.

5. Mobile Friendly

• A significant amount of consumers spend the majority of their time on their mobile devices. With the growth in technology, purchasing through their phones has made it simpler for the clients to invest their money in the product of their choice. Same is the case with emails. The maximum numbers of buyers use their mobiles in order to communicate with the company and to catch up the mails.

• Thus, it is vital that the email that you send is mobile friendly and can be easily viewed, understood and can be responded to using the phone. The customers are not going to read through the mail if it is not compatible on their phone screens. They will usually not take the pains of going to a computer and opening the mail unless really important. As a result, you are losing out on a major chunk of your buyers if your message is not properly formatted.

• Keep a tab on the character count of your subject line. Include a pre-header text. This will entice the consumers in opening the mail and reading ahead. Many mobile devices do not display images by default. Descriptive texts are heavy to load and hence, it is better if you craft your copy in such a manner that it looks appealing and comprehensible even without pictures.

6. Short, Casual and Conversational

• Brevity is of importance when sending a mail to the customers. The clients do not have all day long to read what you have sent. Having too much of only text will compel the reader to leave it midway. Get directly to the point. Keep the limited focus on what your company is and how it is well positioned in the market. Instead, tell them how they can derive benefit by using the products and services of the organization.

• Use simple language. Do not add to many technical terms as this can confuse the audience. If you have too much information to share either divide it into parts or make it a simple infographic. Adding images to the mail can be another interesting option.

• Do not use too formal tone in the mail. This makes the interaction more promotional rather than conversational. Instead, take a casual approach and converse as if you know the prospect well and are talking to her face-to-face. However, maintain a line of decency and professionalism.

• It is also important that you base the content on questions rather than statements. Questions have the power to persuade the target audiences and prompt them to think about the company and its services. They help in engaging the consumers and can elicit a faster response when compared to mere statements.

Example: PackABag, a travel agency which uses the outbound call center software in order to strike a conversation with its probable buyer sends them mails about preferable travel destinations and holiday offers. Instead of saying, ‘Solo travelling can be fun’ they prefer adding, ‘Are you the kind of person who enjoys his own company? Are you looking for some ‘me time?’ Questions like these spark an interest among the audiences to read and know more.

While the above tips can be useful, a great share also depends on the nature of the business. Ensure that you are energetic when communicating with the buyers. It is essential that you create a seamless interacting experience for them. Your mail acts like the voice of the brand and, therefore, they must be crafted carefully keeping in mind the goals of the business.

More than introducing new offers look at it as a chance to build and nurture a relationship with the buyers. Think of your emails as a chance to make a personal connection. The best call center software, proper communication etiquettes, and great customer service can help you in making a place for your brand in the hearts of the customers.