How To Implement Customer Engagement Features In Contact Centers

Over the years organizations have always been benefited by high-quality customer service.

Needless to say, the combination of a good quality call center software and prompt call center service has not only helped the businesses to sustain but even flourish beyond expectations.

Until, now the contact centers were playing a passive role in customer service, handling the inquiries and providing solutions to the product-related queries.

However, it was never considered an important part of the company’s overall customer service strategy.

Things have undergone a massive change in the past few years with the contact centers being radically transformed into more of a dynamic, proactive customer engagement centers.

Today the customer service department is expected to be equipped with broader capabilities for serving the customers at an affordable cost and in the best possible way.

And for that, contact centers need to employ a wide range of technologies, architectures, features, functions, and services so that brands can deliver great customer experience and also win long-term loyalty.

To ensure a smooth flow and ease of use it is important to build up a set of protocols, routines, and tools which are used for building software applications.

By forming an integrated platform, contact centers can work as a unified system and for that, the previously used multiple communication channels are being replaced by the omni-channel solution.

Contact centers are now focused addtionally on converging multi-channel and context-driven interactions to transform the regular call centers into Customer Engagement Centers (CEC).

Things To Focus 

There are three things viz. bringing all the operational performance data in one package, omni-channel support, and integrating products and applications that companies need to focus for transforming their contact center into engagement centers.

1. Omni-channel Presence

Gone are the days when customers were approached through phone calls, direct mails or emails.

Nowadays, there are myriad channels through which the customers can stay connected as well as can communicate. with the support team.

From Android apps on mobile devices to chatbots and social media platforms, today’s generation use all types of communication platforms for fulfilling their need to stay connected.

So, if a company intends to engage customers, it must have a presence across multiple channels to retain the customers who wants to communicate at their own ease with the brands engaged.

Today’s customers expect a contextual response to their interactions irrespective of the communication channels being used.

And it is possible only if the online call center software readily supports interactions through the omni-channel.

Such a set up makes it easier for the call center agents to track down all the issues of the customer as they can access their history and other details quickly.

2. One Package For All Performance Data

For a contact center manager, the complete set up of the call center looks like a Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) as a product from a single source.

Such a set up is important so that all the operations related to performance including reporting, monitoring, and managing the system can be easily conducted.

Having everything at one place saves a lots of efforts and promotes flexibility in the business, enables automation and processes unification.

3. Integrating Multiple Products & Applications    

It is quite possible that one contact center is incapable of fulfilling all your customer service and contact center needs. To make this possible, you need to integrate the applications within your contact center software to streamline the process.

Under the key concern arena, a contact center manager must try to find out the requirements needed to be integrated and the ways of integrating it seamlessly.

While integrating all the three factors, how can you transform customer support centers into aggressive customer engagement centers?

Here are the top 10 tips:

1. Using Advanced Technology For Contact Centers

Implementation of technology is one of the most important ways of building a customer engagement center.

Using empowering tools such as prioritized callbacks, and visual IVR indicates that the brand is dedicated to saving the time of customers simultaneously providing a seamless experience.

There are several other tools such as CRM software that ensures accessibility of customer data all the time thereby fostering smoother communication between the agents and the customers.

The engagement of the customers is bound to increase when they will come to know of the efforts you are taking to serve them.

2. Availability On Popular Channels

You can expect a favorable response from a customer if you reach out to him on his favorite channel.

From social media and messaging apps to traditional voice calls and direct mailing, each customer has its own preference.

It is quintessential for the brand to learn which channels its customers prefer and respond to.

Although it is important that every brand should provide a seamless experience across all the channels, it must focus on the channels preferred by its customers additionally.

For that, brands must assess the channels regularly and find out the ones needing more support.

3. Giving Mobile Customers Seamless Experience

Smartphone has now become a regular thing with almost every person having at least one Android or iOS device with him.

Apart from keeping people connected while on the go, the mobile device also supports various other activities like seeking information or making purchases at any point of time.

It indicates one thing that most of the customers are hooked to their Smartphone and if brands want to attract their attention, giving these customers a seamless experience should be a top priority.

That is why most of the brands are now engaged in creating messaging apps and SMS.

These apps help the customers to research a particular product, make personalized recommendations, offer support and also make sure that the customers are at ease when they are making the purchase decision.

As of now, there are more than 2 billion people using Smartphone across the world.

It means mobile is a critical component if a company wants to increase the level of engagement for the customers.

4. Great Experiences With Human Touch

What are the things that you remember the most?

Those that have touched your heart!

Since the customers you are dealing with are humans, the interactions of the call center agents can trigger off a long-lasting loyalty for the brand.

And it is possible only if the contact center agents makes the customers feel valued.

One of the ways is to train the customer service agents in soft skills and asking them for their feedback to provide natural, personalized customer experience.

It can definitely win loyalty and trust of the customers.

As a part of the training, the agents should be told to call the customers by their name, empathize with them and talk to them politely with a friendly tone offering meaningful solutions.

Another effective way is to reach out to the customers via social media to keep them engaged and also to let them know that their opinion is highly valued.

5. Creating A Customer Journey Map

Brands that are successful are good at creating a customer journey map.

They try to evaluate the perspective of the customer by asking relevant questions and preparing for the solutions ahead of the time.

While creating a customer journey map, the customer-centric brand considers each and every angle and step of the journey for reaching the perfect solution to the potential problems that may arise in the future.

There are simpler ways of understanding the perspective of the customers beforehand.

The first one is to take a proactive approach by engaging customers during the research and development of the product.

Another way is to run fun marketing campaigns on social media or offering vouchers to preferred customers on a particular communication channel along with a thank you note for their business.

The combination of proactive and customer-centric approach works as a winner for customer engagement.

6. Customer Feedback Should Be Top Priority 

A company having top-down approach can never influence the mindset of customers and hence fails to achieve the expected engagement level from them.

What works the best in favor of any brand is a two-way dialogue.

Since today’s social media platforms offer direct interaction with the customers through live chatbots and messenger apps, brands must take this opportunity to involve the customers with the company’s activities.

Brands can involve the customers in product research and product sampling and ask for their valuable feedback.

The response though unstructured gives a company an insight into what is expected by the customers.

And this helps them to refine and develop the product accordingly and also make changes in the current strategy of the company for a particular brand.

7. Empowering The Employees

The front-line employees of a company are the people who are in a direct contact with the customers.

So to ensure that these employees provide a good customer experience a company must empower them with the right technology as well as an authority so that they can take right decisions and appropriate actions without hesitation.

For example, giving the agents access to all the details of the customer including his purchase history, queries prior to purchase and feedback will help them to promptly provide an ideal solution to the customer.

8. Customizing For Diverse Customers

Each customer has a different need and for them their need is unique.

While some queries can be resolved through automated processes, there are certain queries that require a live person to interact with the customer.

At times, the customers themselves are interested in discussing their problems with an agent personally instead of communicating with a bot.

So, brands interested in increasing the engagement level of the customers on their platforms must try to find out whether they are well equipped to address the issues of the diverse audience.

Are the agents equipped enough technically as well as skill-wise to respond to the customer’s queries rightfully using the broad range of tools of communications?

9. Constant Evaluation Of Customer Engagement Solutions

The expectations of the customers keeps on evolving.

And hence to ensure that they are attracted to your product, brands must continuously analyze and evaluate the customer engagement solutions offered by their customer service center.

To improve the technology and solutions offered by the contact centers, brands must seek answers for the following five questions:

• Are the current solutions providing best-in-class customer care experience adequate enough to set the customer care service of the company apart from its competitors?

• Is the reduction in the customer care cost for each customer has been compromised for low-level of customer experience?

• Does the brand conduct regular, collaborative sessions for gathering strategic input from both technology and businesses partners and accordingly align the objectives?

• Does the proactive customer engagement process drive revenue?

• Are the current options for customer care service sufficient to improve customer retention score and satisfies the initiatives formed with multi-channel data?

10. Using In-House Or Plug-In CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) is primarily used by the contact centers for organizing, tracking and managing all the customer information, conversations, and activities at one place.

It helps the customer service agents to understand the customers’ better, saves their time, and cut down their efforts that are usually wasted during toggling between the screens.

It is known for delivering the right message at the right time.

All these features are highly essential if a brand wants to improve its customer engagement.

A call center company can either opt for in-house CRM or even the ready-to-use plugin or play connectors.

CRM provides seamless integration and enables the agents to use the telephone infrastructure along with the available information of the customer.

It helps the agents to deliver context-based services to the customers and provide them with a great experience.


All the above tips suggest that to transform a contact center into an advanced customer engagement center, brands must first place the needs of the customers.

With advanced call center solutions, it is possible for the agents to provide customized service to each and every customer.

Undoubtedly, well-trained and experienced agents form a major part of any successful customer support team.

However, they cannot give the desired result in the absence of the best call center software.

A good combination of well-trained agents, proactive approach, and call center software solutions can help the brands do much more than just deliver one-time service.

Using the right telemarketing software and implementing the best customer engagement tips can go a long way in helping a brand gain loyal customers for the long-term.