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How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software

How you can increase conversions from your cold calling software

If you happen to bring up the subject of cold calling with a group of salesmen or telecallers, you are likely to have a conversation about the many challenges associated in this line of work.

It is no secret that is indeed difficult to connect with the right person in a company where you hope to sell your product. Sometimes, it can really be frustrating dealing with receptionists or the right person’s executive assistant. These decision makers never have time to reply to your emails, sales letters or messages. And, if you are lucky enough to connect with them, they often shake you off before you get a chance to tell them about your amazing product!

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So, why do so many companies dislike receiving cold calls?

The salesperson cold calling them is uninformed: While telecallers may argue that the purpose of making a cold call is to know more about the company, managers receiving the call will tell you that this shows that the caller is unprepared.

The cold call is an unwelcome disruption: Almost every cold call is a disruption, because most managers and decision makers are extremely busy. It is most absurd to reason if you don’t want to be interrupted that you should not answer your telephone, because, when a telephone rings, the natural impulse is to answer, no matter how much it irritates you!

Cold callers use underhand tactics to get in touch with the decision maker: Due to the challenges associated with cold calling, telecallers use a variety of underhand and manipulative tactics to get in touch with the decision maker. Most common being deliberately asking for a different department, and then requesting to be transferred by misrepresenting who they are or the actual reason for calling.

The company, being pitched is the wrong target base: Many telecallers believe that the purpose of their cold calling is to determine whether the company is a right fit or not. However, as mentioned before, managers don’t have time to educate cold callers about the company!

The telecallers refuse to take no for an answer: While persistence is an admirable and pre requisite skill when it comes to sales, hanging around like a pit-bull, refusing to take no for an answer, accomplishes only one thing – pissing the other person off.

Telecallers are generally rude to the receptionist or assistants: Many telecallers treat the “gatekeeper” with scorn, failing to realize that these very receptionists and assistants influence whom the decision maker does or does not meet.

So, what does all this mean for sales professional, using cold calling for sales? It means that, if you want to get the desired results, you have an uphill battle. You should try to make optimum use of your cold calling efforts by using cold calling software. This will help you and your team become more productive and more successful.

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So how exactly can a cold calling software can help you increase sales? Well, we answer all your queries below!

Breaking the myth that cold calling is a numbers game:
Sales are only a numbers game, when the only method you follow is traditional selling. Indeed, you can go on calling people over and over; follow up with them, till they have the time to listen to you. The easier method, however, is of building trust and getting your product or service message across, all on one single sales call. A good cold calling software, will help you change your sales approach, wherein you’ll make FEWER CALLS and MORE SALES. A good cold calling software, will help you weed out unwanted leads, follow up at appropriate times and close deals faster!

Implementing your sales script to increase sales:
Prospective customers can make out when you’re reading from a script, no matter how good you maybe. Instead of being artificial, a good cold calling software helps you to get your message across in a more structured manner. By studying your call records, you’ll be able to eliminate the negative triggers that cost you sales.

Helping you focus on closing the sale well:
Just “going in for the kill” is not the best sale technique, no matter how much your sales book may have you believe! You could very well end up killing your deal instead! Using old sales techniques that do nothing more than pressurize the prospect, make want to move away from that pressure – you. By using a good cold calling software you can schedule calls and meetings and arrange follow ups as per your client’s request. This will help the prospect feel in control and thus less pressurized and you’ll be able to move the sales process forward to get the final result you desire!

cold calling software

So, move away from the cumbersome spreadsheets which hamper your sales process and prevent effective follow ups. Switch to the revolutionary new cold calling software in the market which will help you maintain an effective, overflowing sales pipeline!

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