How To Improve Outbound Calling Efficiency With Telemarketing Software

The modern market is aggressive and volatile.

Also, the economy is quite unstable and hence no one knows which marketing move by the competitor can help it surge ahead of you. That is why companies simply are not in a position to wait and watch and then take a decision.

They are needed to be constantly on their go with their marketing and customer support service strategies.

And one thing that works in every company’s favor is having efficient customer service support.

Outbound calling is one such tool that is used to boost sales and even also to fulfill other purposes such as surveys, verification’s, check-ups, and updated list.

Most of the call center companies use different software that analyzes data about a particular customer and determine who is most likely to buy the particular service or product after taking into account his buying history, buying pattern and current requirements and information about his personal profile.

Outbound calls play a major role in implementing the call center strategies as they can help in increasing revenue generation as well as customer base through the direct approaches.

Case Study

Based on the type of telemarketing software a company is using, it is bound to get help in increasing its efficiency using the outbound calls procedure.

That is why outbound calling is considered to be a crucial element of the complete sales cycle and many companies regard the outbound calling feature as quintessential because analysis and data collection play a major role in any marketing campaign.

Let us consider a case study to understand how outbound calls can be improved with the help of call center software and how a company failing to manage its customer support department efficiently can bring back its work on track by improving its outbound calling with the help of the new communication technology.

Here we will study the case of a telemarketing agency, Nebula Solutions that provides call center support to a large company.

The Problem


Nebula Solutions was planning a strong promotional strategy for the launch of its new product and for that it was relying heavily on outbound calling to get direct leads and first-hand information from the customers.

The company was putting in a lot of investment expecting that the leads thus generated through outbound calling will be converted into sales.

However, even though the agents managed to reach innumerable people through outbound calling, the leads generated was quite low against the expectations.

More importantly, the number of leads that actually transformed into the customers who invested in the company’s services was also quite low than anticipated.

Just as every company Nebula Solutions too had some predetermined goals which the management had drafted at the time of the launch of its new product.

But the company was facing several challenges in meeting the goals.


During the daily operations, the call center company was facing multiple problems and challenges.

Here are a few of them for proper overview and understanding of the situation:

1. Even though the call center agents were contacting a lot of people, most of the contacts did not show much interest in the product that was being offered for sale.

Since these people had no requirement for that particular product, the time used for contacting and conversing with them was wasted.

And all of this happened, because the company had no source to filter the contact lists and pick up the selected people who would be interested to buy the product.

2. The agents could not carry on regular follow up.

Hence the people who were even genuinely interested in it did not ultimately reach the sales funnel as the agents were not in contact with them until the end.

3. Agents were not given individual goals for themselves.

So all they had to look for was the collective goal and once that was achieved, their efforts slowed down which ultimately hampered the work quality and their interest in working.

Thus, the agents became inefficient and lethargic.


The first thing the management of the Nebula Solutions did was to find out the reasons for the inefficiency in the organization and why despite so much outbound calling they were not getting the results.

The managers recognized that there were several loopholes in their strategies for outbound calls and they needed to be fixed immediately.

To overcome the issue the company implemented the following changes:

1. Nebula Solutions decided to introduce the best call center software in the company which will help the agents determine the lists of the contacts based on the available customer data.

It helped the agents to access the details about a high value and concise group of potential customers who were the targets more interested in investing in the company’s products.

With the help of these changes, it was expected that better conversion rate could be achieved without chasing the dead ones and wasting resources.

2. The latest call center solutions enabled scheduling of algorithms so that the agents could follow up and stay in constant touch with the leads.

3. Monitoring of KPIs was also introduced so that the management could track the work quality of each agent which also motivated the employees to work efficiently and deliver better results as incentives were declared on outstanding performances.


The effects of the new implementations started pouring in immediately.

The efficiency of outbound calls increased within a quarter by 25% as the company was now using the best call center software solutions.

Incidentally, since the agents were now only reaching out to people who were interested in the product, more leads were now converting into customers and naturally it led to the increase in the revenue by 7%in just one year from the implementation of the new software.

Since everyone in the company including the employees could witness the difference the new changes made to company’s growth, their morale went up and now they were more eager to work for the success of the company.

After all, they now realized that with the growth of Nebula Solutions, they too will grow as individuals.

Thus, by making one small change of using the latest call center solutions in the company’s working Nebula Solutions could improve its outbound calling and increase its revenue.