How to Identify the Best Telemarketing Software Companies?


With the growth of Telemarketing as an important marketing and selling tool for many companies, the demands on Telemarketing software companies have also become more stringent. Today, an Outbound Calling process is used to fulfill an entire list of objectives, including Sales, Customer Service, Collection and Recovery of dues, Market & Customer Research, Corporate Inside-Teams and many more.

In a growing economy such as India, in which innovation is key to achieving success and also to circumvent traditional barriers (e.g. fund paucity, Govt. apathy, burgeoning population) the range of goals that the Outbound Calling process is used for is ever changing. Thus, the needs of the Call Center on the telecalling software they use is equally stringent. Since the outbound call is being made at various parts of the business process, it is important that the telemarketing/telecalling software that is in use is capable of handling the varied usage and requirements.

Which telemarketing software companies then, will become market leaders in this rapidly evolving and demanding scenario of the Outbound Calling Process?

Here are some important points to look for:

Language: the software must be available in various regional languages. Given the many different Indian States, their local languages, terms and phrases of doing business, it is imperative for the telecalling software be available not only in regional languages but also incorporate all of the above.

Market Segment Focus: each vertical has its own set of business processes, key metrics, terms and phrases. For e.g. for Recovery Agencies, “PTP” (Promise-To-Pay) is a key phrase and metric. The more vertical focused features and benefits a telecalling software can have – and keep introducing regularly- the larger its user base will be.

History: Outbound calling, for example when selling a product/service, can be a multiple call process spread over days. Often, due to reasons including call routing, agent turnover, absenteeism, a fresh Agent makes a follow-up call. It is, thus, important for the Agent that is on-call to have access to all prior conversations, remarks, actions (e.g. a brochure that was sent after an earlier call) so that he can make the best possible pitch to take the matter forward toward closure.

Business Process Coverage: As mentioned above, due to the ever evolving objectives that an outbound calling process is used for, the best telecalling software(s) will be those that provide maximum breadth & width of coverage of the client’s calling objectives and Business Processes. e.g. the telecalling software must not only allow the Agent to assign a meeting to the Sales Executive but also give the Manager a meeting notification as well as – importantly – enable the Manager to monitor the Sales Executive through that meeting and its outcome.

Use through Mobile phones: With the ever increasing SMART Phone penetration in India allowing many business transactions to be conducted through it, the telecalling software must be compatible for use on the ubiquitous smart phone. Use of icons, colors, dropdown options, collapsible and expandable screens and pre-fed dispositions facilitate usage of the software through mobile phones.

Engaging: the “friendliness” of such a software may be less written about but is equally important. Given the heavy usage and the many long hours that Agents and companies spend using the software, it is very important for the software to be engaging and friendly. This is over and above its ease of use: it’s a combination of the functional as well as the intangible aspects of the software including general appearance, color, personality, font type and brand personality.

The above benefits and features must be contained in the best telemarketing software in India.